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  1. Compared to today, Disney character crossovers in the original KH were on a scale that would be unheard of in current games.

    You had Merlin, the Fairy Godmother, the Dalmatians, and Pinocchio and Gapetto all popping up in Traverse Town, and Jasmin and Alice being spirited away in the middle of their respective stories to a gathering of different Disney Princesses at Hollow Bastion that the Beast is gatecrashing.

    I miss how integrated the Disney elements of KH used to be.

    1. Nina Cortex Jovahexeon
    2. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      They established the whole "World Order" and the whole "two truths can't coexist" for a reason.


      This is what they want you to believe-


      But I stand by that it was Disney themselves who told the game staff not to make worlds directly crossover. They're always acting too wuss-wuss on the idea of actually having their own IPs actually interacting with one another, because their under the delusion that it would break the continuity and "pre-established rules" the movies are supposed to "follow" (take the Hercules Aladdin crossover for instance, when their two movies took place thousands of years from each other), when they really don't have to.


      So all they do is make loopholes: The Disney Infinity characters are only toys of the real characters, ala Smash, so that's how it got away with bending the rules. Then there was Once Upon A Time, which clearly takes cues from the Disney versions, but put all that in a separate canon so the original stories won't have to "suffer". Yeah, there was House of Mouse, and made a modest effort here and there, but it's nevertheless just a mere framing device to rerun the Mickey cartoons. 


      Square kinda did some loopholes with KH1 as well, whether its cause it's a character that has a reason to break boundaries or they made original world for multiple IPs to run around in. By then I guess they stop caring.

    3. Sean


      I'm pretty disappointed at how seldom the KH series puts out REALLY surprising or outlandish Disney appearances these days. Like I remember Julian showing up in DDD as a boss and that was really cool.

      KH3's roster also disappointed me despite the inclusion of Pixar worlds since every new world is based on a CG animated film.

    4. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      Eh, I don't. I never really cared for the Disney parts of KH because I never watched anything Disney before it aside from a few things. I went to KH purely for the Final Fantasy side and that's what I miss being a part of the series, so Re;Mind is doing at least a little to make me happy. Disney, on the other hand, is the one thing I feel holds KH back and needs to go. KH3's worlds and how they're handled are even more of an example of that for me as well.

    5. Ferno


      I can't take that Donald manga panel seriously because we all know if you could hear that panel he would sound like WAAAAKKAAAAKAAAAAAACKAAAAAAKK

    6. Candescence


      The fact that KH has been so lackluster on the Disney intra-crossover side of things is why I came up with with an alternative take on the whole Disney crossover game concept - "a story about stories" that not only revisits various tales but also isn't afraid to screw around with them in ways that might actually be interesting.

      The concept would basically be a retelling of Sword in the Stone, maybe a bit closer to the novel in terms of how certain characters are handled, but with Merlin also taking Arthur into various stories to teach him various valuable lessons about life and the world. But there would also be a plot about a cabal of Disney villains (lead by Maleficent) trying to "break" the stories and essentially re-write them to become victorious, including throwing characters into other stories. For example, displacing Will Turner and Ariel into Treasure Planet or something. Of course, the climax would be Maleficent attempting to kill Arthur himself during the Tournament only to realize too late who he is (he's been called 'Wart' by everyone else up to this point) when Arthur draws the sword from the stone and brings her down in a climactic final boss fight.

      Also, there'd probably be an educational aspect of it where after completing every world, either Merlin or some other character (Yen Sid or even Walt Disney himself?) would allow you to access a trove of information and trivia about a specific story, including where the original story came from or its inspiration.

      Any sequels would basically cover the remainder of The Once And Future King saga, including making the other Knights of the Round Table either party members or playable characters, stories involving Vortigern, Morgan le Fay and Mordred being antagonists, and after Arthur's 'death' ends the story, we get epilogues for most of the stories he's adventured in - most of the princess couples having kids of their own and seeing out their happily ever afters, Simba passing on and allowing Kiara and Kovu to take his place, etc.

    7. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      I believe it should also be noted that Nomura shares as much of the blame for how he handles Disney property. From the beginning, I feel like he knew that slapping a world wide juggernaut franchise on the cover of his games would help to carry his overly complex multi game spanning Final Fantasy Fan Fic. If it wasn't for that one in a million chance encounter with a Disney rep in an elevator, he might've not had gotten anywhere as far today.


      You could just swapped out the Disney characters for stand-in adaptations of the original fairy tales in the KH art style, and little would change story wise, cause they hardly matter in the end. Even if they wouldn't turn down Nomura's project on the spot if not for Disney, KH could've been just a more obscure series that would merely gain a cult following. 



      I read King Arthur with the series anime look in my head and I think

      Image result for fate/grand order

    8. Candescence


      @Supah Berry As familiar as I am with Fate and being a huge weeb in general, my idea would actually be limited in its anime influence, though considering it's Disney, the lines are a bit blurred - after all, anime as we know it has deep roots in Disney (Tezuka was a huge fan of the work of Walt Disney and Carl Banks, and directly took inspiration from them when it came to his style as a manga artist and head of his animation studio), and Japan loves Disney. But overall, it should be unmistakably a Disney game in terms of style.

      Arthur would look mostly the same as he does in the film, though with subtle changes throughout his adventures to reflect his gradual maturity. Maybe a little bit of anime injected in there to make him look a little more handsome and heroic by the end of the first game. In later games where he's grown into his late teens and adulthood, he's much more like a traditional Disney prince in terms of looks.

      Probably the biggest changes from the film would be the characters of Sir Ector and Sir Kay, however - the film threw out a lot of their more sympathetic qualities and made them more one-dimensional. Sir Ector was a much more loving adoptive father to Arthur, who was still kind of strict but was actually down with the idea of Arthur having an education, and was on much better terms with Merlin. Sir Kay was a more shaded character with serious insecurity issues, which would be reflected in this concept as he gets frustrated by "Wart" rapidly catching up to him in terms of skill, but at the end of the story he joins the fight against Maleficent and Arthur makes him his first knight upon being crowned.

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