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  1. I love the opening scene to Tails story in Japanese in Sonic Adventure, where the entire crash is nothing but Tails VA making increasingly ridiculous sounding screams.

    It becomes even funnier when you play it with the voices in Japanese but while keeping the subs in English, where you think they REALLY should've made it so that there where two sets of English subs: one for the dubbed over voices and ones that are a direct translation of the Japanese dialogue. Instead, we have the subs telling us that the Japanese translation of "Look out below!" is "AAEEEEEEEEEHHHH!!!!" LMFAO

  2. Eggman more than likely will get new memories as well as the FFs. Also, Naugus got his memories back, so you never know. Also, I imagine Team Dark, or at least Shadow, will somehow get there's back as a result of the new Universe arc.

    I'd say Shadow is likely to still remember because of his connection the Chaos Force, which was supposedly the same reason he was aware of the timeline change in Mobius 25 Years Later.

  3. And just as I thought we were finally done with the year + long Sally Robot deal.......cant she be finally be normal for once?!

    I wouldn't complain. It's better than simply being Genesis-Waved away.

    I'd be pretty pissed if I where the Krudzu plant: finally being useful for something, and then being totally trolled by the reset...

  4. You know what puzzles me...? In PPP, Amy and Cream have have "foggy memories" of Mobius, yet Bean doesn't, as he makes references to it happening. I know it could've happened anyway, but it just seems strange that he remembers it all...
    Reality warps don't affect crazy people in the same it does sane people :P

  5. Honestly, I'm kind of curious if roboticization is even a thing anymore.   Like, in the original Genesis arc, Eggman just had robots powered by animals (as he does in the games), rather than robots transformed from animals. I wonder if this change will carry over to the new post-Genesis Wave setup.
    It is according to the #253 spoilers: only reason Axel the Water Buffalo still listens to Eggman is 'cos he'll be roboticized if he doesn't. Although whether it still has the same meaning here is debatable.

  6. Then why wasn't Bunnie deroboticized? Her and Jules were left-out of the mass Bem Robian derobotisization specifically because the former had cybernetics not converted from her original body whilst the latter would have had his fatal war wounds come back and kill him if he was. Yet Eggman was derobotisized by the exact same process.

    'spouse you got me there.

    Or maybe they left her out because the robotic limbs where proving beneficial for her.

  7. Rotor - Age 20 (Basically any big guy like Vecs or Big should be of this age)
    No they don't. I knew a guy at college, played football (English football), pretty big dude, I was 19 at the time, I was convinced he was older than me. Nope, he was 16, fresh out of secondary school. Didn't look his age at all.

  8. If Adventure was kept as a Saturn game, I speculate that would have ment the Dreamcast would've come about a bit later than it did. I imagine the fact that the Saturn was doing so badly was what made Sega decide that there was no point in briefing life into this corpse anymore. If Adventure was left as a Saturn game, then that would indicate that they did still have faith in the Saturn despite its poor performance on the market, meaning Sega may have put less attention into making a new console that early on.

    Additionally, I imagine it would've led to Sega's demise as a console manufacturer much earlier on. Moving on from the Saturn to the Dreamcast did at least help them stay afloat just a little bit longer. Continuing to put all of that money into Saturn games when it clearly wouldn't get them anywhere would've been the final nail in the coffin right there and then.

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