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  1. Full “Don’t Think Twice” has leaked! ...yeah, I much prefer the Japanese version. The part at 2:28-2:39 and at the end was my favourite part of the Japanese version because of the inflections, but in English she just kind of phones it in by chanting the title repeatedly in a way that doesn’t fit the melody properly.
  2. Ernest-Panda

    Doctor Who

    Hope you enjoy the New Years special, ‘cos it’s all we’re getting next year.
  3. I’ve never even heard of skrillex until now.
  4. The Snowman, besides being an iconic piece of British pop culture, is a film that every animation fan absolutely has to watch at least once.

    The flying sequence has some of the most impressive and complex pieces of completely hand drawn animation I’ve ever seen.

  5. Also the Japanese version And the single cover, which is beautiful and is giving me serious FFX vibes.
  6. Wow, that theme sure sounded great until it got all Dubstep or whatever...
  7. That hacked Riku fight is fucking incredible.
  8. Ernest-Panda

    Digimon - Digital Monsters

    I’d like them to go back and redo the first three movies (“Digimon Adventure”, “Our War Game”, etc.) to make them more faithful, without those nonexistent narrative connections to eachother, and less abridge series-y.
  9. Do the spirits in Ultimate at least get documented in the same way the trophies did (write-ups of who the character or thing is, their first game appearance, etc)?

    1. Speederino


      Nope. That's my one big disappointment with the game so far, they really amount to nothing more than a 2D picture gallery.

    2. Zaysho


      I had thought I heard something to that effect before release, but sadly there isn't much there besides their name, game/series, and Spirit abilities.

  10. Ernest-Panda

    Pokemon Anime General Discussion

  11. “Kingdom Hearts is darkness”

    *Kingdom Hearts is actually light*


  12. What unholy abomination is this...?

    1. KHCast


      Belle for KH3 confirmed lol

    2. SupahBerry



      The fact that they are making a proper Beauty and the Beast ride is pretty cool for me, so...



      Besides, Five Nights at Disney's went through worse.


      Image result for ursula head



    3. KHCast


      @SupahBerry they even had that creppy pasta reverse mickey suit story gaining attention for awhile which eerily shares similarities to golden Freddy’s character lol 

    4. TCB



  13. Ernest-Panda

    Pokemon Anime General Discussion

    Brock is going to meet Olivia. Makes sense.
  14. Ralph 2 spoilers:

    I just read an opinion from someone who, while they liked the overall message of the movie, they felt a bit uncomfortable by the fact it was portrayed using an adult and a child.


    1. SupahBerry



      The fact that there's a reationship between a child and adult since the first film can cause discomfort. I also take into account that these are ageless game characters, who in reality are fifthteen years apart from one another.

      Felix, at 30 years old, married a women from a game that was just released that year, so Ralph and Vanellope's relationship is less extreme despite in-universe differences in age. So I don't look too deep into it, especally when Vallelope forms a new relationship with another adult. 



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