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  1. This "Doggy Styling" programme on Channel 4 about Poodles having their fur cut and coloured to incorporate cartooney designs. Ruins the dog's look IMO.

  2. Rosalina has one eye. Daisy has three eyes. coincidence?

  3. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Butts

  4. What game announcement has made you lose your shit the hardest?

  5. Dynamite Headdy is making me cry

  6. I should go out and see if I can find any good boxing day sales I think.

  7. According to the internet, no one's sure what that ghost girl in the North Boulevard of Lumoise City was. I've heard that people think it's connected to that hidden message in the train station.

  8. That ghost girl in Lumois City is effing creepy.

  9. That feeling when you systematically take down all opposing arguments and then your competitors stop replying. VICTORY

  10. I haven't played any of the Classic Sonic games in nearly 20 years. Which of them do you feel is the easiest to beat? I would like to play and beat one and try to get an award before the deadline now that I actually have some free time : )

  11. Space Jam, Shrek or The Iron Giant?

  12. Space Jam, Shrek or The Iron Giant?

  13. That feeling when you systematically take down all opposing arguments and then your competitors stop replying. VICTORY

  14. I can't help falling in love with you.

  15. I've just noticed something. In the film of Deathly Hallows, Lupin drags Harry aside and asks the question of 'What creature sat in my office the first time Harry Potter visited'. At what point during Lupin's teaching career did Harry visit his office? The entire conversation of the third book took place on the bridge in the film, not his office. Surely they could have changed it?

  16. To those who celebrate christmas, when do you open presents? =o Mollfie and I open one on christmas eve and the rest christmas morning

  17. >people on the animal crossing miiverse page talk about how hot isabelle is

  18. People attempting to explain the convoluted mess of Madoka to me just makes me dislike it more

  19. what kind of place do you suppose club rouge is

  20. Reaction: You're now 12 years old.

  21. The song "Let it to" is Elsa singing about how she's finally able to allow this huge part of herself, which others perceive to be an abnormality (her ice powers) to florish after being forced to keep it a secret for most of her life, to the point that she had to keep herself hidden in her room. This is comparable to gays and lesbians who are terrified of being who they are for fear of backlash, metophorically closing themselves off in a small space (the "closet"), only fee...

  22. What am I even up this late?

  23. What am I even up this late?

  24. "big the cat makes me hard" -Felix, 2013

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