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  1. Maybe deep down its just a moral thing. Like I said I feel like I'm literally giving them my money. Ya know what, request for thread closure. If mods do that kind of stuff (listen to lock requests I mean)
  2. Well, I'd think hardcore fans (that is the ones that aren't dumb/crazy) know better than to judge the contents of the book by the cover.
  3. I feel like you just completely ignored everything beyond "That's not what I said". I wasn't saying Sega had anything to do with it, it was a response to a comment which in turn was also unrelated to the topic. And I'm under the impression that the Russian government get a percentage of the profits from the Olympics and anything that promotes it, in this case Sega/Nintendo, who have the Olympics liscenced for use in their game, meaning a portion of royalties goes to the Olympic committee, and by extension to the government of the host country. I.e. I feel like I'm giving my money to the people who allow this to happen, people who don't deserve said money through any means for that reason. "Oh hey, your making the lives of people like me go through a living hell but hey have some money". If I'm incorrect, then okay, I admit my defeat.
  4. I never said it did. That was in response to the "if you don't like Russia's laws, that's your choice, sit back and deal with it" statement. How can Anyone just sit back and take it when stuff like that is being allowed to happen?
  5. The passing of the law has brought about a rise in homophobic-based crime, and the forming of sick organisations like this. Beheading is a welcome relief compared to that.
  6. Some of said Sega variants are made redundant when the standard cover was already Sega-centric. Like #252, both covers are nothing BUT Sonic.
  7. 'cos that's partially how I feel. I'm not very happy that the Winter Olympics are being held in Russia for obvious reasons. I'd much rather the games where moved to another country, and I have no intention of tuning into the games (though I still hope that plenty of LGBT athletes take home the gold), and, of course, it's for the same reason that I've decided against getting the game. At least not on release day. I may consider buying preowned, since that way I won't be getting my money. But all the same, the fact that Sega and Nintendo are turning a blind eye to the evil injustices (and resaulting violence) that are befalling LGBT individuals in the country is most discouraging. What do you think? Are Sega wrong for continuing to support the games?
  8. What's this "conversion therapy should be allowed for consenting adults" bullshit? Brainwashing people into being something they're not just screws you up for life. People wouldn't even feel the need for this bollocks "therapy" if they didn't spend their lives having "being gay is bad" drummed into them. There's homosexuality in the animal kingdom. Proved by scientific research. Therefor it's natural. Except there basic facts. Dipshits.
  9. All right I got one: Eggmans "Get a load of THIS!" in Sonic Adventure. As a kid, I always thought he put so much emphasis on the "th" sound to the point that it sounded more like a "P" sound, thus creating "Get a load of PISS!"
  10. Four teams consisting of three members each who consist of Team Rose and Team Dark, plus an Archie-exclusive team named Team Hooligan. How could you not get Heroes from that?
  11. Yes the gap is for Origins, I thought that was obvious P; I imagine any incentive Ash would have to go to Kalos would've come from traveling with Alexa.
  12. But Mega Man shouldn't even remember the crossover... Sonic: No, it's cool Rock, I'll sleep on the couch. See you next issue? Rock: Dude, who the hell are you and how did you get this number?
  13. That off-panel is the funniest one yet.
  14. Okay I saw this thread and I LITERALLY came in just to bring that one up, just to see that you got there first. Another thing that I always found funny: the cutscene after defeating Chaos 4 (Sonic's version), Eggman ends his little speech with "ACHOO! Adeiu, until we meet again my friends!"
  15. I simply concluded that it was Captain Whisker, which is the most obvious assumption. Actually, even now I still question whether Snively would really be the type to create a pirate-themed robot.
  16. I for one have stayed with Mega Man after this. Not knowing anything about the series, getting an odd issue whenever I got the chance just 'cos Ian writes it and I was curious. Officially started subscribing to it once I heard about the crossover, still not really caring all that much about the series in general. One crossover later, and I've already checked out the first two games on Nintendo eShop and I'm sticking with the comic to check out the Ra Moon arc.
  17. Even though he's already done it twice?
  18. Wonder which will come out first: that or the Super Special Magazine? Wonder which will come out first: this or the Super Special Magazine? Free, or $9.99? Not that it matters to me, since I'll be grabbing both.
  19. Anybody who hangs around BumbleKing may recognize this name I'm Panda. I like just about anything Sonic. My favourite characters are Big and Rotor (from the Archie series).
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