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  1. With the news that the Simpsons creators are removing the Jackson episode from circulation, even from future DVD printings, I can’t help but look at my own original copy of the Season 3 boxset and wonder how I truly feel about having it in my possession...

    1. shdowhunt60


      It's a damn shame too, because it was actually a really good episode.

    2. Mega


      Also, wasn't it confirmed that he's not actually a pedophile?

    3. Jango


      It was, dozen of times. But people are greed.

    4. shdowhunt60


      I don't think it was ever confirmed, just that there's no real evidence ever given to support that he was.

      And now that he's dead, he's terminally incapable of defending himself so....

    5. Tarnish


      Can't wait to see people arrange mass burnings of his records.

    6. GentlemanX


      In situations like this, it is my personal opinion that the questionable material remain, with a disclaimer attached to reflect the change in attitude and context. I don't like expunging something from history, especially something that was a clear group effort. It is coming from their own team, and I respect their position, but I can't stand behind complete removal.

    7. E-122-Psi


      Likely your Season 2 boxset as well, due to Jackson's involvement with Do The Bartman.

    8. Polkadi~☆


      What the heck, and that was a lovely episode too.

      "Lisa, it's your birthday~, happy birthday, Lisa~"

      Just this one documentary (Leaving Neverland), and they pull a kneejerk reaction. I say look at the evidence that's already out there, and come to your own conclusion.

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