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  1. Have an idea for an animated Amy reveal trailer if she becomes playable in a Mania sequel or something:

    The heroes are looking out over a zone they’re about to go explore. Tails and Knuckles zoom off first, Sonic is about to follow when someone grabs his arm from behind, he looks around to see a colourless, pencilled Amy latching onto his arm lovingly. Sonic jumps back away from her, he looks at her, eyelids lowered; he’s not particularly impressed. Amy looks back hopefully and wishfully. Sonic rolls his eyes and gives off a smirk as if to say “oh, alright then...”, they grab hands (brining colour to Amy in the process) and Sonic speeds onward, dragging a joyfilled Amy behind him. They come up to some badniks, Sonic throws Amy at them and she produces her hammer out of thin air, ready to attack.

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