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  1. 6 minutes ago, DabigRG said:

    Had no clue what ya'll referring to, so I had to track the website myself.

    Didn't see any Archie yet, although there's a shocking amount of Cream.

    The page of New Years fanart has appearances by Archie Sonic characters.

    Scourge in one halfway down, and both Spike the Porcupine and Scourge in the last one.

  2. Story by story would mean you’re dividing *every* story into correct chronological order. But reading them in that order would be much more complicated as it would mean having to switch between issues constantly;

    You’d have to begin your complete read-through by picking up StH#98 and reading “As the Shadow Awakens”, then jump to StH#66 for “And Then There Was One”, and so on;

    After reading the SA2 adaptation in #98, you’d then need to jump to SU#2 and read *only* the flashback pages;

    You’d have to read #215’s two stories in reverse-order, and so on.

    Release order, I suppose, would be clustering issues together and reading them when relevant (not reading the entirety of SU’s “Secret Freedom” until you’ve read up to StH#240).

    Of course, you could also be super-literal and read every issue in publication order, which would involve incorrect chronological order on a number of instances (SU#35 flat out ruins a major surprise that occurs in StH#233 due to the release order).

  3. 9 minutes ago, SBR2 said:

    "Sally was made Bisexual after the Super Genesis Wave" *Remembers the panel of her "Admiring" Mina's music in pre-reboot* ...Yeah I'm not too sure about that Mr. Flynn.


    Which issue was that...?

  4. 2 minutes ago, DabigRG said:

    No, he's saying she was in New252. Basically acknowledging that she might've had some liking of Sonic early on as in SatAM/Archie, but nothing came of it.

    The way you worded it was confusing. Almost made it sound as if she was bi in old canon and full lesbian in new canon.

  5. 16 minutes ago, DabigRG said:

    The Super Genesis Wave changed everything, including Sally's bisexuality(or pansexuality according to Kyle) that was lightly founded in Spark of Life. Any nods to what come before were simple fanservice.

    This confuses me a little. Is he saying Sally was bisexual in the old continuity?

  6. On 12/10/2019 at 5:00 AM, thumbs13 said:

    Iunno how unpopular it is, but Knuckles' spikes should be part of his hands and not his gloves. It'd just be weird that every other character can fight on their own, but Knuckles needs a prosthetic. 

    How do you know they’re not?

    Relevant trivia: in the old Archie comics, it was revealed that Knuckles did, indeed, have spikes on his actual hands.

  7. Speaking of Archie:
    (spoilered because lengthy wall of text)


    It was during this decade that Sega actively tried introducing the comics to other countries in different languages again, for the first time since the 90s.

    Delcourt began releasing issues in French in 2012, with twice-yearly hardback books that collected two issues of content each, beginning from the Genesis saga. Panini also began a bi-monthly magazine in 2013 that collected the first two Sonic Universe arcs (two issues per edition), then ultimately canned it in favour of a bi-monthly comic that, like Delcourt, picked up from the Genesis saga. The way both publications continued from there differ considerably and are interesting in a number of ways.

    For a start: it seems that when the people at Archie Comics called the Genesis saga a perfect jumping on point (paraphrasing), either Sega or one of the international licensors took that claim a little too literally. When I first learned that the Genesis saga was going to be published in French under the title “Le Origine”, my first assumption was that they were taking the Genesis saga and repurposing it into a general Sonic origin story or something. So we were all surprised when it ended up continuing, onto 230 and beyond! I’ll get back to Delcourt in a little while to explain why it’s essentially the worst handled of the two translations.

    First let’s talk about the German release.

    After the initial magazine releases containing the Universe issues, the bi-monthly comic collected every main series issue from 226, and up to 244, with only 242 (the “Olympic Trials” story and short “Endangered Species” prequel) being omitted. With the comic picking up at where it did, readers coming into it would naturally be confused about what’s going on. Luckily, the good people at Panini went above and beyond to make sure readers were not too confused. So you know those footnotes that appear during the story to direct readers to certain issues when a reference is made? In the German edition, the footnote boxes are left in, but if it’s referencing something from before Panini came along, German readers are given a quick one or two sentence explaining it.

    On a few occasions, they even add footnotes where there weren’t before. This panel from issue 236 for example (taken from the English version):

    This moment would have been the first time German readers had ever seen Scourge, since none of his previous appearances had been released. For this reason, Panini put in their own footnote to briefly explain who this random green hedgehog is supposed to be!

    The footnotes get kind of hilarious at times. When filling in existing footnotes, the editors were never really sure what to say, usually leading to them just make really redundant comments. If, say, Eggman alludes to a major event that happened in the past that he caused, without actually saying it was his doing, the editors pops in to say “Eggman did it”! The absolute height of the footnotes’ unintentional hilarity comes during the “Endangered Species” arc (the first two chapters that made it out at least). One of the arcs most infamous aspects was how vaguely lines were worded to avoid directly naming characters and concepts that were under dispute. These vague wordings were translated pretty directly from what I could see (Albion is still the “Echidna homeland”, the recent events with Enerjak were still “the day of transit”, etc). Despite this, Panini had to go in and completely ruin that vagueness by outright explaining what characters are talking about!

    Echidna teacher lady: “the day of transit was a thing that happened”



    The comic lasted for 9 issues before being cancelled. A tenth issue was slated for release, but never saw the light of day.

    As odd as the whole experience was, Panini did a pretty alright job in handling the series distribution. It was definitely not as great as it could have been- the fact there was no companion series to cover the corresponding Sonic Universe issues is an especially egregious sin- but it was generally good for what it was.


    The French version by Delcourt, however, was handled incredibly shoddily. They were released as hardcover books with two issues worth of content, which were released twice a year (roughly six months apart, making for so little progress in such a large space of time.

    After the first two books finished up the Genesis saga, book 3 moved onto “Two Steps Back...” (230), “Lost in the Moment” (231), and the first 11 pages of “Dark Tidings” (232). The most notable thing here is that they didn’t bother to include any of the backup stories (in this case, the very plot-relevant Naugus story “Haunted”. Not that its relevance would matter in the long run...). Unlike Panini’s version, this book (and all further books) remove all existing footnotes, and make no effort whatsoever to explain what the hell is going on.

    Book 4 gave us the remainder of “Dark Tidings” (accompanying backup story nowhere to be found), “The Trial of Geoffrey St. John” (233; no backup), “Unthinkable” and, in a rare twist, its accompanying backup story “Dark Hearts” from 234.

    Book 5 came along, and French readers who are new to this series are probably at least a little curious to find out what became of poor Antoine after the end of the last book. Unfortunately, they’re never going to find out, as book 5 is a plethora of tie-in stories! The comic adaptations for Lost World and Generations are accompanied by the “Olympic Trials” story. The book ends with the readers finally being brought back to the main continuity...a whole eight issues later, with the “Endangered Species” prequel.

    Books 6 and 7 collect all four chapters of “Endangered Species”, accompanied by two completely irrelevant pre-Genesis back-up stories. “Hindsight” from 218 (Snively argues with Eggman over the formers relationship with the Iron Queen), and part 1 of “A Friend in Deed” from the Iron Dominion arc (Knuckles confronts a treacherous Espio). The fact that the latter story, which includes the literal cliffhanger with Espio seemingly about to shank Knuckles, is what Delcourt’s Sonic the Hedgehog ends on- right after having just seen Knuckles people banished for all eternity no less- makes for one of the most unintentionally hilarious implications I’ve ever seen.


    The way in which both publications treated the Genesis saga as the “jumping on” point for their respective translations is a bit more ironic in hindsight, considering the comic would very quickly go on to get its reboot, creating what would have been a much more appropriate jump on for potential international versions, and yet, neither them ever capitalised on it.

    Currently, IDW Sonic is already making its own way out to international audiences. Mana Books are doing direct French translations of the graphic novel releases, bringing them out on a much more reasonable basis, and Latin Spanish translations from IDW themselves are coming out this year too.

    Here’s hoping IDW gets more success in other languages than Archie did.


  8. The timing of the encyclopedia’s release was pretty amazing, all things considered. If its scheduled release was like a month or two later than it was, it probably would’ve been held from release altogether.

    While one could look at the encyclopedia as becoming “outdated” less than a year later, I prefer to think of it from a different angle: the timing of its release basically made it a near-complete file on the original continuity as a whole, with it only being five (ten including Universe) issues out of date.


    Also, the encyclopedia came out on my birthday. That was awesome.

  9. What I found especially unfortunate about two of the delays/cancellations in particular is the fact that poor Tracey Yardley just barely missed out on getting his two Sonic Universe arcs collected.

    The main SU graphic novel series pegged out right before “Babylon Rising” got its turn, and “Pirate Plunder Panic” was set to open the planned “Sonic Universe Sagas” series before the whole thing went down with the ship.

  10. You mind putting your reviews in spoiler tags in future? It’s just that the constant walls of text make it a bitch to scroll down to the bottom of the page.

    13 hours ago, Dr. Detective Mike said:

    Also, is this Mina Mongoose?


    She looks like Mina Mongoose.

    Always wondered what the deal was with this was. I’m pretty sure she’s not even drawn by Art Mawhinney here. I wanna say Spaz drew this, but she has a really anime-looking appearance that Spaz wouldn’t even adopt for his style until just post-SA1.

    Who even designed Mina for that matter? I know Karl Bollers created her, but did he only come up with the character, or did he have a hand in her design too? Maybe Spaz designed her, and when Mina was introduced he decided “hey this one throwaway character design from back then would work for her. But then why would Spaz even be brought in to draw this one throwaway character to begin with?

  11. While I would indeed consider the Archie reboot a high-point, I would also, simultaneously, consider the actual end of the old continuity a low point.

    The plot threads the original continuity had going on at the time were some of the most interesting the series had had; King Naugus, Geoffrey St. John finally becoming an interesting character, the break-up of the Freedom Fighters, and the state of Silver’s future. Not to mention all the new details revealed in the official encyclopedia that were ripe for exploration.

    I remember being among the Archie fandom this time seven years ago: just before Christmas, the second chapter of the long-anticipated “Endangered Species” arc had just come out. After the troubling amount of last-minute dialogue edits in part 1, part 2 saw the arc completely hijacked by legal hassles that very suddenly took the story in a completely different direction. The echidnas, a fan-favourite of the Archie community, were unceremoniously dumped into another dimension off-screen, and the fans waited out the remaining two chapters hoping that *maybe* they’d come back (spoiler: they didn’t), making for a very somber end to one of the comics most noteworthy concepts. The Sonic Universe arc happening concurrently, “Chaotix Quest”, faired a little better at least. Last-minute Rob’O expy notwithstanding. After that, every lingering plot thread was erased from existence, with no closure.

    The fandom shift that came about was pretty damn huge too. Many who were attached to the old canon and couldn’t deal with the change jumped ship, with new fans coming in to take their place. Sure, both the comic and the fandom recovered in the end, but it was one hell of a bumpy ride.

  12. Christmas was pretty good this year. Spent Christmas Day at my sister’s. Watched plenty of TV, including The Tiger Who Came to Tea, The Whale and the Snail (or whichever way around it’s supposed to be), and our usual festively depressing dosage of my favourite soap, EastEnders.

    Did very well on the gift front. The only gift I gave was to my mum; a silver locket that we’re currently working to get photos for.

    As for my own gifts:

    The book is a Japanese Sonic Adventure guidebook.

    Official Pokemon and Doctor Who annuals, and Doctor Who Magazine comic strip collections.

    A surprise present in the form of a Lego Hogwarts Clock Tower.

    Limited edition Pokemon TCG metal case. Contains a bunch of booster packs plus promo cards and other accessories based on the not-yet-dubbed 22nd movie.

    Stuff from a Japanese TCG promotional set.

    I’d only ever seen bits and pieces of Rocko, but I’ve heard great things about. I found out it was one of the few old Nick shows to have its boxset released in the UK, so I jumped at the change.


    • The Complete Sarah Jane Adventures DVD boxset.
    • This Japanese Pokemon “pocket book” that has a bunch of cool old Pokemon artwork and illustrations and stuff.
    • Talking Detective Pikachu plush toy.
    • Retro Hasbro Pokemon toys: Meowth and Poliwhirl plushies, and a Pikachu Poke Ball Blaster set.
    • A Christmas Doctor Who jumper that I wore from Christmas day up to today.
    • A box of festive Simpsons socks.
    • Chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate.
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