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  1. The anime usually helps in making me like a Pokemon that I’d previously never cared for. I liked Scorbunny to begin with, and this characterisation is making me warm to it even more.

    I just wish we could hurry and see what Sobble and Grookey are like in anime form.

  2. A little something I’ve been working on:

    The Kanto Region according to the anime



    1- Pallet Town

    2- Binnes
    3- Terracotta Town
    4- Cremini Town
    5- Viridian City
    6- Gardenia Town
    7- Mulberry City
    8- Indigo Plateau
    9- Fennel Valley
    10- Pewter City
    11- Sable City
    12- Rota
    13- Rifure Village
    14- Cerulean City
    15- Saffron City
    16- Silver Town
    17- Lavender Town
    18- Celadon City
    19- Hophophop Town
    20- Gringey City
    21- Commerce Town
    22- Fuchsia City
    23- Vermillion City
    24- Matcha City
    25- Sunny Town
    26- Stone Town
    27- Thorn Village
    28- Dark City
    29- Neon Town
    30- O-Hina Town
    31- Crimson City
    32- Cinnabar Island
    33- Metallica Island
    34- Potpourri Island
    35- Chrysanthemum Island
    36- Squirtle Island
    37- Mount Hideaway
    38- Pokemopolis Ruins
    39- Viridian Forest
    40- Pokemon Theme Park
    41- Mount Moon
    42- Mirage Mansion
    43- AJ’s Gym
    44- Pokemon Tech
    45- Bill’s Lighthouse
    46- Safari Zone
    47- Maiden’s Peak
    48- Mount Tensei
    49- Snowy Mountain
    50- Pokemon League Certification Campus
    51- Evolution Mountain
    52- House of Imite
    53- Mysterious Garden
    54- James’ mansion
    55- Grandpa Canyon
    56- Leaf Forest
    57- Seafoam Islands
    58- Pokelantis Ruins
    59- Hidden Village
    60- Pokemon Ninja School
    61- Former Team Rocket HQ
    62- Team Rocket HQ
    -Porta Vista
    -New Island
    -Santa Island


  3. I’ve heard some people suggest that they turned the UK map upside down to make Galar. Which I could believe, seeing as all the London-based landmarks are in the north rather than the south, and how the landmass seems to get fatter going that way.

    Wouldn’t be the first time they’ve done something like that either. Hoenn is Kyushu turned 90 desgrees counterclockwise.

    @Sonictrainer where can I see the rest of them?

  4. I honestly don’t see how that’s a bad thing.

    Don’t you get tired of using those same Pokemon in every game? I know I often fall into that trap of having the same Pokemon on my teams a lot of the time. And it seems quite a few of the Pokemon I’d default to aren’t there anymore. And I’m cool with that. The temptation to use them for the billionth time is gone.

    I like the idea of a Pokedex that forces you to step outside your comfort zone.

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