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  1. Remember that Sonic X episode where Mr. Tanaka pwn'd Chris with a life preserver?

  2. Will the Switch allow you to plug in and charge anywhere?

  3. They need to make an Incredibles short (or shorts) about when baby Violet and Dash's powers started coming in.

  4. Bingle bongle dingle dangle yickeddy do yickeddy da ping pong lippy tappy toota

  5. I like the overall way MSBE looks, but it still has its fair share of amusing inbetweens.


  6. "SPACESHIP" is my new favourite word :P

  7. The third Pokemon movie had the only dub soundtrack that I actually really liked.


  8. At what points, exactly, does Bill Frieberger use Sticks as a mouthpiece in Sonic Boom?

  9. Why is this opening so fucking feaver dreamey?

  10. Nintendo in 1995: "SCREW DISCS, CARTRIDGES RULE!!"

    Nintendo in 2002: "Fine, we'll move to discs...but they're gonna be SMALLER THAN YOURS, OOOOOOOOOHHHHHH"

    Nintendo in 2006: "Alright already, normal discs it is...killjoys"


  11. I found out a little while back that Belle's voice actress was replaced because her voice changed too much. You can totally hear what they mean...


  12. It’s fun noticing when stuff gets cut from daytime broadcasts of one of your favourite shows, especially when the cut is so sloppy.

  13. The father of my father or mother will be taking legal action against Saint Nicholas so vigorous that it he will lose possession of his pantaloons.

  14. I've just discovered the Wayback Machine web archive site. WHY DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS BEFORE?!

  15. Went ahead and ordered the FCBD issues I would have picked up on eBay.

    The nearest place that participates in it is Forbidden Planet, and I’d rather pick out a free comic that I actually want than get a random pre-packed one that I don’t. If it means I have to spend £2 for each one then so be it.

  16. I hope Capcom doing the Disney Afternoon collection will inspire Sega to release a collection of the "Illusion" games.

  17. S9pAtA.jpg

    That doesn’t look like Lumiose City...

  18. I just bought a packet of those rainbow-less Skittles.

    They taste the same as regular Skittles.

  19. I need to translate a sentence into Japanese, but I don't trust google translate

  20. Honest Gravity Falls question: why did Mabel wear sweaters all the time? It was freaking SUMMER.

  21. This advert was bloody weird

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