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  1. 6 minutes ago, StarWarsSonic said:

    Hmmm I wonder how different the contents were of these compared to the original UK comics?? I also wonder how long they lasted?

    would be cool to add some of these variants to the collection (I have the complete UK collection) but have never seen any of these country variants listed on EBay 😟

    The German issues show up on eBay from time to time. There are at least two listings up right now, in fact.

  2. Here’s a complaint I have that doesn’t involve at the actual story content:




    To start, I just want to say the overall colour scheme they’ve now switched to for these pages (as well as the letters pages) are just plain ugly imo. The colours and graphics they used for the first 24 issues were way better.

    Secondly, I gotta be honest in saying I just really don’t like the way IDW do their recap pages for these comics.

    I wish they could just adopt Archie’s version:


    Not only does Archie’s look nicer, it also catches the reader up on what they need to know and introduce the major characters in the space of a single page.

    IDW’s method of putting together select panels from previous issues without much more context, and the fact they have to devote an entire page to roll calling every character in the story rather than just covering the vital ones just doesn’t work as well for me.

  3. 2 hours ago, Zaysho said:

    I'm assuming they're either going to bundle previously planned and delayed issues together into larger issues or just do something to incentivize even shopping at comic stores like colllectibles. If it was just foregoing the monthlies in favor of trades then I don't think they'd have this much of a focus on Direct Market.

    Hard to say, though.

    I bet they’re going to do weekly releases or something.

  4. 12 minutes ago, therealfalconpawnch777 said:

    Ah yes, somehow this is the picture used instead of the actual book. This is from a user named Ameth12 on DeviantArt, who basically MS Painted over Sally and Julie with Amy and Tikal and did minimal edits to the kids. He also painted over Mina but I forget who with. He has... issues let's say, and leave it at that.

    That rings a bell. I do vaguely recall seeing edited M25YL pages on dA a few years back.

    Can’t say I remember them looking as convincing as that.

  5. 29 minutes ago, Leebo4 said:

    Has anyone here ever read the only issue of that image comics ken wrote the lost ones and the characters were in that sonic super special image comics crossover

    i want to know if the lost ones comic is worth any effort to try and track it down

    Oh, of course! It’s Kenders “best-seller” after all. All one issues of it.

  6. EDIT: turns out I was misinformed on something. Original post in spoiler.


    Somebody try and find me a third example of Jason Jenson doing this so I can make a “Holy Trinity” plz.

    Seriously though. The latter example I can kind of understand. Bernie only appears in this panel during that issue, and I suppose it’s plausible that Jenson saw her and thought she was a horrifically off-model Amy and decided to “fix” it by colouring accordingly.

    As for the former... I can’t wrap my head around that in the slightest. I assume that Tracey goofed there and simply forgot to draw in Lara-Su’s hair. But, considering Lara appears in every other panel on this page, I find it hard to believe Jenson mistook her for (I assume) Tikal and added in the details that Tracey “missed”, especially since he still gave her the right colours.

    Funnily enough, this blink-and-you’ll-miss-it Lara-Su blunder was fixed in the digital version and the Magazine reprint, while the Amy/Bernie one up there is still right there for all to see in every printing!

  7. 7 hours ago, Your Vest Friend said:
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    -Omega didn't even have a choice in rebelling against Eggman really. He was abandoned as soon as he was made for we don't know how long. He didn't get a chance to act like an Eggman lackey. Sonic should know this by now.

    -G-Merl didn't have a choice, he was flat out reprogrammed. Sonic definitely knows this.


    That’s the difference between Gemerl and Omega, though.

    If Omega was any other Eggman robot, like Gemerl, he would’ve actively sought out Eggman upon his reactivation, because most robots would act on programming alone. Omega, being a unique case, actively went against his programming to rebel. That sounds a lot like he had a choice to me.

    And even if rejoining Eggman was firmly out of the question, he still chose to fight on the side of good rather than, say, becoming a solo baddie (which could easily have been a possibility since I’m sure he’d still have at least some of that “kill Sonic” instinct in there).

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