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  1. “Mum, by any chance, have you got me any Harry Potter stuff for Christmas?”

    *knowingly* “You’ll have to wait and see”

    *with a slight air of unenthusiasm* “yaaaaaaay”

    1. Big Panda

      Big Panda

      (I really, really want to keep enjoying Harry Potter but, I’m just not feeling it right now, and I’m not sure if I ever will)

    2. buranflakes


      Honestly, it can be hard, but sometimes you really have to separate a work from it's creator in order to enjoy it. I haven't gone too deep into Harry Potter myself, but from what I've heard the books/movies/etc. really don't reflect Rowling's more, shall we say, "problematic" views.

    3. GentlemanX


      My fianceė was super into HP growing up too, but has waned for the same reasons. She still likes the old stuff and the world fine, but has no interest in say new material from Rowling like the Fantastic Beasts series.

    4. Failinhearts


      @buranflakes has a strong point. I have learned to do this after the John Lasseter debacle long ago. Pixar and his works continue to inspire me, and his movies continue to be important, impactful and brilliant. He as a person, is not. The same can happen with Harry Potter.

    5. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      @Failinhearts Separating a person from their work is a really odd thing. I think a good part of what makes it easier to do for some compared to others depends on how much you associate that one person with that work, how long ago was the work, and how much the person fucked up.

      In the case of Pixar, I tend to not really associate any Pixar work with Lasseter because ultimately it's the work of an entire team of people, so it's easier to disconnect him because he's ultimately only one part of it, not all of it.

      But then you have JK Rowling, or even further back, JonTron. They're the sole people who more or less create all of their work with little input from others. This of course means that their work is heavily reflective of their biases and views, even if subconsciously, so it's much hard to disconnect them from their work and thus makes the pain in supporting a work you see as good, but tied to a despicable person who made said work much stronger and more difficult to ignore.

      Plus, both Rowling and JonTron's fuckups are pretty fresh and recent, which only further increases the immediate connection.

    6. Big Panda

      Big Panda

      @Failinhearts Lasseter is a different case, though.

      Lasseter is no longer associated with Disney or Pixar, so he’s not getting our money anymore.

      Rowling is still very much the head honcho of HP, and any money given to the franchise would be going to her.

    7. Failinhearts


      I suppose that's fair. Just trying to look on the bright side. But yeah, I wouldn't financially support Rowling either.

    8. buranflakes


      @SenEDDtor Missile oh Jontron is is a great example, and one I can really relate to because I used to really like his videos. Despite what I said about separating a creator from their works, I’ve actually found it kind of hard to watch his videos since I’ve learned of his “problematic” views.

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