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  1. If they were still alive today, Martin Luther King Jr. and Anne Frank would both be 89 this year.

    Take a moment to process that.

  2. So the entire “Let it go” sequence has been leaked. It’s so painfully awkward and rehashy.
  3. The only part of the Twilight Town footage I saw that bothers me
  4. Ernest the Panda

    Sonic Headcanons

    No explination needed. Share your headcanons here: any continuity and subject (as long as they keep to the rules) are welcome. -Everyone involved in the events of Sonic Generations only partially remember said events. Specifically, everything that happened in the white world eventually faded from everyone's minds. Classic Sonic, Tails and Eggman forget everything that happened the moment they returned to their own time. -Human/Mobian romances are seen in a similar way to same-sex couples in the real world: they're gaining exceptance the world over, but is still considered by some to be "controversial" subject. Like same-sex couples, human/mobian couples are unable to procreate (regardless of the genders involved), which leads to a lot of couples seeking surrogacy or adoption as an alternative. Archie Sonic-specific: -The Super Genesis Wave was the final "Day of Fury". Additionally, the mural in the Hidden Palace, from the perspective of the old canon, was predicting the event, specifically, Sonic and Eggman during the final moments of Worlds Collide. Some details were inaccurate, but the basic premise was intact (Super Sonic facing Eggman in a giant mech which had Chaos energy at its disposal (reprented by the Master Emerald)). -Sonic still experienced memories of the old canon in Worlds Collide, even from the perspective of the new one. It was a side-effect of time and space being distupted.
  5. I’ve been watching a few non-spoilery KH3 gameplay videos (just the player wandering around a world post-story), and I wanted to bring up a little thing:
  6. “Enter a world unlike any other except for X-men”
  7. Ernest the Panda

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    If they were to bring up its events in an IDW issue, then we’ll consider it canon. -(IDW Sonic wiki mod)
  8. Ernest the Panda

    Digimon - Digital Monsters

    I heard Finland just outright stopped dubbing it halfway through and changed to Japanese with subs. I can see why. Speaking of which, it’s interesting to me how the vast majority of the non-Asian dubs use the Japanese version as a base (unlike Pokemon, where almost every non-English dub is based on the English one).
  9. Ernest the Panda

    Digimon - Digital Monsters

    Aren’t Funimation currently dubbing Tri? I’d love if they could do a full-on redub or something.
  10. Ernest the Panda

    Digimon - Digital Monsters

    I just looked up the Japanese version of one of Adventure 02’s most poignant scenes While the dub version of the scene is pretty good, I feel like this version is miles better, for two reasons. The first is the dialogue, particularly the bit where Ken picks Wormmon up. While I’m sure you’re right, @GentlemanX, when you say the Japanese dialogue can get a bit generic, I feel like this is actually an instance the dub dialogue is the generic one. In the dub, Ken’s dialogue is the cliched “you’re my best friend, please don’t go” stuff. In the Japanese version, the “where you always this light?” line has a bit more weight (no pun intended) because I feel it embodies Ken’s true, gentler self more. The second, and most important of all, is the flashback. The Japanese version utilises the “show, don’t tell” technique brilliantly. I remember when I first watched the dub episode as a kid (before I knew anything about a Japanese version), I thought it was weird, even then, when Ken suddenly started talking about Sam over the footage. The way it was done almost gave it the illusion we were watching a flashback from a previous episode or something, and the way Ken talked about it made it almost feel like we were supposed to know this info already. The fact the Japanese version has no exposition and merely uses the sounds of what’s happening in that particular time and place pulls the viewer in, and makes them ask questions about this character.
  11. Ernest the Panda

    Digimon - Digital Monsters

    The different dub writers from one episode to the next do lead to a few inconsistencies. The ones in 02’s first few post-Emperor episodes have it particularly bad (from what I’ve watched up to so far). Besides characters randomly referring to Arukenimon by name a few times before they even find out who she is, there’s also the DigiDestined kids constantly flip-flopping on how they feel about Ken. In episode 25, T.K. is the first of the kids to start agreeing with Davis that maybe Ken really has changed and that he deserves a second chance, and Yolei goes through the episode being indecisive about him, but ultimately comes around by the end when Ken comes to help battle Golemon, even messaging him via D-terminal to say she looks forward to the day he finally decides to join them. Flash forward to the next episode and T.K. and Yolei have gone back to thinking he’s untrustworthy again. What...?
  12. I thought it appeared in a cutscene with Ienzo?
  13. <tweet>

    Son of a bitch

    1. SupahBerry


      It was only a matter of time that this show's fossil would rely on its own memes to sustain itself at this point.



      just ask Sonic

    2. Blacklightning


      ...I was about to say "but Sonic doesn't reference their memes in their own games" but then I remembered Forces had a Sanic shirt as DLC and now I'm mad again.

    3. Polkadi~♪


      it just gets worse

      the show is running on fumes, let it die already

  14. Does this mean we’re not even going to be seeing Seifer and his gang in Twilight Town?
  15. Ernest the Panda

    Digimon - Digital Monsters

    Data Squad is pretty good. The differing art direction from the previous seasons is jarring at first, but it’s got the same quirkiness you’ve come to expect from the dub. I dunno why, but Fusion just doesn’t do it for me somehow.
  16. Ernest the Panda

    Weird Official Sonic Art

    Sonic has had many different pieces of official art produced for him, and not all of them are particularly flawless. Lets talk and chortle about them! I was always fascinated by the old American VHS boxart. Particularly since they were all completely different from what we got here in the UK. What the hell is up with Tails there? Wrong shoe colour, one tail, and just generally off-model.
  17. Ernest the Panda

    Digimon - Digital Monsters

    One of my Christmas presents this year where the first two Digimon boxsets. Since I got them I’ve been slowly going through them (it has been years since I’ve watched these series’). I honestly never realised as a kid, compared to Pokemon, just how much more mature the English dub actually was. In the first series, the kids talk about the Greymon and Parrotmon fight from years before and openly talk about how people thought the destruction was actually caused by terrorist bombings. In another episode, Matt jokingly says that MaloMyotismon looks like he's on steroids. And when we learn about the time Kari got severe pneumonia, the dub gives absolutely no fucks in saying she straight-up nearly died. Overall, I’ve made my way to about halfway through Adventure 02 now, and I’m having a blast revisting it all. Once I’m finished, I may just look into picking up the Adventure Tri sets, and then maybe Tamers after that. By the way, I love how the dub is perfectly open about the fact the Digidestined are all Japanese, and yet they still make them use US dollars.
  18. https://www.khinsider.com/news/Kingdom-Hearts-III-Initial-Post-Launch-Patch-Schedule-Announced-14409 Schedule for post-release patch

  20. On the subject of Kingdom Hearts voice actor-related mindfucks:

    Remember Princess Dot from A Bug’s Life?

    ‘tis Kairi

    1. Ernest the Panda

      Ernest the Panda

      (Original Kairi I mean)

    2. RedFox99


      Hayden Panetterre still plays Kairi. She even became the voice for

      Xion in DDD.


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