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  1. If Chris Pratt is such a homophobe, why is he still being accepted to come on talk shows by openly LGBTQ people? (Graham Norton, Ellen, etc.)

    1. DanJ86


      Trouble is that they're a group of people that yell out "phobe" this or "ist" that over ever little thing that I just don't take it seriously anymore. I knew it would eventually happen and now when a genuine one does show up, nobody will believe it.

    2. Diogenes


      i don't know enough about the people involved to talk specifics, but in general that sounds a bit like a "fuck you, got mine" situation. people in a stable, respected, relatively "powerful" position are less likely to be bothered by relatively minor bigotry as long as they're respectful to them as an individual; they can pal around with assholes because they're not at risk of being hurt by them. conversely people in less stable, less powerful positions are less likely to overlook things that reinforce hatred against them because they're not insulated from shitty people.

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