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  1. So was I completely misinterpreting Tom Bakers line, or was that an official revelation that it's possible for the Doctor to "recycle" previous bodies in future regenerations?

  2. tumblr_mwl72irZUh1s2ypolo1_500.jpg

    Oh lmao.

    Some people have the issue now. I'm sure they'll spoil it during the night.

    You want spoilers? Guess I'll give it a go:

    Marines and Captain Whiskers crew begin shooting at eachother, as Blaze confronts Captain Metal on top of his submarine. He manages to knock her out and takes her back to the Egg O' War (leaving Buckle and Swash behind) Amy and Cream chase after him leaving Marine, Bean and Bark to deal with Whisker and his crew who have just boarded the heroes ship.

    Aboard the Egg O' War, Blaze has been restrained in a machine that will allow Metal to draw out her Sol Emerald energy. Using the power of the emerald he has, the Egg O' War launches into the sky. Outside, Captain Whisker and his crew are forced to retreat upon seeing the large battle ship launch into the sky, but not before giving Captain Marine a "parting shot": a cannonball to the side of her ship. As the ship sinks, we suddenly see that Bean has hopped on top of Captain Metals sub, where he's going cookoo over the shiny Buckle and Swash: the duo decide that they'd rather rust in the ocean than to be anywhere near him ("Shinies go bye-bye" says Bean sadly). With the sub deserted, Marine and Bark use it to escape going down with the ship.

    Back on the Egg O' War, Metal begins the process of draining blaze of her Sol energy, just when Amy and Cream burst in. Amy takes a hammer to Blaze's restraints, releasing her. Amy and Cream give Metal the runaround. He's about to jab them with his large metal crab-claw, before a massive inferno appears and melts his claw clean off. The flames of course came from a newly transformed Burning Blaze, who had managed to grab the final Sol Emerald during the commotion. Captain Metal insists that they haven't won yet, seconds before Burning Blaze douses him point black with a flame blast, melting him into a pool of metallic muck. But then, Captain Metals voice echoes once again through the ship: he reveals that he downloaded his programming into the Egg O' War before being melted. He takes control of the loose wires hanging from the machinery, but Blaze simply douses them in flames again. She then burns a hole through the locked escape hatch, allowing Amy and Cream to escape while Blaze begins her destruction of the Egg O' War. After destroying every piece of internal machinery in sight with one fell fiery swoop, she finishes off by flying outside the ship and blasting a hole clean through it. The ship falls into the ocean where it immediately sinks.

    Blaze reunites with the girls, Bean and Bark who are still floating on Metals submarine. Blaze reverts back to normal as the seven Sol Emeralds float around her. Bean eyes the gems longingly before they vanish into thin air. Blaze acknowledges the part they played in getting the emerald back, even though she doesn't approve of their mercenary ways. Blaze reveals that it was in fact the Sol Emeralds that had brought them all to her zone, because they knew that Blaze would need their help to defeat Captain Metal. Amy and Cream congratulate Blaze for completing her quest, with Cream remarking that she should take a holiday after all of this, to which Blaze respectfully declines due to the Sol Emeralds needing her protection. She then reminds them that they probably have work waiting for them back on their world, to which Amy remarks that she has a feeling that "home" isn't going to be the same again. After saying their goodbyes, Blaze uses her Sol energy to send the Prime Zone characters home. Marine immediately begins balling, saying that she misses them already. Meanwhile below the ocean, the Egg O' War appears completely destroyed, but then the eye starts glowing again...

    Amy, Cream, Bean and Bark arrive back in the Prime Zone, appearing in the middle of Mobotropolis. Cream is happy that Blaze successfully got them back home, but Amy isn't so sure, as she quickly gets the feeling that something is off. "I think we need to find Sonic..." she says.

  3. It was quite a while ago on his own forums, big argument/debate over how much influence he had vs how much was already there before he stepped in re the echidnas. Id look it up but I'm at work. He basically insinuated that the Adventure tribe of echidnas in the flashbacks was Sega trying to get in on his ideas he made for the comics. So basically being arrogant and not knowing his facts as per usual yeah.

    Makes you wonder why he's only going after Sega for Sonic Chronicles...

  4. Perhaps they did that so new readers wouldn't fall into the "oh wow there were other echidnas, I wonder who they were" trap.

    That theory kinda falls flat considering they seem to have no problem reprinting stories in the Super Specials and Digest WITH other echidnas in them.

    Not to mention the old Sonic 3 manuals mentioning there used to be other echidnas etc which they followed up on in Sonic Adventure (which Penders also claims was because of his influence)...but I digress.

    That's a new one...

    Are you sure that's genuinely true and not just Penders being arrogant?

  5. From what I have seen, Ken has shown that he cannot take criticism

    Really? Because based on what I've seen, he's more or less responded to critics with the civil "it's your choice whether you buy and read my stories or not" while going on to delude himself with the idea that it really doesn't matter because the haters are outweighed by the heaps of fans (about 3 or 4 people) who are sticking by him.

  6. I've taken a good look a your thread...and I have been offended.

    I see some very nice drawings, excellent use of colors and shading for both traditional and digital coloring, but where is the shit you promised?

    This title is misleading!

    At first I was like "oh no what'd I do...?"

    Then I just lol'd.

    The "shit" is the colouring quality :P

  7. Actually, we did get a snowy winter...2 years ago! Where I live in Cornwall roads were closed because of the ice and there were road accidents everywhere. It was very dangerous because of all the hills in this county and because we hardly get snow here unlike places like Wales and Scotland. We're not used to it!

    We didn't get any snow last year but if we get it this year it either won't be a lot or it will be, like winter 2011. I hope we do just cos I want a proper White Christmas for once.

    It will have mated away by Christmas Day, always does.

    At least it's nice to have it in those few days before during those late night shopping hours. I just find there something magical about i-OW MY COXICS. OW MY SHOPPING.

  8. My families Christmas traditions change slightly every other year. One year, we have Christmas Day with the immediate family (my older sisters and brother, their kids and spouses, etc.) over at my sisters house. Others years, we have Christmas at our house with the same immediate family with the exception of my oldest sister and her family, where she, her husband and their young kids are in Wales with his family, and her two older kids (from her first marriage) spend Christmas day with their dad. Then we all together at their house on Boxing Day.

    It's the former this year.

    The last Sunday before Christmas, we get together with my divorced dads family at my aunt's house (including my mum, who they still consider family, minus my dad, who just doesn't bother).

    There's also the smaller traditions of watching certain things on TV, like the The Snowman and (and since last year) The Snowman and the Snowdog.

    Oh and our house is decorated with three different Christmas trees, with three different colour themes depending on the room: red, green and gold for the living room (plus the fancy ornament decorations, a lot of which are Disney), blue, purple and silver for the dining room, and bronze and orange for the hall.

  9. they've already shown that they remember parts of the old world (Meeting Blaze, Knowing who Bean and Bark are ect.)

    We don't really know enough about the new timeline yet to say for sure. Amy and Cream may only be familiar with Blaze because Sonic Rush has happened.

    NINJA EDIT: Who drew the main cover? Also, Knuckles.

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