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    1. tailsBOOM!


      Yay tRump!  wooo *sputter*

    2. Bloxxerboy


      This is the kind of shit that should get law enforcement in hot water.

    3. I Have Berry!

      I Have Berry!

      Presidential Election Day can't come soon enough.


      IN 2019.

  1. I realised something: Sonic had no real reason to follow Eggman into Final Egg in Sonic Adventure. It’s not like Eggman was up to anything, he was just returning from his defeat by Tails. Sonic basically followed him just so he could kick him while he was down.

    What a dick.

    1. StaticMania


      He literally jumped off a crashing airship to follow him before that, why would he suddenly stop?

      It make be a jerkish, but it's within reason.

    2. Ryannumber1Scarer


      Usually when someone just attempted to nuke a city, you’d go to stop and capture them to ensure they can’t just restock, recovery, and try again.

    3. MainJP


      Unused dialogue for the Final Egg cut-scene paints that picture very well.


      It looks like Sonic was real adamant about Eggman staying down and out.

    4. MainJP


      Unused dialogue for the Final Egg cut-scene paints that picture very well.


      It looks like Sonic was real adamant about Eggman staying down and out.

    5. Sean


      Final Egg was still operational after all was said and done. Sonic went there to destroy it.

      Also yeah Eggman literally just tried to destroy an entire city. It's like saying the police should let the bank robbers go after foiling their plans to steal the money

  2. I’m genuinely surprised The Entertainer are stocking the LEGO Overwatch sets.

    1. I Have Berry!

      I Have Berry!

      Eh, it's already too late not to sell the hundred thousands of products they already made. I mean, look at the Sonic Movie costumes, same scenario.

    2. Petrifying Panda

      Petrifying Panda

      Eh, it's already too late not to sell the hundred thousands of products they already made.”

      What’s that got to do with anything?

    3. I Have Berry!

      I Have Berry!

      I meant the Lego sets LEGO made, not Entertainer. I thought your surprise came from Entertainer stocking LEGO Overwatch despite the Blizzard contoversy. By the time this all had started, hundreds of thousands toys were already made by LEGO, and then ordered by retail stores.

      Which is why I compared it to the Sonic movie costumes despite the outcry there.

    4. Ryannumber1Scarer


      Why would they care about the controversy? The Entertainer and other toy stores are primarily aimed at kids who'd have no idea about what's going on, and don't even know they could boycott the series.

    5. Petrifying Panda

      Petrifying Panda

      I’m referring to the fact this devoutly Christian toy retailer is stocking toys for a franchise whose main character is openly LGBT.

      The Blizzard controversy had absolutely nothing to do with this status and it hadn’t even crossed my mind lmao

    6. Ryannumber1Scarer


      For one, Tracer being openly LGBT is only openly found in one comic. It's highly likely they just overlooked it.

  3. Let me see if I got this right: Hulu is going to be Disney’s outlet for general entertainment that doesn’t fit under their family-friendly umbrella (Disney+ will have family-friendly Fox franchises like the Blue Sky movies and The Simpsons, while Hulu will have stuff like Deadpool and Family Guy)?

    1. AlphaRuby


      Pretty much, yeah.

    2. Petrifying Panda

      Petrifying Panda

      I’m still a little bit surprised the Simpsons are going to be on Disney+, since it really, *really* pushes the line sometimes.

    3. Jango


      Just how many services I'll have to subscribe goddamn it.

  4. The last two South Park episodes have been surprisingly decent with a few small exceptions

    Winnie the Pooh’s murder scene being one of them

  5. If Archie Sonic was still going, it would’ve reached its 325th issue last month.

    ...I wasted about 15 minutes of my life figuring that out.

    1. shdowhunt60


      Assuming that monthly issues were still arriving on time. Release dates were becoming more and more inconsistent towards the end of the comic's lifespan.

    2. Petrifying Panda

      Petrifying Panda

      @shdowhunt60 the release pattern was a bit more on the steady side after the final hiatus, so this is assuming it kept that up.

  6. 42-F7-B7-F3-5-D6-F-4784-B32-A-B98-EA613-


    because everyone knows cats can’t jump

    1. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      how fantastic hoomans! Now we can practice our jumps! - Cats

  7. My Hero Academia is delaying tomorrows episode because of the hurricane.

    Is it only MHA that’s doing this because the episode in question has problematic imagery (problematic in the light of the hurricane) or can we expect other animes airing tomorrow to do the same?

    1. Ryannumber1Scarer


      There’s nothing hurricane related in it, having read the manga.

    2. I Have Berry!

      I Have Berry!

      It's less likely to do with problematic imagery and more likely so people won't have to miss the episode due to all the mayhem happening, expecting black outs at best.

    3. GentlemanX


      My Hero Academia did still air on YTV in the Kansai region, it's just certain communities where it's being delayed by NTV. Other anime on NTV, such as Detective Conan, are being delayed in a similar manner.

    4. GentlemanX


      *Removed double post.*

  8. >clip on You’ve Been Framed of a kid dressed as Luigi about to blow out his birthday candles

    Harry Hill: “It’s Super Mario’s birthday party!”



    1. Ryannumber1Scarer


      Should be everyone: tbh

    2. DanJ86


      *Puts on lawyer hat*

      Well technically his statement is accurate. I believe it has been said that Mario and Luigi are twins and thus share the same Birthday.


      *Puts on prosecutor hat*

      But it's also been said that Mario is older. He could have been born first around midnight, meaning Luigi would indeed have a different Birthday.


      …..Damn, he's got me their...

    3. Spin Attaxx

      Spin Attaxx

      What none of you realise is Harry Hill is actually a gamer, and he's playing into the gag of no-one knowing who Luigi is.

  9. Do Pokeballs have some kind of homing device in them that makes them gravitate towards the Pokemon when thrown, or are all Pokemon trainers just crazy good at aiming?

    1. tailsBOOM!


      I mean you can miss in Go and Let's Go!

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      And Gen 1 had PokéBalls miss too. It's just for the sake of simplicity. 

    3. Petrifying Panda

      Petrifying Panda

      So basically I’d be shit at catching Pokemon in real life.

    4. Sonictrainer


      Only if you're not left handed like me...

    5. Sonictrainer


      *EDIT: Double Post

  10. A6-B89841-7979-4-F56-ABBA-36-AF8001042-E

    1. Dejimon11
    2. Indigo Rush
    3. I Have Berry!

      I Have Berry!

      Sonicku be 'bout to shove a gold ring down yer' throat

    4. Adamabba


      it is one of the best, in a way

    5. Teospooker


      I can't stand the fact that videos like this exist on Youtube. Such a waste for cheap clickbaiting.

    6. Diogenes
    7. Pumpkin Spice Ultima
  11. Spoiler for Dreamworks’ Abominable:


    This is how you do a twist villain, Disney.


    1. Miragnarok


      This twist villain was actually horrifying, especially in the climax where their behavior takes a nose-dive when they lose the support of their boss, and decide they just want Everest and pals dead out of spite. Probably the nastiest villain Dreamworks has done since the bad guy from HTTYD3.

    2. Miragnarok


      This twist villain was actually horrifying, especially in the climax where their behavior takes a nose-dive when they lose the monetary support of their turned-good boss, and decide they just want Everest and pals dead out of spite. Probably the nastiest villain Dreamworks has done since the bad guy from HTTYD3. Reminded me a lot of Dreamcast Sonic games with the new villain overtaking the old one who was their boss.

    3. Failinhearts


      How the villains was handled was pretty good. I just wish the rest of the movie had surprises like that.

    4. Miragnarok


      And I'll salute one of the comic relief characters for taking the fall, in lieu of the initial villain, in sacrificing themselves for the greater good.

    5. Miragnarok


      I like how they had the guts to actually kill the villain.

  12. Why is it whenever Billy Connolly shows up in the news my initial reaction is “oh God he’s died”?

    1. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      He's old?

      You want him dead?

      I dunno?

    2. Petrifying Panda

      Petrifying Panda

      He is old, plus he seems to have a few health problems.

      Not to mention death has been a reoccurring subject for him lately.

  13. *bleep*!

    1. Polkadi~☆


      watch your fucking mouth, we're on TV

    2. PaulyBFromDa303


      Did I just hear a dolphin?

  14. Reaction: Chaotix detective visual novel game (or whatever those types of games are called)

    1. Menace2Society


      Those games require some really good writing to work, and Sonic games aren’t particularly known for that, sooooooo....

      Maybe if it was a more comedic type of adventure, it could work, though. I mean, why would you attempt serious storytelling using characters like the Chaotix? lol.

    2. Dr. Franken-Mike

      Dr. Franken-Mike

      I mean, you could totally attempt something serious with characters like the Chaotix. Just put it in the vein of something that's more middle grounded like Phoenix Wright. Obviously it wouldn't be full on Law and Order.





    1. I Have Berry!

      I Have Berry!

      With that as well as Battleship being teased there, why didn't we get to see what the lunchbox was?

    2. Petrifying Panda

      Petrifying Panda

      It just occurred to me Hamm and Potatohead played Battleships later in the movie too. Damn this movies attention to continuity is amazing.

  17. That ending is...really...something alright.

    1. MainJP


      Why is there vore in a Disney cartoon?

    2. Teospooker


      Disney has been infamous for inserting fetish triggers in its products pretty much since the start. Ask anyone who's into hypnosis where they got that from and 9 times out of 10 they'll answer you from the Disney Jungle Book animated movie. It's disturbingly common by looking back with this hindsight in mind.

    3. Adamabba


      that's just weird

    4. tailsBOOM!


      Kingdom Hearts 4: Goofy's Inside Story is looking interesting 

    5. Dr Egg-Gin

      Dr Egg-Gin

      Man the art style is so lacking in charm. 

  18. Seriously, why don’t more people talk about the last four Harry Potter games?

    1. Spookilator


      What about the one where you gotta pay money to save a student from being strangled by vines?

    2. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      Because Deathly Hallows became Harry Potter: Modern Wandfare. Really didn't like how it just became a shooter. Give me Ps1 Hagrid any day.


  19. I never realised physical backwards compatibility was so pricy.

    1. Ferno


      I guess its because its like literally having two or more consoles in one in some cases; like needing certain proprietary chipsets and parts from the last console in there on top of the new ones, etc

    2. Harkofthewaa


      Yeah, look no further than the OG run of the PS3. At that point they could just emulate the PS1, but definitely not the PS2. Having to stuff the Emotion Engine in there was probably one of the major factors in that good ol 599 US dollar price tag. It's pretty telling that PS2 BC was one of the first things that got cut in newer revisions, and that's even after they experimented with emulation. 

    3. Mil-O-Lantern


      i wouldn't be surprised if wii compatability also bottlenecked the wii u hardware tbh. the gamepad drove up costs more than anything else; but the wii u also literally doubles as an literal wii console. besides natively supporting most --if not all-- of the games and accessories, it even has the wii menu and respective default channels (inc. the wii shop channel).

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