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  1. Hey folks! Guess what? According to YouTube, Panty & Stocking is absolutely kid-friendly! Go ahead and show the kids!

  2. So, KH ReMIND is a parody, right?


    I did a team attack with Kairi, and they just yell out "LIGHT!" and nothing else. I burst out laughing.


  3. Luxord's data battle in KH3 is just straight up shit-tier tbh

  4. ReMind spoilers, but...

    ...man Nomura is salty as fuck


    He literally recreates a FFV13 trailer in KH3 ReMind, with Yozora.


  5. >people, mainly sub fans, are calling the English logo of MSBE “ugly”

    ...it’s literally the Japanese logo in English (except for the back-lighting and the “Evolution”)



  6. the one thing that makes me kinda sad about sonic mania is the looking up animation for characters


    with it being so delayed now i can't make it look like they're talking to each other anymore

    it's a small thing i know but it means a lot to me 

  7. New KH3 update is out, you can get Oathkeeper and Oblivion by trading the proof of items to the Moogle Shop.

  8. I wish Youtube would let you blacklist certain types of videos from popping up in your recommended.

    No Youtube, I don’t want to watch “Family Guy Funny Moments Compilation #14542”, fuck off.

  9. When Autism is given a stereotypical depiction by people or representation by the media, what misconception do you have a bigger issue with? Being portrayed as incompetent, emotionless simpletons or extremely savant supergeniuses?

  10. Remember when Sonic Team hyped a reveal for a tree?

  11. I can't even breathe right now


  12. Don't know why I keep coming here when bad news hits.

    We've just lost another family member. My Aunt on my dads side has passed away.


  13. Reaction: the GBA version of Chain of Memories is story-relevant.

  14. I hope we get a full guide of all of KH3’s story updates ASAP.

  15. Remember that Sonic chess magazine from a decade ago that got canned before it even hit the shelves?

  16. Remember that Sonic chess magazine from a decade ago that got canned before it even hit the shelves?

  17. Bring back Sonic's fang 

  18. Tell us where the talking llama is, and we’ll burn your house to the ground.

  19. Yeah I want Sora in Smash Bros.


  20. Since there's apparently gonna be a Sonic "turn off your phones" video when the movie releases. I found this one from back when Blue Sky's Robots came out. Did anybody else have the dvd copy back in the day which for some reason still retained this, "only in theatres" branding and all?



  21. Disney talking about Star Wars on The Simpsons:

    How Ironic...

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