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  1. Congrats on 8000 rep

    1. Ferno


      dont worry tho big mouth got a season 3 we good


    2. Ryannumber1gamer


      the hell?

      That came out of nowhere.

    3. Milo


      This is old news, Netflix turned down a second season back in late July.

      (As some people noted, not suspicious at all that it happened a month after the animation studio and staff --who also made the more renowned Bojack Horseman-- successfully ratifying a union contract....)

  2. I believe Martin, Sherri and Terri will just be reduced to voiceless cameos from now on because it’d be difficult to retire these characters in the same way as Troy McClure or Mrs Krabappel. You can’t just suddenly not have them appear anymore because their absences in Bart’s class would be noticeable, you can’t kill them off like Krabappel because they’re kids, and coming up with a reason like, say, “all three of them transferred to a different school” would be implausible to me.

    1. Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice

      Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice

      Has something happened to bring about such?

    2. Forgetful Panda

      Forgetful Panda

      Russi Taylor died last month.

    3. SupahBerry


      This series will keep going even after everybody dies

    4. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      @SupahBerryThe Simpsons minus the Simpsons because the voice actors are all dead.

    5. Teoskaven


      Here's a far out idea. Do what South Park did and change the status quo by introducing new characters that replace the ones involved with these behind-the-scenes accidents.

    6. Speederino


      Sherri and Terri moved away and Martin finally transferred to a better school. There we go.

  3. Maybe I’m weird because I grew up watching Ant and Dec shouting nonsense at each other while dressed as Pokemon characters


    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Christ those two are a blight on British TV.

  4. Why do Monsters Inc only get their screams from kids when it was established in MU that adult screams work too?

    1. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      Adults don't scare at monsters as easily as kids. I'm pretty sure MI mentions that part of their energy shortage is due to kids being desensitised to traditional scaring, so it's bound to be more the case for adults. 

    2. SupahBerry


      Not to mention that before the Boo incident, human were still seen as toxic, so to target a more defenseless child is safer; since parents would think the kid only imagined seeing monsters, is keeps the existence of the monster dimension a secret.


      Even after Monster's Inc. switched to laugher as a better resource, I don't think they're quite ready to make their existence known yet.

    3. Menace2Society


      Monsters University is not canon.

      No seriously. One throwaway line in the first film literally retcons the entirety of MU. Not that I’m complaining.

    4. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      Monsters U showed that they were petrified of adults more than kids. Easier to go for them.

  5. I’m so lucky to live near one of the few cities/towns in the country that have a Disney Store.

    1. Speederino


      There used to be one of those at my closest mall. Its been gone a long time now 😕

  6. How could you give Deliberd a shield-related evolution without removing the Santa motif?
  7. >Sword version only oh shit, until now I’d been considering getting Shield. For now, I’ll wait to see what Shield-exclusive Galar evolution will be (there’s obviously going to be one), and make my decision from there.
    1. PaulyBFromDa303


      Well, they had a Ms. Pacman (instead of calling her Pacwoman btw). This is probably just the 2010's version of that XD

    2. Forgetful Panda

      Forgetful Panda

      @PaulyBFromDa303 except Ms. Pacman didn’t give you extra power pills.

    3. Diogenes


      attempted pandering and outrage attention

      did you see that "socialist" monopoly they put out? it's insane.

    4. Forgetful Panda
  8. After all these years, I’m kinda surprised Pokemon has never had an American comic book.

    1. Perkilator


      I remember once seeing a children's book once in a day care at a 24 Hour Fitness when I was little...

    2. Menace2Society


      Let’s be grateful it never got a westernized cartoon either.

    3. Miragnarok


      There was a comic STRIP at the height of the series's popularity.

    4. Perkilator


      @Menace2Society I wonder how DiC would've fucked it up.

  9. Their office is clearly shown to be on Sonic’s world in issue 17.
  10. Remember in the Sonic X comic how Eggman didn’t understand the “green pieces of paper”? EDIT: phuck
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