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  1. pressing F for a Nobody😢  

  2. well fuck....there is no delete account button. Oh SSMB, you cheeky bastards. You're gonna have to make me beg are ya?

    1. Blacklightning


      You could just, y'know... stop coming here.

    2. Komodin


      It'd help if you put the kibosh on the pointless condescension.

    3. Conquering Storm’s Servant
    4. InfinityAlex


      Feeling disgruntled...?

    5. Wolfy


      We don't remove accounts here, take it upon yourself to come and leave.

  3. Well someone hasn't watched enough Sesame Street. EVERYONE IS SPECIAL, IN THEIR OWN UNIQUE WAY Ok then, you want me to contribute something relevant? How bout this? What is the point of a thread which is meant as a way to express individual opinions about which characters should go, if the majority of the time, everyone is arguing against that point for EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER? At this point, I doubt ANY character is allowed to leave because somewhere, someone is ready to mount a defense for said character. Which is perfectly normal for any fan of a character....but does it have to fill 3-4 pages?! It defeats the purpose of the thread, which is disposal, not recycling. Rather than running around in circles, arguing for and/or against the same 3-5 characters, wouldn't it make more sense to use all this energy in a more constructive and positive manner? That is why I suggested merging with the How to Fix a Character, since a lot of the arguments tend to more forward towards the path of improving a character, not disposing them. Though if nobody wants to do that, thas ok with me. I'll just assume the thread has evolved past it's original ideal and move on. But before I leave, one more character to discuss, and keep in mind: whether you agree with me or not is irrelevant. This is simply my opinion and thus it does not any evidence to validate it for you. This isn't a matter of merit, rather it's just a difference in taste. BIG: I love Big. But Big doesn't even do cameos anymore. SEGA doesn't even like him. It's sad but maybe he was too good to be a Sonic character. Goodnight sweet prince.
  4. Yoooooo mad props to Mickey and the designers of those cartoons for proving that cartoons can still win an Emmy based on merit alone and not using adult humor or over the top production values. If this will convince Disney to resurrect their recently-deceased animation studio, that would be the biggest about face since the XBOX ONE.
  5. Perhaps there is a reason for this ...perhaps because, he's written as the arch-typical super villain. Arch-typical Super villains are always lazy and arrogant. They use their extreme intelligence and almost limitless resources as an excuse for their SUPERIORITY and it bites them in the ass...hard. Often times, they leave the grunt work to the henchmen or they are simply over confident that their plan will come to fruition because it fits their twisted logic. They're also into the theatrical and presentation portions of being villain and will focus more often on that than any actual practicality. Compare the working class Rogues from The Flash: when they have to pull a job, they need to use their abilities in tandem and make sure to leave with the goods with as limited casualties or collateral damage as possible. And if they fuck up, they do the smart thing, pick up what they can and teleport out before Flash comes in. They don't tell anyone their plans and they don't let their pride get in the way. Contrast with the great and infallible DOOM, who is always with his throne on his ass while he sends Doombots and servants and monsters and all sorts of nasty things to fight for him, only doing anything when the Fantastic Four is on his doorstep. Sure, things his way for a while because he's DOOM and that what he does, but he always does some grandiose scheme reveal that lets Richardssss get away and foil his plans. Many great villains fall into this category, from Lex Luthor to Cell to Eggman himself. Don't forget, long ago, Eggman left most of the work to his badniks to do and the only time he ever did anything is at the end of every zone. He may have had a 200 IQ but he was a horrible strategist: Every zone he conquered was a rush job, just letting the badniks lay about instead of heavily fortifying his defenses (Dr. Wily, he was not). Hell, every time he is defeated, he simply just waits by the end of the next stage with some other contraption to be destroyed, instead of taking his GIANT DEATH EGG ROBO and smashing Sonic by the early stages. Now that he's a Big Boss... HA-HA-HA....Naked Snake. Now that he is too busy building giant fleets of intergalactic armadas, tearing the planet apart and constructing planet size amusement parks for the sole purpose of distracting the populace, it doesn't seem that he has time to be hands on anymore. Eggman seems to have embraced a "Quantity vs Quality" rule as of late. Ironically, he seems as impatient as Sonic himself, because most of his plans always seem to be built on the last minute without any proper testing or protection. It's almost like he wants Sonic to stop him. Have I mentioned the part where typical arch villains are incredibly arrogant? Ahhh, but what about the Sonic Adventures, these so called instances where Eggman was at his most cunning. Ya see...I don't think he was this Machivelean planner as you think, but rather he just was very clever. Not competent, he made a lot of mistakes along the way. However, he was very opportunistic: using the heroes's effort to get his prizes, studying the texts to understand how Chaos works, tricking others into doing his dirty work for him, on top of the usual "constructing giant engines of war and destruction" bit that he's always been good at. But I can't call him an effectual villain, unless he actually takes those opportunities at their peak, rather than take the easy way out. Besides, you act if SEGA had good writers...ever. Eggman was always meant to be written like a fool to make Sonic look better. Becuase think about it, if Eggman was seriously competent as you say, if he was really the scary villain everyone imagines being voiced by Jim Cummings, you know what would happen right? A cold and calculating Eggman is a scary Eggman. And you know what else is scary....that it's been 4 weeks since you made that response to my Black Knight post and I lost all the data from my original message!! I hate leaving responses hanging; it ruins the flow of a conversation or argument. I promise I'll find some time to settle that once and for all. Until then, feel free to vent your anger.
  6. Ahh so, like their constant milking of the dead teat of the X-Men franchise to keep it away from Marvel, Fox has to pinch the equally dead teat of DBZ to keep the license...most likely to try to make back the cost of obtaining the license that didn't reward them in the end. And yes...to everything you said. Especially the part about Krillin in a suit. EVERYTHING is always improved by Krillin in a suit.
  7. Ok, I can't tell is you are simply misunderstanding which DB movie I'm talking about OR You are so in denial about a certain movie that you will deny it's very existence. I mean, when I think of FOX and DBZ, there is only one image that comes up...you know the one...
  8. Fo real, neal. That part of the games have always bugged me and I was glad Archie at least gave them ages consistent with their character designs. If they had to reset the ages on this continuity, I would rather they follow like this: Sonic - Age 17 (with Sally, Knux and any other similar character slightly younger or older) Amy - Age 14 (old enough to qualify as a potential love interest, but young enough to still have that creepy stalker thing) Tails - Age 10 (current game age + 2 years that passed in the comics timeline) Antoine/Bunny - Age 19 (let them be a little older so it makes sense for them to get married) Rouge - Age twenty-ish (sorry, acts waaaay too mature to be a teenager. it would be funny if all that sexuality was just an act, but since there's no proof, let her obvious "developments" be an indication of age) Rotor - Age 20 (Basically any big guy like Vecs or Big should be of this age) Cream - Age 6 (she came in later in the comic, so it makes sense for her to be the same game age) Charmy - Age 8 (8 year olds are still pretty wacky, but at least it doesn't make him a total child) All the adults - 30-60 ish Hmm...anyone I'm missing?
  9. You know what I notice on this site: There are no things as personal individual opinions. Because as soon as you spout one, it ends two ways: "I totally agree with you and I going to harp what you say" or " F%^& you! You're wrong and I will explain why you're wrong". So pick a side.

    1. Sixth-Rate Soma

      Sixth-Rate Soma

      No, opinions aren't like that. You're wrong and I will explain why you're wrong.

    2. Goldenlink64


      You're totally allowed to have your own opinion on here, it's when you start stating it as fact where this starts to happen.

    3. FalconKick


      Really? Maybe they're not trying to state their opinion based on fact but on a strong belief in their perception of the truth. There are those who want to spout out their opinions as a statement of their persona and there are those who wishes to impose their opinions on others.

  10. Hehehehehee....it never surprises me how easy it is for all of you to get your panties in a knot over a bunch of fictional characters. You know what this thread needs? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ppOup8fp4E It gets more interesting if you take Slo-Mo. Make Ma-Ma proud. Seriously, unless you work for SEGA of Japan, no amount of yelling and screaming at each other isn't going to fix anything and despite everything wrong we point out in every subject, the characters will stay the same. If only for just marketing reasons. I know it's terrible but it's reality. We have three options: We stop having odd and curious feelings towards video game characters and just fill up the thread with a list from every poster, as we attempt to discard the existence of a Sonic character with impunity....I like that word. Impunity Since everyone is ready to defend ANY character to the death, why don't somebody get a mod and we merge this with the "How to fix Sonic Character thread" and concentrate our efforts on improving said destitute characters Ignoring whatever I and Cersei Lanister has to say and keep arguing about the same characters in an endless cycle, while I watch until get bored and then leave to go bug some other thread. And to cap the Games of Throne reference, here is Peter Dinklage singing a song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wkj4i-QjWrQ The only good thing out of that new X-Men movie....that and maybe James McAvoy doing his best Alan Moore impression.
  11. Uhh....but...the movie tanked.....why would they want to ..... those grimy.....aren't the X-Men enough....sigh Only on Fox: the place where dreams go to die.
  12. Except now, we're going to have a group of characters walking on thin ice with the rest of the planet to preserve the natural order, lest they're going to go around and ruining the new world in order to preserve past relationships. What if Sonic finds out that Sally had lived a much better life than she has if she didn't know all of what happened before? WilI Sonic go that far to get his girl back? I mean, if he's going to restore the FF, he might as well do it to everyone or else he'd be guilty of altering people for his own convenience. In that case, it might as well be the JMS run of Thor. Ya know: "The Gods of Asgard are scattered around the Earth, posing as mortals. It's up to Thor, his pet human Donald and his talking goats to find them all and bring them home!" The premise is entertaining on it's own rights, but it had the advantage of bringing the least recognizable part of the Avengers franchise to the mainstream so it succeeded as a reboot. If Sonic is going to play "Gotta Remind Them All" with Mobius, let him take a looong time instead. I rather see how the Freedom Fighters changed and how Sonic interacts with these new incarnations rather than bring them into the fold cause STATUS QUO IS GOD. Man seriously, why didn't Archie had the balls to reboot everything instead of being so wishy washy with their motives? Oh yeah...money.
  13. I'm going to have to go with Don Toby here. Using Nicci as status rewind hot potato is moving the plot along waaaay too fast. I would have preffered if Sonic had a vague understanding of the previous universe but the new experiences just help him fill in the blanks. Hell, we're not even allowed to explore this new world before it's already time to crack it open and wake up Chip and his cranky cousin. If they really wanted to give a gift to the old fans, then they should have done the classy way and wrap up the stories before this reboot thing...or simply acknowledge the world on some later date like some crisis-crossover, but have some purity of content, don't muck things up trying to please everyone.
  14. Ahh, glad they kept that part in....though it may not help Charmy's case for being a single playable character. Unless...Charmy Bee rail shooter any one?
  15. Judging from the patterns of feathers on their limbs, I don't think ANY bird mobian/cartoony animal/whatever they call Sonic's sub-species is capable of flight. Even if they where, I doubt they would get far, seeing as out of the characters with flight, only Charmy Bee is capable of infinite flight (Unless Inzuka retconned that too, da bastich!). Everyone else has low endurance, so there is a practical reason for the boards. Also, another character I don't want to see return: Void Yeah I know, he was made for a spin-off title that will never get a sequel, but I thought he had a great design for a villian. Than i heard him talk (if that was a him) and his motivations turned out to be not so villainous, and he was part of some bad story that may have bee the precursor to some of the ideas Kingdom Heart had. So, yeah, waste of a good design. In fact, fuck it, just anybody from Sonic Shuffle.
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