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  1. 2 hours ago, Tails spin said:

    It cant be. Didn't we see his frontier symbols in his room in ep1. Unless they specifically want to say that he earned frontier symbols from Hoenn as as well.

    Ideally, I’d like if they revealed that the Frontier Brains were all relocated to Hoenn.

    But this is the same anime that just recently remodelled and/or relocated the Cerulean Gym with absolutely no in-universe acknowledgement, so I have very little faith in that happening.

  2. 2 minutes ago, Dr. Christmas Mike said:

    I tried to look out for changes in dialogue and found a few things but I missed this. I don't know what it's significance is yet though. Or even if it has any heavy significance but I'll likely find out.

    It’s because they didn’t want people to erroneously think Ivo was Julian’s father. If Mobius Encyclopedia is to be believed.

  3. I skimmed the episode list just to look at the thumbnails.

    We have a grand total of 12 thumbnails that are not focused on the original characters.

    Outside that there are a total of six focusing on actual game characters (usually Sonic, Tails, and/or Eggman), five environmental shots, all but one of them rather non-descript (random establishing shot of the Thorndyke mansion, great big ocean with a tiny little island off to the side) and, hilariously, one that is a literal white screen, with a slight gradient effect, implying they just randomly took a screencap from a scene that had a white flash.

    Some of the thumbnails seem to be incorrectly placed too. One of the episodes from the second saga (ep14-26) uses a shot of Sonic that I’m 100% certain is from episode 7.

  4. I was initially going to just make this a status update, but as the post got longer, I realised maybe a thread would be better.

    I’ll start by getting my most obvious pick out of the way:

    While American’s have the tale about Frosty, the jolly snowman who came to life one day because of a magic hat, Britain has a living snowman tale of their own:

    “The Snowman”, based on the picture book by Raymond Briggs, has been trotted out for yearly repeats at Christmas time ever since it first premiered in 1982. This completely dialogue-less animation tells the story of a little boy who’s snowman comes to life in the middle of the night, who whisks him off on an adventure to meet Father Christmas. The film’s most famous sequence is the flying scene, set to the tune of haunting ballad “Walking in the Air”, with animation that is honestly breath-taking considering this was traditionally animated in the early eighties!

    It received a sequel in 2012 in the form of The Snowman and the Snowdog which, while not quite as haunting as the original, is still pretty good.

    Raymond Briggs’ other books have been adapted too, many through animation. His book Father Christmas was adapted in 1993.

    Briggs’ take on the legendary figure differs quite a bit from traditional, jollier portrayals. In fact, this Father Christmas (voiced by the late, great Mel Smith) on the outside, is a bit of a grump! In this story, Father Christmas is a down-to-earth working man who lives in a normal house with only a cat and dog to keep him company, as well as his two reindeer. This Father Christmas is a stereotypical grumpy old man who often complains, but he is still, at his core, a man who loves his job, as strenuous as it could be, which is what makes him such a charming character ^^

    Another Raymond Briggs adaptation I’d like to give a shoutout to is one simply titled “The Bear”. Animated and told very much in the same way as The Snowman, this film sees a little girl becoming the unwitting pet-owner to a massive polar bear, who she tries to help get back to his family in the arctic. The animation is lovely, and the music makes me well up whenever I hear it. There’s no video online of the scene I would like to have shown (the moment the “star bear” appears), I’ll link to the next best one, which offers a great example of the soundtrack:

    Now to finally move on from Raymond Briggs...

    How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

    I first saw this special when I got the VHS for Christmas back in 2000 (after having seen the Jim Carrey movie that same year). I remember the VHS also had Horton Hears a Who on it.

    Mickey’s Once/Twice Upon a Christmas

    SUPER nostalgic over Once Upon a Christmas. I always associate it with Sonic Adventure and the Dreamcast since it was the same year (1999).

    I also have fond memories of its sequel, Twice Upon a Christmas, especially the ending credits sequence

    Christmas episodes of animated shows (AKA, the part my status was originally going to be about)!

    I get super nostalgic for any Christmas episodes of old Nicktoons, especially the first Rugrats one (“The Santa Experience”). As for current Nicktoons, Loud House’s “Twelve Louds a Leaping” is another goodie.

    The SpongeBob episode “Christmas Who?” has one of my favourite musical numbers in the whole series

    I still crack up at Squidward’s “Spongebob, Patrick, why’d ya do this to me~?”

    On the Disney side, everybody in my family loves “Winnie the Pooh and Christmas Too”. We have the old VHS release of it somewhere, where it was coupled with two additional, winter-themed New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh episodes. It’s the special, plus that specific combination of episodes afterward my family are super sentimental for. The version on the 2003 special “A Very Merry Pooh Year” just isn’t the same...

  5. Was the original intention of the Sonic X writers that their version of Shadow had, indeed, died at the end of the SA2 adaptation?


    This shot from episode 50 (cut from the English dub) seems to very much imply that Shadow was dead and with Maria again.

    I could see their logic in making that the case: Sonic X was supposed to end completely with episode 52, so there’d have been no harm in establishing Shadow as actually dead because “hey, it’s not like we’re ever going to revisit this canon”.

  6. New solicit’s here.

    (W) Ian Flynn (A/CA) Evan Stanley 

    "All or Nothing," Part One. This is it. The few remaining fighters from the Restoration and their allies are ready to launch a final assault to reclaim the Chaos Emeralds and finally eliminate the Metal Virus. Can they defeat the Chaos Emeralds' new protectors, or will they all fall-and why isn't Sonic part of the fight?

    One last desperate attempt to save the world will take all the help Sonic can get-including from some former foes!
    With everyone exhausted as the world falls, will they be able to stand up to Chaos Emerald-powered bad guys and zombots?!

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