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  1. What is it about Sonic that’s makes him less appealing to Japanese audiences?

    Seriously, I’ve never understood this. I know he was created with American audiences in mind, but still. Even times where he’s specifically geared to Japanese audiences (the cutesy classic artwork) he never seems to get as much success over there.

    It’s baffling.

    1. Sean



    2. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      It may be more on the attitude side. Obnoxious, rebelious behavior is often frowned upon there, especally when a "hero" brings those traits to the forefront.


      Hence the attempts to dial back the rudeness with the 3D titles; 06 was likely made specifically with the Japanese audience in mind. Yet none of them seem to have stuck regardless.


      Maybe Japan just wasn't ready for a Mario like platform that had a heavier tone to it. They might've caught wind on how America marketed him as "Lol, Nintendo sux, gnarly" and that was it.

    3. Cayenne


      IMO, the franchise still has a very dedicated fanbase there (I see many japanese Sonic artists and Sega fans on twitter), but isn't very popular with the general audience thanks to two things that happened in the past:

      - In Japan, the Mega Drive was the "underdog", selling much less than the Super Famicom and even NEC's PC-Engine/Turbografx-16. That territory doesn't have a big nostalgia for Sonic like the western countries have.

      - Nintendo and Sony consoles had more impact and influence in Japan than Sega's. Sega's most popular machines there were the Sega Saturn and Dreamcast, but both were engulfed by the Playstation 1 and 2.


    4. PublicEnemy1


      @Supah Berry There's also the fact that Japan doesn't really like most platformers anyways.

    5. PublicEnemy1


      Edit: accidental double post.

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