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  1. Imagine trying to do a rewatch of Coronation Street and having an archive of 10,000 episodes to go through.

  2. So Ian Flynn, now that the Transformers/MLP crossover is official and he's on the writing team, has officially said he's totally down for a Sonic/MLP crossover:


  3. Absolutely lost it at 1:26

  4. I don't know why I made this...


  5. Why do Pokemon have blue bodies, but green minds?

  6. latest?cb=20190321100832


  7. Sister: *Coming up stairs*
    Me: Ah great, gonna be asked to go across the road again, it's cold and I don't wanna.
    Sister: Mum wants to know what date you see Sonic the Hedgehog?

  8. Hahaha, Ian Flynn is co-writing an official Transformers/MLP crossover comic. Awesome to see him on another MLP project following Feats of Friendship and fantastic to get another crossover out of him post-Worlds Collide/Unite. DIS GON B FUN. 😄

  9. Remember when Robert Downey Jr. was black?

  10. What the hell is this??

  11. Remember the flip-phone ports of Sonic 1 & Sonic 2? So breathtaking.


  12. You know, I have to genuinely wonder - considering KH3 revealed that Xehanort's vessels were more than capable of thinking freely - right down to Xigbar looking for the black box on his own terms, Luxord making nice with Sora in the end, and even Larxene asking Marluxia if he'd be willing to try another coup on the Organisation...

    ...exactly what was the game plan if Sora was successfully turned into a Xehanort vessel? I mean sure, he'd be a vessel...but if KH3's current scenario is telling anyway - he'd still have free will over his own actions? Sora is way too pure to just decide to turn against his friends and help Xehanort under his own free will, vessel or not, so what was the plan there?

  13. For real people stanning for Hillary need a reality check. She's around the same level as republicans with social issues. She said trans rights pose a concern for Cis women. She called young black men super predators (yeah like callin' us thugs wasn't enough), oh and she and Bill had slaves.

    Yes really: https://www.currentaffairs.org/2017/06/the-clintons-had-slaves


    TBF that also involves some fucked up prison system shit too.reminded

  14. The town next to me is dealing with a serious fire that started at a bakery.


    Haven't heard anything about loss of life and asbestos has been mentioned.

    But what do I know? Apparently I only get news from youtubers...

  15. Was in Game today and they've got a section dedicated to Sonic and SEGA promoting the Sonic movie.

  16. i wonder what would happen if everytime cloud had a sephiroth-related headache, he just took some ibuprofen or something

  17. >Archie gets Sonic

    >Archie struggles financially

    >Sonic moves to IDW

    >IDW begins to struggle financially

    Now, I don’t want to say Sonic is cursed but

  18. Um....so....apparently Ewan McGregor is "Proud to be in a movie tackling misogyny." (Birds of Pray.)

    But information out there suggests he cheated on his wife and family of 4 kids. If that is true, then he really shouldn't be on that high horse of his.

    Go look it up yourself if you want. I'm reluctant to share links on real life news because I can't tell if they are true or not, considering how sh*tty the media has been over the last several years.

  19. Damn, I miss high school...

    Which is super weird for me to say.

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