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  1. ”Shit Gets Real”

  2. Do people have actual, legitimate reasons to hate Tracey Sketchit that don’t boil down to “waaaah he replaced Brock for a few episodes”?

    1. Dejimon11


      I just thought that he really didn't add anything interesting to the group other than just being an artist. In fact I really can't remember his personality or his dynamic with Ash and Misty all I know is that the reason why he tagged along with them was so that he can work for Oak. 

    2. Ferno


      I find it funny that my favorite Pokemon movie was the one with Tracey in it, (Pokemon 2000) even though I actually prefer Brock, I just feel that 2000 was the most "movie" feeling Pokemon movie to me back in the day vs feeling like an extended episode.

    3. Tornado


      Brock was a character with motivations and goals and history and flaws. The former two weren't addressed so much as is the case for such shows, but they were in the background and did occasionally pop up. Why does Brock know how to make food and care for Pokemon while they are camping and ultimately act as the Team Mom? Because he needs to know how to do that because that's what he ultimately wants to do with his life.



      Tracey drew pictures. He was flatter than a pancake (at a time in the series' history where that was still bad rather than just normal), and they forced him to follow Misty and Ash around for the entire season anyway.

    4. Sean


      tracey fucking sucks

    5. Tails spin

      Tails spin

      Pokemon 2000 holds a special place in my heart as well. Followed by Spell of the Unown.

      But back to Tracey, he was  just there. Other than his intro episode I think that their was only three episodes that truly focused on him and his goals before actually getting back to pallet town.

      Like it was said by a writer or producer cant remember. They removed Brock thinking the rest of the world would find Brock as a sterotype. Then they proceeded to make a white piece of wood, i mean an anglo character. Only to find out people enjoyed Brock

    6. Wraith


      Worth noting that Brock's mom skills came from him taking care of his younger siblings on his own. It went deeper than the usual bland I wanna be a great Pokemon ___ motivation. Pretty well fleshed out as far as Pokemon characters go while tracey himself is underwritten even compared to modern Pokemon chars 

    7. Kuzu the Boloedge

      Kuzu the Boloedge

      People hated him because Brock was an actually fleshed out character and was replaced by one that wasn't. Tracy had an entire season with the group, but didn't really add anything substantial to the group dynamic nor was he himself that interesting.

      Sure Brock and Misty would eventually fall into that in Johto onwards, but they still had way more than what Tracy ever did. 

  3. I thought that was more because of them thinking “well we’re not going home again anytime soon so I may as well prepare for a long stay”. I also personally assumed Tails’ workshop in the SA1 arc was his original workshop from their home world and it was one of the many things that began popping up on Earth after the Chaos Control messed everything up.
  4. That reminds me: make Salcole fully canon, if not much more explicit to the point that it’s hard to deny.
  5. 05-B5-A081-84-AF-4-F94-8012-E6-A95-FA838

    Happy belated 13th birthday to the guy who will singlehandedly get our entire civilisation wiped out by the Xorda.

  6. The problem is, even if Sega were to change their tune later on, and Sonic’s world in the IDW-verse officially became a mobian/human cohabitation, I worry Ian has left it a bit too long to not have it be distracting when it happens. All of the locales we’ve seen in the comic so far have been purely mobian-based, including cities being inhabited entirely by them. With the metal virus being such a grand-scale event, it’d be hard not to wonder why it seems to be only affecting mobians, with humans being miraculously spared from it. Not to mention this would absolutely be the sort of thing organisations like GUN would get involved in.
  7. A lot of people like world-building. A lot of people like said world-building to be coherent and consistent.
  8. I find it hard to imagine most of the lingering plot threads not taking a considerable amount of time to transpire, so it’s difficult to say. I will say one thing: issue 300 could end with a lead-in to that inevitable Lost World adaptation, with the final page being of Sonic jumping into action and heading off into further adventure, with a message at the bottom telling the reader to continue the story in the Lost World game (think how Mega Man #53 ended).
  9. So is The Queen’s Corgi another one of those films where the US version has a completely different voice cast consisting of actors they’re more likely to recognise?

    EDIT: yes. It is.

  10. Bringing up problems that haven’t (or hadn’t) been relevant for years to “prove” their point is a common trait of blind Archie Sonic haters.
  11. It’s not a cover, it’s professional fanart by Matt Herms.
  12. How the hell am I only just discovering Alolan Vulpix has a canon alternate name to its regular counterpart?

    Pokemon Sun’s Pokedex entry says older Alola natives call it Keokeo.

  13. Pikachu’s name is literally Sparksqueak

    1. Perkilator


      Oh my god…that sounds like a bad Ben 10 alien name. Am I so glad they went with Pikachu.

    2. Thigolf


      Starscream's trusty pet

    3. SupahBerry


      To this day, Game Freak was in the right in keeping the series title and mascot unchanged in every region.

      Imagine what if be like now if you went to see a movie called Pocket Monsters: Detective Zipsqueak.

  14. Oooooh I want this card. (even if the new armour design’s still dumb)
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