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  1. Nomura wants to keep using Hades in the KH series.

    ...that’s all well and good for Japanese players, but for us that means having to endure James Woods continually being a part of the series.

    1. Soniman


      Oh no I have to endure more of the best Disney villian with one of the best voices and line deliveries 



    2. Stasis


      James Woods is great.

    3. Sean


      James Woods sucks and Hades wasn't even that funny anyway

    4. Tracker_TD


      (Pretty sure Panda is referring to Woods apparently being a bit of a crap person, as opposed to not enjoying his performance) 

    5. Perkilator


      That is, until he inevitably dies of age and may or may not get replaced.

    6. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      This kind of speak a few volumes how people there just don't really bother with any celebrity allegations going down in the West where they're much more blown up over the net. That, or they're just better at seperating art from the artist and bring talent in regardless of allegations; they might've figured it's not their problem if they aren't directly involved.

    7. Soniman


      I didn't know about any allegations I thought this was just a discussion about his acting skill 

    8. Wraith


      Hercules in general needs to stop wasting space in this series imo

    9. Miragnarok


      Loki or Facilier would have worked just as well.

    10. Big Panda

      Big Panda

      @Supah Berry Japanese fans are playing the Japanese versions with their own Japanese vocals. Why would they care?

    11. Stasis


      Is this all political?

    12. Big Panda

      Big Panda

      Not entirely. The guy’s demonstrated himself to be a racist, misogynistic, homophobic asshat with one too many sexual misconduct allegations levelled against him in recent years.

      The fact he also just happens to be a right-wing nut who loves pushing conspiracy theories on his twitter pales in comparison.

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