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  1. Fleetway’s SA1 had Chaos being a Drakon prosecutor who was sealed inside the Master Emerald in ancient times. Sonic is brought back to the past by Tikal, where he learns that Knuckles was around during that time as a tribesman (before eventually, somehow winding up in the present day).

    Chaos and the Knuckles Tribe were the only aspects to be carried over. There was no Station Square or Egg Carrier or anything.

    Also, Big made a cameo near the end.

  2. 17 minutes ago, JezMM said:

    Shame if so, I'd gladly settle for the French dub over nothing, I just want that dang original soundtrack.

    I wouldn’t, since the French version made everything slightly faster and higher pitched because of the PAL conversion.

  3. @Prince the Cat I’m sorry if I came off in that way. I assure that was not my intention.

    What I’m trying to say is: headcanon is a belief you have for a story that’s based on what there is available to us within the source material.

    Let’s look at your original post for some examples:

    “Knuckles has a psychic link to the Master Emerald and is able to “see” from the M.E.’s perspective in his minds eye”

    This is a perfectly reasonable headcanon to have. It’s been demonstrated within established canon that Knuckles is able to “sense” the Master Emerald’s shards when he goes looking for them, ergo it would make perfect sense for him to have some sort of psychic connection to the full gem itself. This headcanon essentially “fills in a blank” by explaining what you believe said connection actually is.

    On the other hand; believing that Sonic and Amy are siblings or that they have some kind of sibling-type relationship.

    That goes against just about every piece of established canon. Amy clearly thinks of Sonic romantically. She’s repeatedly voiced her desire to marry him some day, they’ve been on dates before. Hell, in Sonic Chronicles, Sonic will flat out admit that he secretly feels the same way about her if the right conversation path is taken.

    The way you worded your original headcanon made it sound as if this is what you believe to be the case within established canon, without any implication that “this is my own complete reimagining of the Sonic universe” or that it’s an AU headcanon.

    If we’re looking at other established Sonic continuities, the only place the “Sonic and Amy are brother/sister” theory could work would be in the Fleetway Sonic the Comic continuity. It’s the only real continuity out there in which the two of them are not explicitly romantically linked. It could even work in continuities where Amy is never introduced (random example: “Amy exists in the OVA universe, where she is Sonic’s little sister”). But, again, you didn’t specify :P

  4. 17 minutes ago, Prince the Cat said:

    I'm talking about my headcanon, or more of a pitch on how I would retcon/realign/streamline the relationships to allow for the best versions of the characters. 

    That’s not what a headcanon is.

  5. 46 minutes ago, Prince the Cat said:

    2) To answer your "wut?" -- Well, to me, Sonic & Amy are not an "OTP" couple... the unrequited romance dynamic doesn't do much beyond the initial gag to serve the characters.  The best aspect of the dynamic they have — she admires him, he's dismissive but protective, they're lifelong friends — is more sibling-like than it is reminiscent of a potential romantic relationship. 

    Amy Rose has a kid sister vibe, that's been part of her character since day one and throughout. So I don't think you lose anything if you remove "Amy's in love with Sonic" and replace it with "Amy loves her big brother Sonic." Maybe others disagree. I like Amy Rose as a character a lot, and I think simply making the Hedgehogs as siblings makes everything simpler. It's a subtle change, but it empowers Amy to be her best characters and not fall into "clingy stalker girlfriend" tropes. That's an angle I've never found especially appealing.

    Sonic and Amy are not siblings. Amy thinks of Sonic romantically. This is blatantly shown multiple times. They’ve been on dates together. She wants to marry the guy.

  6. There’s this one incredibly minor, throwaway thing in Worlds Collide that’s always caught my imagination:


    Snively was left by Eggman to “rot away” in an egg capsule aboard the Death Egg when we last saw him in the old continuity. During the crossover, his capsule had at some point been relocated to the Wily Egg, presumably so that Eggman wouldn’t lose track of his treacherous nephew on the rewritten Mobius.

    I can’t help but wonder if Snively was still there in the post-SGW version of the crossover. Like, did his capsule just suddenly pop up in the brig when the second Genesis Wave went off? Did he still have the memories of his pre-SGW counterpart during his time?

    It’s stuff like this that makes me wish the crossover could’ve got some “Awakening” novelisations like the Genesis arc did in that FCBD issue.

  7. 9 hours ago, Prince the Cat said:

    (3)  Knuckles is able to teleport to the Master Emerald at will.  This makes it easy for him to come and go from Angel Island, while still keeping the location of the floating island a mystery to everyone else. 

    Several pieces of evidence to the contrary exist on that one. Why didn’t Knuckles simply teleport to the emerald after Eggman made off with it in S3&K? Why did Knuckles need to actively hunt for the emerald pieces in the Adventure games instead of theoretically teleporting to each of their exact locations?

    9 hours ago, Prince the Cat said:

    (4) Amy Rose is Sonic's sister.


  8. 2 hours ago, Tails spin said:

    It cant be. Didn't we see his frontier symbols in his room in ep1. Unless they specifically want to say that he earned frontier symbols from Hoenn as as well.

    Ideally, I’d like if they revealed that the Frontier Brains were all relocated to Hoenn.

    But this is the same anime that just recently remodelled and/or relocated the Cerulean Gym with absolutely no in-universe acknowledgement, so I have very little faith in that happening.

  9. 2 minutes ago, Dr. Christmas Mike said:

    I tried to look out for changes in dialogue and found a few things but I missed this. I don't know what it's significance is yet though. Or even if it has any heavy significance but I'll likely find out.

    It’s because they didn’t want people to erroneously think Ivo was Julian’s father. If Mobius Encyclopedia is to be believed.

  10. I skimmed the episode list just to look at the thumbnails.

    We have a grand total of 12 thumbnails that are not focused on the original characters.

    Outside that there are a total of six focusing on actual game characters (usually Sonic, Tails, and/or Eggman), five environmental shots, all but one of them rather non-descript (random establishing shot of the Thorndyke mansion, great big ocean with a tiny little island off to the side) and, hilariously, one that is a literal white screen, with a slight gradient effect, implying they just randomly took a screencap from a scene that had a white flash.

    Some of the thumbnails seem to be incorrectly placed too. One of the episodes from the second saga (ep14-26) uses a shot of Sonic that I’m 100% certain is from episode 7.

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