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  1. 3 minutes ago, PublicEnemy1 said:

    Especially since the IDW Comics, from what I've heard, aren't translated. I dunno what the point would be, but it's pretty good that Japan is getting this stuff.

    Where did you hear that?

    I don’t see why they wouldn’t be, considering there’s still Japanese on the back cover and spine.

  2. 1 hour ago, Moose the Cat said:

    In other words, if you basically give developer interviews the same weight as any other fan headcanon, only working from the media -- based just on that, you'd notice the change in pronoun but not have any reason to really think "Sonic's World" and "Mobius" are any different than "Angel Island" and "Floating Island." 

    I’m sorry, what?

  3. May as well share this one I’ve had for a number of years now.

    Title: A Distant Memory (possible title idea)

    Media: comic/short story

    Outline: set in the post-SGW Archie continuity, Sonic accidentally goes through a Genesis Portal while chasing Metal Sonic, and finds himself in a pocket dimension that he finds weirdly familiar. He meets an alternate, seemingly younger version of himself and his respective gang of Freedom Fighters who are fighting against Dr. Robotnik while hiding out in the hidden underground village of Knothole. Sonic is pulled into helping these alternate versions of himself and his friends, and they need it now more than ever, as Knothole is currently in danger of being flooded out by a leak, and Metal Sonic being lost in the zone somewhere doesn’t help matters either.

    As events progress, Sonic’s sense of deja vu increases, with things finally coming to a head when he’s spontaneously able to remember that a power ring was hiding in a nearby well. With the help of his own Tails (who he’d been keeping in contact with until heading through the portal, and was able to regain contact with again with alternate Rotor’s help), the duo manage to figure out that this pocket dimension is an “echo” of the original Prime Zone, from before the Super Genesis Wave, which is permanently stuck in the time period of the Freedom Fighters earliest exploits.

    This revelation gets Sonic to mull over the “old memories” he had after the Wave again, which he admits he had completely forgotten about until now, and that he could barely remember any of, which he now looks back on like a lucid dream, or as memories that were completely detached from himself.

    Soon enough, the two Sonic’s and the Freedom Fighters manage to defend Knothole’s secret location from Robotnik, and dispatch Metal Sonic in the process (during which Robotnik briefly sees Metal and becomes inspired to start making his own robot Sonic duplicate. “Such a deceptive creation needs an appropriate name. Pseudo Sonic, perhaps? Yes, I like that”).

    By the end of it all “classic” Sonic has basically sussed that his new counterpart is some sort of future version of himself, and naturally begins to quiz him on the future. Main Sonic hesitates. He can’t remember the majority of what the “future” has in store for his younger self, apart from brief flashes, with the majority of recollections being from near the end of his old life (Antoine in a coma, Bunnie MIA, Sally as a robot, and plenty more pain and suffering on top). Sonic is only able to reassure his younger self that “everything will turn out alright in the end”.

    Back home, Sonic and Tails mull over what they’d just experienced. He tells Tails what he told younger Sonic, with Tails in turn reassuring him that he’ll probably never get to experience those hardships anyway, since time seemed to be stuck in a permanent loop there. The story ends with the two of them grateful that they will still remember the hardship their past selves went through. “We may not remember the details, but none of us would be here right now if they hadn’t gotten us through it all”.

    tl;dr: Archie Sonic from the post-SGW continuity, winds up in a pocket dimension where everything resembles the earliest Archie Sonic issues (the in-universe rationale being that it’s an “echo” of the old timeline, created from the SGW). There are references to those early, more lighthearted issues throughout, and it gets Sonic and Tails to start thinking about the old world again, during which readers get a glimpse into how they much still remember.

    It’s set out as if it it were an officially-published Archie Sonic anniversary story, where the references to the bulk of the old continuity are largely subdued due to the theoretical restrictions, with the fact the majority of Sonic’s memories are faded being a way to explain it in-narrative.

    Does it exist: no. I have considered taking a crack at it for years, but my writing skills are not exactly the best.

  4. 2 minutes ago, E-122-Psi said:

    Also Gamma coming out of Red Mountain long before his fight with Epsilon in Knuckles' story. 

    You mean when Knuckles follows him to the Egg Carrier launch site?

    I think that was supposed to represent Gamma making his way back to the base after catching Froggy. Although that presents its own problems: Gamma gets his vision of the past or whatever at the end of Emerald Coast, and he’s suddenly back on the Egg Cartier when it’s over. So was he on, like, autopilot or something when Knuckles saw him?

  5. 21 minutes ago, E-122-Psi said:

    Let's say in Sonic's Final Egg, we get some intercom of a frustrated Eggman in his base trying to communicate with his E-100 drones to get the emeralds or go after Sonic, but they aren't responding, they're all scrap piles now, thus Amy and Gamma's otherwise detached final missions would have played a small beneficial role to Sonic's story without completely rewriting things in a contrived or elaborate way.

    Speaking of which, there are a few timeline inconsistencies that could do with being fixed too. The most noticeable one being Amy’s post-Twinkle Park scene being set at dawn/dusk, when it’s somehow broad daylight from Sonic’s perspective.

  6. I really would like the final story to be expanded a bit. The whole thing just felt like a last minute addition that barely tied into the other stories in the original.

    Maybe put in a final action stage where all the characters go around the ruined city looking for the drained Emeralds (like the final story in 06, except bearable).

    And try harder to have the final story tie in with at least some of the main story. For example, turn the final story’s opening scene, with Eggman finding Chaos again, into a post-credits scene after Sonic’s story or something.

  7. 28 minutes ago, Teoskaven said:

    The anime constantly had 'mons not present in the regions they were depicting, i'm more baffled someone got vocal about that only now. Must be a Slowpoke.

    I’m gonna go out on a whim and say the only difference here is that Dewgong can’t be obtained in Sword and Shield through any means (as in, not even through transfer), unlike the previous gens.

    Although that does beg the question of why nobody seems to care that the main anime is currently doing the same thing.

  8. 5 hours ago, BlueSpeedsterYT said:

    I don't know, maybe it's to be consistent with how 4kids did it?

    TPCi kept the Japanese soundtrack throughout mid-DP all the way up to the end of BW, and kept the soundtracks to movies 9 through 16. Even 4kids themselves used parts of the Japanese soundtrack from Kanto to mid-Johto, and kept the entire soundtracks to movies 4 through 8.

    Any semblance of consistency flew out the window quite a long time ago.

  9. 1 hour ago, Zaysho said:

    I'm curious if they'll consider giving it a dual-audio track like they did with the Mewtwo remake (though I've read even that release has issues with the subtitles being based on the dub and not the original Japanese, and most of the music was still changed on the JP audio), since this is also the first time it's premiering on Netflix and not after a season is over like what happened with the previous series. I'm personally happy about this either way, Pokémon anime is primarily a mindless and stress-free thing for me that I don't mind just having it dubbed (outside of times I have to listen to bizarre casting like Lillie's dub voice lol).

    The dubisms that MSBE’s subtitles had boiled down to a mixture of wanting to sneak in iconic lines from the original dub that dub fans would be attached to, and censorship (Mewtwo asking if he was created by nature rather than God, Raymond’s “OH MY GOD” being unsubbed).

    This series wouldn’t have the former problem with potential a Japanese sub track since it’s not a remake of an existing dub, not to mention the dub scripts usually tend to remain as faithful as possible these days.

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