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  1. 3 minutes ago, Miragnarok said:

    Thus, things like OK KO and Wreck it Ralph happened after the Super Genesis Wave, and were anachronistically released before it. 

    Only the Archie Sonic multiverse was walled off. Every other reality in the omniverse was not.

  2. In response to @Dr. Detective Mike in the Archie thread, here’s a headcanon about how the Archie Sonic multiverse works:

    Every Sonic continuity, and alternate realities relating to said continuities, all exist in one giant omniverse. The game reality is the Prime zone. From it spawned countless chains of other alternate realities. Some realities gain enough traction for a sub-multiverse to be built around it.

    The original version of the Archie Sonic multiverse was the most famous example of this phenomenon, spawning practically infinite realities, with a big cosmic barrier forming around all of it, effectively closing it off from the outside omniverse, resulting in a secluded multiverse in which Archie’s Mobius Prime was considered the one true zone of it all. Travel outside of the multiverse happened on incredibly rare occassions, such as when Eggman made contact with Mega Man’s world.

    The Super Genesis Wave not only obliterated all of these alternate zones, leaving the Archie Sonic multiverse a shadow of its former immenseness, but also destroyed the cosmic wall, allowing access to the outer omniverse, made evident by the travel to the different Sega and Capcom worlds in Worlds Unite.

  3. 18 hours ago, Dr. Detective Mike said:

    Zonic then leaves and says that the reason he did this for Sonic is because THIS particular Sonic is the ONE TRUE Sonic of all dimensions.

    This is another thing I’ve always wanted to bring up: what does that mean for all the alternate future timelines that are out there?

    Light Mobius and Dark Mobius, for example, are both possible/alternate future timelines that diverged from Mobius Prime’s own timeline. Since the Sonics in these two futures have the same memories as the “present day” Prime Sonic (up to a certain point), they would theoretically also remember being informed of their status as the “Prime” Sonic.

    Except, then...the very fact they are alternate timeline versions, by definition, would mean they are NOT the Prime versions. So, like, did these alternate future Sonic’s go around believing they were still the Prime versions? Or does Zonic have to pop into every diverging future timeline once they are created to inform their Sonic that “hey, so, remember that time I told you you were the one true Sonic? Well...”

  4. 5 hours ago, Dr. Detective Mike said:

    I wasn’t able to find it but that image of Eggman unhinging his jaw is taken from the show. I know this because I’ve re-drawn that image myself once before, though I can’t find it now. That pose is also similar to his pose in Episode 1 when he was cheering his robot on to try and fry Sonic, though it’s not literally the same. There are only so many positions the body can make so I’m not going to harp on that. The rest of this issue is pretty good about being its own thing as far as the art goes.

    ...are you sure about that? Because, being honest, nothing in this issue sticks out to me as being copies of shots I’ve seen before.

    And this is coming from somebody who instantly noticed the blatant tracing that issues 15 and 16 had (literally nothing in those issues were drawn freehand), and also tends to notice all those occasions when Lamar Wells does it in later issues.

    I usually have an eye for these sorts of things, and I’m just not seeing it here.

  5. I love Genesis, if only for the nostalgic memories it brings up. And I’m not talking about “classic Sonic game” memories.

    That general period in the fandom was absolutely nuts, with whether or not Sally had indeed died at the end of 225 being a hot topic for a solid four months, with responses from both sides being pure gold; I recall how on Bumbleking there was a thread opened up that was dedicated exclusively to making fun of it all.

    As for the story itself; I still liked it. The way it played on my suspense was pretty well done imo. There was a hint of tension that came from seeing Sonic and co initially going about their new life remaining completely unaware that something big was happening right under their noses, with those tensions ramping up when the old memories started to leak through. I remember getting proper chills when this panel suddenly popped up in part 3.

  6. 57 minutes ago, VisionaryofSUPER said:

    I'm learning very interesting tidbits about Japanese today. Hoping you guys can get these copies eventually and provide us more of these little tidbits. They're back on Amazon JP now.

    Only problem is they’re unable to ship to certain locations.

  7. 4 hours ago, Styx_Linoone said:

    Don't forget films like Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, where you can hear Sonic sound effects among many video game homages.


    The graphic novels have some pretty explicit references too.



    There are a number of references throughout The Simpsons. The first and most famous being from the season 7 episode “Marge Be Not Proud”


    It even got referenced in LEGO Dimensions (42 seconds in)

    Sonic even has a page on the Simpsons Wiki, with all of his cameos listed.

  8. 1 hour ago, Jack at Home said:

    I just assumed last year that she would appear in the Zombot apocalypse because that would have made a lot of sense. That's why I assumed later she is off-limits, because her best chance for a plot got turned down.

    If anything, Sticks would have saw it coming from a mile away and was already prepared and is going into full survival mode offscreen somewhere.

  9. 4 hours ago, Sonario said:

    A lot of people point out how in the Classic and Adventure games, Sonic doesn't seem to be moving at the speed he's supposed to, because if he did, he would cross entire zones in seconds and be impossible to control.

    I have a headcanon for an explanation of this gameplay mechanic, Sonic's Super-perception! We see in the Movie that Sonic can move so fast that the world appears to be slowed down around him while he seems to move at "normal" speeds. It's the same thing in the games, where Sonic sometimes doesn't seem to be moving anywhere near supersonic speeds, but that's only because of Sonic's extreme reaction time and heightened perception (he's used to his speed so it appears normal for him) that makes it appear as if Sonic isn't moving all that fast.

    While that’s a neat way of interpreting it, there are some holes to it.

    If Sonic is actually moving at breakneck speed and it’s all “slowed down”, that would have to mean everything around him is moving at the same speed (badniks, for example), which I don’t find very likely.

    Not to mention during scenarios where he’s being followed by other characters (Sonic 2 and 3, Heroes, Advance 3, etc.) they would also theoretically have to be moving at the same speed in order to keep up, which I’m sure is outright impossible for the likes of Knuckles and Amy.

  10. Speaking of the dub, I can’t help but think this series would be the perfect opportunity to try getting the franchise going in the west again.

    The original series caught on and became popular in the west back in the day. Maybe introducing the original gang to a whole new generation of young viewers could spark that flame again?

  11. So I recently discovered this is a thing:


    Hot off the heels of the Adventure saga’s grand movie finale comes... a complete reboot.

    The plot, according to Wikipedia:


    In the year 2020, a series of cyber-attacks across Tokyo are the result of catastrophic events in another world within the internet, the Digital World, where creatures called Digimon roam. While getting ready for summer camp, Taichi Yagami and seven other children are transported to the Digital World where they acquire Digivices and Digimon partners while learning that they have been chosen to stop the unknown threats to their worlds.

    It began early last month and is currently on hiatus, just three episodes in, due to the pandemic. It can be viewed on Crunchyroll.

  12. I don’t buy that supposed 06 Silvaze stuff, personally. This is definitely one of those scenarios where I just see “close friends” or even “brotherly/sisterly love”.

    If we were to go by verbal indicators, Silver explicitly calls Blaze his friend at the end of his story.

  13. On 5/11/2020 at 7:41 PM, PC the Hedgehog said:

    Can't say I'm not disappointed that IDW is going to be putting out the comics monthly after such a long delay. I was really hoping--and honestly kind of expecting--that they'd give us weekly releases to catch up to the normal schedule. Oh well. I'm sure there's behind-the-scenes crap I'm not privy to.

    Having looked at the release dates more closely: issues 29 and 30 are coming out two weeks apart, for what that’s worth.

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