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  1. I'm genuinly perplexed over how people are already jumping on the "SINNOH WILL NEVER GET REMAKES AT THIS RATE" bandwagon.

    Like...we literally only had ORAS not too long ago. Cool your mammaries.

    1. Boomer


      ORAS was nearly three years ago tbf

    2. Dejimon11


      Pokemon fans? Am I right?

    3. Big Panda

      Big Panda

      @Boomer still feels incredibly recent to me

      To compare: the gap between FRLG and HGSS was 5 years, and the gap between HGSS and ORAS was 4 years.

    4. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy

      People who are expecting remakes of Gen 4 don't understand the logistics behind the previous remakes. They've only done remakes to cover up backwards compatibility issues

    5. Dejimon11


      Didn't Sun/Moon have Gen 4 references that were as blatant as the Gen 3 references in X&Y?

    6. TCB


      I see it as what they did with gen 4

      Base pair

      Third version

      THEN remakes

      In this case the "third" version comes in a pair


    7. Celestia


      The remakes have been 2004 -> 2009 / '10 -> 2014.

      So yeah, maybe in 2019.

    8. TCB


      @Rusty Spy

      That is a good point, but at this point I wouldn't even be surprised they remake DP anyway for the money

      @Dejimon11 Type: Null/Silvally says hi

    9. Dejimon11


      So @TCB you know I said "Blatant" right? Besides the type null stuff I'm sure there was more that I'm forgetting

    10. TCB


      @Celestia 2019 you say?

      Between September 24th or November 26th of that year calling it two years from now :o

      I don't think you can't get any more blatant than Type:Null/Silvally as far as Gen 4 references in SuMo goes.

    11. Big Panda

      Big Panda

      @Dejimon11 yes, just like how Diamond and Pearl had a lot of Johto references, but they didn't rush HGSS out.

      @Rusty Spy that's a really good point I didn't consider before. For all we know, Nintendo might think, because this generation will most likely continue to be on 3DS, then there's no point in Sinnoh remakes because the original Sinnoh games can still be played on the system.

      In which case, we'll be waiting until a generation that's on a new handheld that lacks original DS support.

    12. TCB


      @Ernest-Panda "generation that's on a new handheld that lacks original DS support."




    13. Dejimon11


      don't like you would love t see this scene in HD



    14. Big Panda

      Big Panda

      @TCB yes. But we probably wouldn't get a core series title on the Switch until Gen 8.

    15. Strickerx5


      The same amount of time will have passed between ORAS and this November as the gap between HGSS and ORAS. This could have easily been the year to do it. Also, wasn't that whole Pokemon Bank system made to carry over Pokemon across different versions?

      I mean, I'm still not really complaining because now the gen 4 remake has a chance of being anything higher than 240p(ish) but a lot of signs were pointing to it being for this year. This was supposed to be the one Nintendo franchise that we could actually predict releases from guys... DX

    16. Dejimon11


      Man we haven't been able to predict what the hell is going on with Pokemon ever since Black 2 & White 2.

    17. Strickerx5


      Yeah we could! Black and White 2 were the "third version" of that generation. Then we got a rema- ...well we got a new gen after that but that's one abnormality! Then we had the third version of X&Y being Pokemon z... fuck ive been living a lie of false security.

      We're still due for a remake though.

    18. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy

      @Dejimon11That's because people didn't learn after B2W2 to not expect the same type of third version like Platinum. XY was kind of a fluke since it didn't get ANY re-release, but by the time Sun and Moon rolled around, anyone seriously thinking they'd do something like a Stars version were being willfully naive.

    19. Celestia


      Are we really due for a remake when ORAS wasn't that long ago and the remakes are always on new systems

      (I know there's the Switch but I'm still extremely skeptical they'll move onto that for the main Pokemon games)

    20. Strickerx5


      @CelestiaTimewise yes. And I still do not understand this hesitancy for a Pokemon game on the Switch. A handheld hybrid console should have meant that Game Freak could have had all the utilities of an actual system without breaking their sacred handheld only philosophy... but nah

    21. Celestia


      (Almost?) all their experience has been on handhelds so I can understand sticking to 'em.

      I won't completely write off the possibility but mostly it's because I don't think the Switch and anything that follows it will actually be replacing handhelds. lol

    22. Dejimon11


      FRLG came out 2004, HGSS came out in 2009/10 ORAS came out in 2014. I'd say we should be due for the Gen 4 remakes in...2019 if they're going for the 5 year route. 

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