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  1. Spoiler:


    Limitcut is its own episode. I only skimmed through a video without listening to what was being said.

    -The first cutscene has Riku going from Land of Departure to Radiant Garden. There’s apparently a one year timeskip when he does.

    -You can wander around Merlin’s house as Riku. You can’t leave.

    -The actual bosses are a data simulation being fought with a data Sora, which is all part of a setup on Cid’s computer.

    -The place inside the simulation where the boss gates are resembles the place at the end of CoR, but it’s surrounded by digitally distorted white space. It has the same music.

  2. Video games can be scary. Even if it’s not a horror game!

    Tell us about some choice moments that made your childhood selves shake in fear.

    I don’t really remember that many instances of my own that aren’t Sonic-related (Chaos, the Egg Viper during the extended amount of time I was stuck on it, ...Frankly’s “happy” portrait in MBM).

    There is one: Streets of Rage. A moment that occurs more often than 6-year-old me would have liked.

    I always found the boss at the end of each stage intimidating as all hell. Their sprites didn’t help much, but the thing that positively made me quiver was their entrance.

    Imagine, you’re casually sailing through the stage, beating the crap out of all the stock goons that come your way, with the standard stage music jiving away as you go. You’re pretty content, beating every batch of thugs that come your way. You’ve just finished off the last goon in a particular pack. The music suddenly fades out. You’re left with a short, eerie silence.

    And then...


    The fact that the boss doesn’t even jump out immediately as the music starts is what gets me. The music just comes in to let you know that a terrifying force of nature is coming, but you don’t know what it is until about 5 seconds in, when the giant suddenly comes running out from the side of the screen at high speed!

  3. Whenever I see those Knuckles covers I’m filled with bitter nostalgia.

    I think back to when I first saw them in the Mega Collection bonus features, my first exposure to Archie Sonic at large. The idea of a comic having spin-offs was a completely new concept to me, and I thought it was awesome. Seeing these sweet looking Knuckles covers, I could only imagine what the stuff inside was like. “I bet it’s awesome” I’d think.

    Then I actually got my hands on the issues...

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