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  1. 45 minutes ago, Dr. Detective Mike said:

    Two characters named Sculder and Mully show up in it but… I don’t think they’re the actual Sculder and Mully from the X-Files. Seems like it’s just a very strange cameo of names.

    The actual X-Files duo are called Mulder and Skully.

  2. Based on a status someone made earlier today (genuinely can’t remember who it was because my shorterm memory sucks sometimes).

    We’ve all been there. It could be something you saw on TV, like a show or film you can’t remember the name of; a commercial, but you can’t remember what the product was; a song where you can only recall the melody, but not the title or any of the lyrics; maybe it’s something you do still remember easily, but you simply can’t find any trace of its existence online.

    That last example is what I’ll start with:

    Back in my final year at primary school, there was this PC game I vividly remember playing called Guardians of the Greenwood. It was a really low budget point and click game where you helped a girl called Crinkle save a forest by solving puzzles. The game utilized real forest photographs for its scenery with frankly bizarre character graphics mixed in. An aspect of it that stuck out to me was the music that played during the actual puzzle-solving sections.

    I’ve searched online, and the only thing I could get was this page, containing two screenshots. There are no clips of it on any video sharing sites.

    I don’t have any desire to actually play the game again, but I would at least like to see footage of it to experience that obscure bit of nostalgia.

  3. 1 hour ago, Ryannumber1gamer said:

    Best moment though...

      Hide contents

    The reactions to Tails’ post credit cameo. People were beginning to leave after the Eggman scene, only to stand up and wait before leaving, and the levels of hype when Tails appeared was through the roof with kids shouting “IT’S TAILS!!!” 

    Man, seriously, it warmed my heart seeing so much hype for this franchise.

    I’ve heard multiple accounts of audience members behaving like this during film screenings and I always assumed it was just an American thing until this post, because I have NEVER been in a cinema audience like that.

  4. I couldn’t help but notice a bit of a logic fart in one scene:

    It’s shown that Sonic can run on pretty much anything at any angle, he’s even seen running up, down, and across different buildings when Robotnik’s chasing him through San Francisco.

    ...so why couldn’t Sonic just run up the side of that skyscraper to retrieve the ring bag rather than going through the rigmarole of having Tom smuggling him up there in the bag?

  5. So first off, I liked the movie, it was fun.

    Second, here are all the references/easter eggs I noticed:

    • The Green Hill Zone arrangements during the opening Paramont logo and at the beginning of the “everything is peaceful again” conclusion.
    • A version of the Sonic Mania trailer theme plays in the opening scene.
    • Baby Sonic and owl lady (who’s name I’ve forgotten) get chased by echidnas, complete with spikes on their hands.
    • Sonic’s headband when he plays with the nunchucks has the familiar Sonic 1 emblem on it.
    • One of the planets on Sonic’s map of planets looks like the international Sega Saturn logo.
    • Crazy Carl has a drawing of “sanic”.
    • At the end, in Tom’s attic, Sonic has a racecar bed, which I personally like to interpret as an Archie Sonic reference.

  6. 37 minutes ago, Dr. Detective Mike said:

    But also, this is apparently the origin story for the Master Emerald. It isn’t named as such in the book but that’s what it definitely is. I like the idea of merging all those emeralds into one as a way of getting it into the book, although, I’m still not sure why the Master Emerald wasn’t just there in the first place since it was always like that in the games. Sonic Underground also saw Knuckles guarding a single Chaos Emerald too. It’s really kind of odd. Even if they thought it was a Chaos Emerald, it was still portrayed as being significantly bigger than a regular Chaos Emerald so you'd at least think they'd get that right but whatever.

    It really felt like the writers were simply trying to interpret what was being shown in the games, without being briefed on the context. It’s the only viable reason I can think of for why oddities like there being infinite Chaos Emeralds, or the games zones being interpreted as literal pocket dimensions were a thing.

    I don’t know how they could’ve got so much wrong, or why Sega didn’t direct them. It’s especially weird considering Fleetway Sonic had no problem getting it right.

    Hell, maybe the Archie writers outright ignored Sega’s directions on the lore altogether.

  7. Random nitpick:

    Are we supposed to assume Silver has the same “time traveller’s immunity” he had in Archie Sonic? Because I can’t help but question how this current future timeline the world is set on wouldn’t just outright erase him from existence.

    • Am I the only one who’s imagination is running absolutely wild with the lore surrounding the Warp Topaz? It’s basically a portable Genesis Wave button.
    • ABT is absolutely killing it again with Whisper’s expressions.
    • The Babylon Rogues’ introduction was really lame. Why would Amy even have a way to contact them?

  8. Big the Cat, of course. I love fat characters, and I have a massive soft spot for the slow or “dimwitted” types. Big is just the sweetest gentle giant who only wants to live his simple life with his best buddy. I find his section of SA1 unironically kind of relaxing to play too, and he has some really nice bits of music associated with him; not just his theme song, but his theme in Emerald Coast.

    I also want to give a shoutout to his characterisation in the Archie Comics.


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