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  1. Julie-Su, in these early stories, embodies the absolute worst kind of “girl power” character: the type where the aformentioned “girl power” is her only trait. The kind who just harps on and on about how she “don’t need no man” while not actually contributing anything of value to the stories she’s in.

    She doesn’t get much better later on either in my honest opinion. In later issues she mostly just settles into just being “Knuckles love interest”. She’s one of the few characters who not even Ian was able to make me care about.

    The only real positive thing I have to say about her is that I like her design.

  2. 10 minutes ago, Meta77 said:

    Also comic 25 delayed till march. Must be something big on this one. Idw doesn't usually push one that much

    It bloody well better be. I also hope this means we’ll be getting a sudden burst of issues in a short space of time.

  3. Just now, Dr. Detective Mike said:

    So, looking back, I see it with the first arc now. The second one I had to look really hard at it to see what connected. It's so hard to tell but I managed to make out the connecting sky beams and... I think the city behind the characters is supposed to connect too. It really doesn't look like it does all that well. This might be the first time they managed it really well.

    It is true that it’s hard to see.

    Every three-issue arc in the Knuckles series has connecting covers btw.

  4. Now that I’ve watched the finale and slept on it, I can finally give honest opinion:


    I think they dropped the ball, big time.

    I’m sorry, but I really think it should’ve ended with Bojack dying. And the penultimate episode really made it look as if they were going to go through with it (a friend I discussed it with even said Bojack dying in the pool would’ve bought the series full circle with the opening, and that hadn’t even occurred to me and I was like OOOOH).

    The penultimate episode where Bojack has basically “gone into the afterlife” was amazingly done, and the ending where he’s on the phone to Diane sent a chill down my spine.

    The final episode then completely ruined it by starting with a fake out where Bojack is dead and then oh not really.

    Nope, Bojack lives, and he goes on to serve a prison sentence for breaking and entering, and he gets let out briefly to attend Princess Carolyn’s wedding, with it being said that he’s got a few more months left and he doesn’t know what he’s going to do when he gets out.

    We get some closure for PC and Diane (both have settled down with their respective partners), and his final scenes with them, Todd and Mr. P were nice and all. But when it ended with Bojack and Diane looking up at the sky for ages, I was like “oh...that’s it?”

    The episode left too many loose ends. What happens when Bojack gets out of prison? Does he really never see Hollyhock again? What happened to Penny and her mum? It’s just so inconclusive.

    I’d rather Bojack died at the end of the penultimate episode, with the finale being everyone dealing with the fallout. Or at the very least, I’d end it with the penultimate episode.

  5. The graphic novel solicit reveals a couple more plotpoints

    The world has completely fallen to the Metal Virus. Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends find themselves on Angel Island, the last safe place, launching a desperate plan with their old foe, Dr. Eggman, to defeat the Deadly Six and reclaim the Chaos Emeralds in a last ditch effort to save the world. 

    Collects Sonic the Hedgehog issues #25-29.

  6. I have some major gripes with data greeting mode.

    First, the way they incorporated Destiny Islands into it is just stupid. It’s split into two areas; the beach, where you’re stuck on the shore and are completely blocked off from going anywhere else; and the paupo tree area which, again, you’re trapped in, without so much as being able to cross the bridge. Not only is it pointless to seperate these two spots that are right next to each other, but it’s ridiculous that you can’t explore the entire map in any way.

    Furthermore, certain areas limit you to certain characters and forms, some of which are ridiculously inconsistent; the game has no problem with the idea of Kairi interacting with action figure Sora in Toy Box, but having her appear next to monster Sora in Monstropolis is a step too far, apparently!

    The Disney worlds you can pick are limited to really boring areas, like the final boss area in Toy Box, the bottom of the door vault in Monstropolis, and the forest in Corona. I’d much rather take pictures in Andy’s room, the scare floor, or the Corona town area!

    But the biggest sin of all? Aside from Mickey, Donald and Goofy, you can’t use ANY Disney characters. Anywhere. In any world. I just... why?!

  7. Based on what we know about artist info for upcoming issues, I’m guessing that’s #27 cover A.

    EDIT: shit, new page

    18 minutes ago, Jack at the Cinema said:

    A new cover by Adam Bryce Thomas has been released with the date of the volume "All or Nothing" that should conclude the Metal Virus saga. Spoils the matches against the Zeti and a couple of character appearances...



  8. The zombot arc makes it basically impossible for there to be sub-arcs about anything else, since this is an epidemic that is directly affecting every single person on the planet.

    In comparison, Archie’s Shattered World arc allowed for plenty of room for sub-arcs since, while it affected the planet at large, it didn’t interfere with the day-to-day lives of its inhabitants for the most part. It also helped that the crisis as a whole had a lot more components to it that didn’t make it so same-y.

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