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  1. Leicester Square KFC is the one I eat at whenever I'm in London... Fuck.
  2. Has there ever been a time where Draco Malfoy identifies a ginger as being a Weasly when they are actually just a random ginger?

  3. Fuck? Shit? Prick? Asshole? It could be just about anything behind that scribble
  4. I thought that was "Romy Chacon"? Unless he had more than one alternate name. One for art, one for writing.
  5. Well, considering she looks nothing like that on the covers I've seen, I'm gonna go with artistic liberties. But man...the style looks like a hybrid of the guy who drew the story where Ant's dad dies and the guy behind "Super-Toned-and-Fit-Knuckles/Amazonian-Julie-Su-Kissy-Make-Out-Time".
  6. As that the same guy who drew the variant cover? Looks like it.
  7. Ken's allowed to use Kingdom of Acorn. Wut teh actual fuk?

  8. One of our guys at BumbleKing claims he's recieved 255. Seems things might finally be getting back on track.
  9. Big Panda

    Family Guy

    Has it not occurred to anyone that they may have just used Brian in that upcoming episode description to avoid spoiling the death? The actual episode may be about Vinny dating a girl for all we know.
  10. "Grandma Got Runover by a Reindeer", that takes me back. In the early 2000's it was one of the many Christmas movies that they'd show constantly on Cartoon Network, along with "Annabels Wish". Pretty much my whole family are very found of "Winnie the Pooh and Christmas Too", it sucks we can't seem to find it anymore (with the exception of "A Very Merry Pooh Year" where it's not accompanied by the two NAoWtP episodes that was on our old video, and, for some strange reason Christopher Robins voice has been redubbed). Awww, very fond memories of that movie. I remember it was a video my mum gave me as a "Christmas Eve" present when I was little (a present she gave me on Christmas Eve to keep me entertained in the lead-up to the big day). Being a Brit, it just wouldn't be Christmas without Raymond Briggs The Snowman http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xb-pX7sIjFY and as of last year, the sequal/remake The Snowman and the Snowdog. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0hYPCfI6gzs
  11. "Day of the Doctor" tomorrow. Can't freakin' wait!

  12. Oh lmao. Some people have the issue now. I'm sure they'll spoil it during the night. You want spoilers? Guess I'll give it a go:
  13. Makes you wonder why he's only going after Sega for Sonic Chronicles...
  14. That theory kinda falls flat considering they seem to have no problem reprinting stories in the Super Specials and Digest WITH other echidnas in them. That's a new one... Are you sure that's genuinely true and not just Penders being arrogant?
  15. That BobR dude makes at least one. And I've seen a couple of others on his forum admit to being interested.
  16. Really? Because based on what I've seen, he's more or less responded to critics with the civil "it's your choice whether you buy and read my stories or not" while going on to delude himself with the idea that it really doesn't matter because the haters are outweighed by the heaps of fans (about 3 or 4 people) who are sticking by him.
  17. Check out my art thread. Unless you get your jollies from seeing cute fluffy endangered animals cry...

    1. TheOcelot


      I know Eggman does.

    2. Marcello
  18. Wonder if he's allowed to post the old version with the Archie characters?
  19. At first I was like "oh no what'd I do...?" Then I just lol'd. The "shit" is the colouring quality
  20. Hey durr... Finally got around to doing a showcase topic for my art stuffs, ain't that dandy? You can find my dA here. So, it's a Sonic forum, lets kick things off with some Sonic shall we? ^This one got printed in Archie Sonic. #243 to be precise. And some non-Sonic stuff:
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