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  1. Not to say that making a straight character into a gay one isn’t totally undoable.

    Under the right circumstances, a character can be revealed to actually be gay but has been in denial the whole time. Like, so far in denial that they go after the opposite sex to hide it.

  2. Making a previously established hetero character into a bisexual isn’t nearly as intrusive as making them gay.

    You could, for instance, say that Sally was always bi, even pre-SGW, and it wouldn’t contradict anything we’ve seen up to that point (Sally was seen to be very much interested in guys, but there’s no hard evidence that rules out the possibility of her being interested in girls also).

  3. 23 hours ago, DabigRG said:

    Is that the second episode with Kureeji Lea? I got through part of and have to pick it back up.


    Speaking of whom, did I even share her overall outline of Cassia and Clove's arc?

    Lines up with IDW being "inspired by" the game's.

    It also lines up with my personal mindset that it’s best to approach this series as if you were picking up the original Archie continuity late into its life: it can be said that a lot of the comics past events were also “inspired by” the games.

  4. 5 minutes ago, DabigRG said:

    That was actually intentional direction, as the Japanese version apparently did the same and her next/last appearance sounded fine.

    The Japanese sounds fine though.

    Maybe her voice just didn’t fit whatever direction they were going with.

    When did Maddie last play Omega?

    3 minutes ago, Solister said:

    Amy's Furry voice


  5. 35 minutes ago, DabigRG said:

    Was she roboticized still? I thought Chuck explicitly had to replace her arm and legs with bionics after she nearly got crushed.

    It never really got far enough in to fully explain it.

    We know that Uncle Chuck supplied Bunnie with her robotic limbs. We also know that robotisization existed and that Chuck was still the creator of it. Ergo, Chuck could have half-robotisized Bunnie.

    Unless I’m misremembering, I don’t think it was ever explicitely stated that Bunnie had to, say, undergo amputation or whatever.

  6. I forgot about this one that happened to me in Mania once:

    I have no idea what triggered it, but when I was going through Press Garden the regular music track suddenly got replaced by the “act clear” music which played after whatever jingle I’d just triggered.

    It’s a bit hard to describe what I mean. Basically, after I came out of the invincibility jingle (or it might have been a 1-up jingle) the act clear music kicked in instead of the Press Garden music, followed by silence (since the track doesn’t loop). Soon after I got a 1-up, when the jingle ended, the act clear music played again, and so on.

    I can’t remember how I managed to get out of it.

  7. 40 minutes ago, DabigRG said:

    I was gonna say the way it was in the reboot, but apparently there's some dispareceny around that stuff.

    There’s no indication that robotisation exists in IDW.

  8. 26 minutes ago, Polkadi~☆ said:

    From the small preview we got on Sonic Station LIVE, the strangest thing is that these books are untranslated. It's all English! The only thing in Japanese is the title on the spine. You'd think they'd be translated, but no.

    The book comes out 8th of May, 2020.

    We’ve seen no indication yet that the book won’t be in Japanese.

  9. 5 hours ago, Shadowlax said:

    Well to be fair. Archie wasn't anything they cared about. When they did it was so awful they were just continuously dissatisfied with it and they have far more control over this new book. For better and worse

    They had control over Archie too. They just didn’t care.

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