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  1. I keep hearing accounts of people who go to see a movie and being among an audience that audibly reacted or “went wild” over particular scenes, and... I have literally *never* seen/heard audience members do this in my experience.

    The most I’ve ever heard from fellow cinema-goers is quiet talking or odd moments of canned laughter when something funny happens.

    I’d honestly always assumed it was just a thing that only American film audiences did or something but, no, apparently British audiences acted accordingly when watching the Sonic movie (except for mine).

    1. Big Panda

      Big Panda

      The only time I’ve seen British moviegoers do something unusual in response to a film was back when I saw the second Harry Potter movie, where the audience randomly clapped when the credits began rolling.

    2. Jack at Home

      Jack at Home

      They did in my cinema… and it wasn't the first day in Italy, AND my country really doesn't care about Sonic generally. During the last scene they literally screamed.

    3. Failinhearts


      People went nuts at my Endgame screening

    4. PaddyFancy


      Only when I saw The Simpsons Movie did people go nuts. The two times I saw Endgame was rather reserved, except the second time when one person was shouting quotes out before it was said in the movie, and it was really annoying.

    5. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      My Sonic movie experience was pretty much silent aside from the occasional laughter.

      Didn't help that there were probably only 15 or so there in the theater.

    6. Emperor Robrainiac

      Emperor Robrainiac

      In my experience, the biggest reactions in theaters were when i saw them during opening weekends. 

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