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  1. 2 hours ago, DabigRG said:


    He described their preferential treatment as "testing the waters."


    I’m confused.

    The Udon SF comic was running around the same time the crossover was happening wasn’t it?

  2. The fact these same voice clips were used for a talking plush that was released as far back as 2005 (I know because I’ve owned it since then) should be enough to tell you that is Jason in both clips.

    EDIT: in fact I can now tell you exactly which Sonic X episode the “last chance” line is from; episode 50.

  3. Prototype cover art for the canned Knuckles #33. It’s been floating around online for years now, but I just felt like bringing it up again.


    It clues us in on how the Sonic Adventure arc was originally going to be distributed (four Sonic issues, two Knuckles’, and a Super Special).

    I get the impression Big’s introductory backup story was originally going to be in here too (made even more evident by how Penders wrote said story).

    The cover was, of course, reworked to become the cover of Sonic #80.


  4. I did rather appreciate this one back when I first read.

    When I starting picking up back issues, I was relying on those old “collectors sets” that Archie used to sell, which meant I could only go so far back (as far back as issue 30, to be precise). To make matters worse, being in the UK meant I couldn’t order any of the one-shot specials, since they could only be obtained via the in-book order forms that only served America and Canada, and not the online shop, making for a lot of story gaps.

    For me, this story helped to not only fill me in on those earlier stories, but also filled in the gaps caused by the lack of one-shots.

  5. 1 hour ago, Shadowlax said:

    Wait pause what is this kickstarter thing

    Back when Archie were beginning their “New Riverdale” line, they set up a kickstarter campaign to help fund it. It lasted for a whole five seconds before comic book retailers lost their shit, leading Archie to cancel it.

  6. On 12/10/2019 at 11:57 PM, Ryannumber1gamer said:

    Surprisingly, it looks like Netflix saw this and fixed it. The thumbnails now prominently feature the Sonic cast, although some of them are mixed up (Episode 39 shows a screenshot from Episode 2 for example). 

    And now they’ve changed them back again!

  7. 26 minutes ago, Ryannumber1gamer said:

    It's a massive reason why a good few people are bitter about what happened with Archie. The hiatus/cancellation was a full-on rushjob. Giving context, Boom's original finale issue was 11, and we got a solid idea of how rushed it was because it got two solicts once after another, the first simply stating it was the eleventh issue, while the second solict, which came very soon after the first suddenly changed it to "final issue", indicating this was a very, very last minute thing. And it shows, because unlike Archie MM, which at least got something resembling a finale issue, Boom ended on a standard story where Eggman got a gorilla.

    To be totally fair, the Boom comic didn’t really *need* a proper finale.

    It wasn’t around long enough to make an impression and the Boom universe was still continuing to exist in the TV series, so there was nothing that needed wrapping up.

  8. I got my hands on the official novelisation. First of all, the opening reveals a couple details about Longclaw and the echidnas that I don’t recall being in the movie:

    Longclaw is the last of a noble line of warrior owls who were tasked with maintaining order for all living creatures.

    The echidnas who chased Sonic are apparently in allegiance with some “powerful warlords” who want to use Sonic’s chaos power to overtake the world.

    There are also a lot of differences from the movie. The ones I noticed include:

    -Sonic already has his red sneakers from the beginning; he doesn’t wear those old beat up shoes before eventually switching them.

    -Sonic actually refers to Robotnik as “Ro-butt-nik” a couple of times (like in the DiC cartoons).

    -The bar brawl scene begins differently; Sonic line dances across the bar and accidentally kicks the fat biker guy in the bottom, and it goes from there.

    -Sonic has a collection of “Speed Demon” comics rather than Flash ones.

    -Maddie is staying in San Francisco alone; her sister and niece don’t appear.

    -When Sonic is brought round by the smelling salts, he immediatly bolts around the room, energized and not disoriented like in the movie (no “is the Rock president?” gag here).

    -The scene where Agent Stone interrupts Robotnik mid-dance is a little different; he stops dancing as soon as the door to the base opens with Stone standing there. The conversation when he gives him the latte is also completely different.

    -In the final scene, Robotnik doesn’t shave his head (he’s described as tilting “his wild hairy head” to listen to Wilson his Agent Stone stand-in).

  9. The jungle area with the temple and Big’s hut is absolutely part of the Mystic Ruins itself and not Angel Island. I believe the overall implication is that Angel Island was a part of MR’s landmass in ancient times before it broke away and rose into the sky (leaving the temple behind in the process), ergo when it landed next to MR in SA1 it basically returned to its original spot.

  10. 3 minutes ago, thumbs13 said:

    In all seriousness, TSR Shadow being the future doesn't make sense. Wasn't TSR made by Sumo Digital, and not Sonic Team? Shouldn't Forces be the game they're looking at? It's not like they're using TSR's Zavok or anything.

    Sega were likely ones who instructed Shadow’s characterisation in TSR to begin with.

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