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  1. If the Japanese have such a low opinion on drug use, why do American stoner movies still get released over there...?

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Perhaps they give it a more explicit rating there due to the presence of drug abuse?

    2. Teoskaven


      They apply that concept strictly for themselves, not for foreign stuff. Easy.
      Similar to how other countries trade with the Dutch despite Amsterdam being the paradise for drug and sex tourism.

    3. Panda Claus

      Panda Claus

      @Teoskaven affiliating with countries that have opposing drug laws to you is one thing. Bringing in movies from those countries that actively glamorise drug use, potentially encouraging your citizens to seek out those drugs themselves, is another.

    4. Teoskaven


      That's the same logic news outlets have used for the recent Joker movie. Just because a media is having drug/sex/violence in it (and even more rarely where it's portraid as a positive thing for bad people) doesn't mean it's designed to brainwash the audience. Nothing that a slogan at the beginning or, you know, simple education, can't fix.
      Or are we still stuck in the '50s, where we needed Fred Flintstone to convince us to smoke cygarettes and any russian movie was propagating communism in the world?

    5. Panda Claus

      Panda Claus

      “That's the same logic news outlets have used for the recent Joker movie.”

      I know. And I’m using that logic against them.

      I mean, the fact that Japanese celebs who are caught using end up losing their career, wouldn’t one of those reasons be “because they’re bad role models”?

    6. Polkadi~☆


      Not their country, not their business. While Japan may be against it, I’m sure they know that other countries aren’t, and the movies from those countries reflect that.

    7. Panda Claus

      Panda Claus

      It’s just so odd that they would still knowingly release movies that have recreational drug use as their main focal point.

    8. Polkadi~☆


      European movies are fine with nude bodies, but America gets all upset at that. Nonetheless, the movies still come in. Same principle, things work differently in other countries, but that doesn’t mean it works in yours.

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