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  1. 8 minutes ago, caitash said:

    Can I just check my understanding is correct - That the delays are only from May until further notice, so the next issue currently scheduled for 22 April is still being released for now. Is that right, or are we already on the hiatus? 

    Amazon doesn’t seem to think so, since they’re now listing both #28 and the annual for a June release.

    EDIT: Previewsworld is claiming only the annual has been pushed back (to 10th of June).

  2. 1 hour ago, Moose the Cat said:

    To the degree that "Kintobor" has any relevance in the "present day" Fleetway stories, the explanation there could be the same I'm suggesting for the Archie back story — Eggman time traveled. 

    The problem is Kintobor is still very much relevant throughout StC’s run, and the origin comes up enough times and in a way where it couldn’t possibly be thought of as a “legend”.

    Robotnik actually turns back into Kintobor on at least one occasion, there’s the Freedom Fighters Kintobor computer, which is a kind of “digital copy” of Kintobor’s consciousness, and the Brotherhood of Metallix saga involves the titular villains altering history so Kintobor never became Robotnik and, in the end, Sonic has to directly cause the accident that made Kintobor change in order to revert the timeline.

  3. 10 hours ago, Moose the Cat said:

    Is that the one where Sonic is telling Tails about his recurring nightmares in their bedroom, about not living up to being a hero and Tails is like "yeah but you do a lot so you're ok"? Did Sonic have a racecar bed in SatAM? That sounds right but I can't remember anything specific before the mid100s period of the comics.

    I don’t recall that story?

    It’s the one where Sonic and Tails play with Muttski (“The Fox and the Hound”)

  4. My apologies. But the concept you’re going for here just feels so needlessly convoluted. It really is just a whole lot easier and much less complicated to view the Sonic canons as a multiverse with alternate dimensions that aren’t always connected.

    The thing is, you’re going to have to go into a lot more detail to make your case clearer. Though I appreciate that’s an impossible feet since you’ve shown yourself to not be familiar with the ins and outs of every Sonic canon.


    Well, for the sake of actually contributing to the discussion:

    1 hour ago, Moose the Cat said:

    Does anyone know how Ian Flynn reconciled the Echidna lore -- the Penders stuff with the Adventure stuff? I would have to assume he found a creative way to make both work together, but unfortunately, it's not possible to access the Archie books anymore unless you already own them.

    (Ian didn’t have a hand in bringing in the Adventure stuff, but I digress) I’ll just let their entry in the encyclopedia do the talking:



    On another note, there is a whole ton of continuities you haven’t covered, most notably Sonic the Comic.

  5. 21 minutes ago, ScrewthisImnowToeiSonic said:

    Errr, wouldn't it be before 2 because Sonic doesn't know Tails?

    Why are so many people intent on placing any classic game where Tails isn’t around as being before they met?

    Sonic and Tails don’t have to be glued at the hip 24/7. The manual for Sonic 2 8-bit even confirms as much (Sonic went off on his own while Tails stayed on South Island before the game starts).

  6. It was a lot simpler to place into canon before the two worlds nonsense came along, since this is the only game ever to explicitely have “human” and “mobian” locations inhabiting a single world.

    Aside from that, I say there’s really nothing lore wise that rules it out of canon.

    The fact it’s supposed to be set two years after an Eggman defeat would be good grounds to think of it as a “possible future”, or as something that’s always going to be at the end of the game timeline.

    Another interpretation often thrown about is that the ending indirectly leads into Unleashed’s opening.

    In terms of how Sega see it; they’ve been avoiding the game and any of its lore like the plague ever since the legal storm it triggered, so they’re probably none too keen on it being anywhere within an inch of game canon.

  7. 1 minute ago, Moose the Cat said:

    Yeah, Flynn definitely appreciates Everything Happened continuity... the Archie reboot did a good job of justifying everything and the IDW series starts similarly but even more simply, implying all of the past adventures did happen in one form or another, even if they're not directly relevant anymore. 

    Merging a bunch of established canons together and trying to reconcile them with eachother is completely different to making a new continuity that’s primarily based on one canon while borrowing certain characters and elements from a select few others.

  8. That’s another thing: the fact that many of these continuities are indeed alternate dimensions from eachother have even been acknowledged within actual canon in a lot of cases, mainly within the Archie continuity.

    Archie Sonic visited the Sonic Underground universe and directly interacted with his Underground counterpart. Archie Shadow has been to the Sonic X universe where he was acknowledged as being a different Shadow to the one in that universe. Sticks the Badger came from the Sonic Boom universe to take part in Worlds Unite, and told her native versions of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy about it all when she got back.

  9. It does say “for now” and is implied to be because of the current health crisis.

    But still, this pandemic is going to wreak havoc with a lot of businesses, especially the struggling ones, so this just doesn’t bode well for IDW overall.

  10. This is an admireable effort, and I can see you put a lot of effort into this.

    But it just doesn’t work.

    There are way too many things across different media that contradict each other to the point that it’s just impossible to reconcile.

    Don’t get me wrong, I fully understand what exactly you’re trying to do here. I know nothing about Batman, but I am part of another fandom which has a very similar outlook on the definition of “canon”.

    The only way you could potentially implement the “everything is canon” mindset is if you focus on ONLY the games and nothing else.

  11. 12 minutes ago, Shadowlax said:

    Ian flynn said that he's not doing anything like that right now. Outright when someone asked about tangle and whisper. It wasn't intended to hint at anything.

    Unfortunate but Flynn in his own words "he would prefer characters be judged by what they do, not who they date" the ship wars burnt him out.

    Maybe someone else will write eventually and do something with it.

    Evan Stanley said she wants to try and get an LGBT character into the comic someday.

    She even intended for Archie Sonic’s Gold the Tentec to be either gay or bi.

  12. 8 minutes ago, SatAMhog said:

    No one in children's media outright states they're "heterosexual".  It's just considered a given normal and has been for a long time.  Being "bi" however is not and takes time like anything else to become normal.  It's just become more relevant with the rise of social media and the internet that you see a lot more material with this kind of subject matter pop up.

    I think you’ll find that being gay or bi is very much normal, my friend.

    And nobody in children’s media would say “homosexual” or “bisexual” either.

    At the very least they’d just say “gay”.

    Or, ideally, they’d say nothing at all. A character will be depicted as being in a relationship (the kid-friendly depiction; hand-holding, cuddling, blushing, maybe kissing) with somebody who is the same gender, and nobody will question it. Nobody will say “HEY LOOK THOSE DUDES ARE GAY” at every given opportunity. They’ll just think nothing of it and move on.

    It really couldn’t be simpler.

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