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  1. they've already shown that they remember parts of the old world (Meeting Blaze, Knowing who Bean and Bark are ect.)

    We don't really know enough about the new timeline yet to say for sure. Amy and Cream may only be familiar with Blaze because Sonic Rush has happened.

    NINJA EDIT: Who drew the main cover? Also, Knuckles.

  2. Wasnt that due to the writer not wanting to do it not the company? Im going to guess if they are going to do the olympics adaptation they just wont reference where they are just say "were at the winter olympics"

    I think I'd be alright with that. I'd actually prefer they didn't reference any real world locations at all (i.e. no USA banners).

  3. this is something ive been thinking about for a while: If STC was still running especially with SEGA getting heavily involved like how they are with Archie how would that be like now?

    An exact clone of he games.

  4. This isn't really worth my taking part since I can't really grow much of anything, beard-wise. Sure, I can grow a lot of "whiskers", not a big enough fuzz-face to do anything with P;

  5. Take it you don't have a Forbidden Planet or anything in your area.

    It doesn't seem to be available on any of the comic apps. But it's gonna be reprinted in the very next Super Special Magazine (which should be coming out in the next couple of weeks).

  6. Projections of natural beauty in a certain way can be considered art. Hence why art can apply to something as simple as a photo of a tree with sunlight beaming through, or a puddle on the ground. What could be more beautiful and natural than the expression of love?

    ...though its hard to pinpoint to what sort of degree. There's a very fine line between that and porn.

  7. Actualy, I thought of a totaly hilarious/ironic way they could reintroduce Nack, is if in the next arc, the freedom fighters actualy hire him to track down this mysterious Creature(aka the werehog) that has been terrorizing the nearby lands at night.... (remember he was originally brought in to track down sonic in the triple trouble arc XD)

    Would also be an unintentional nod to a certain rumour I heard way back before Unleashed was released...

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