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  1. So... Amy Rose is now playable, there are more bosses, and the visuals and environments are more detailed and varied. This already seems like a huge improvement over Shattered Crystal. However, I'm worried about the following problems returning on this new game: 1. Being forced to collect badges in order to proceed. I understand they were trying to make the game longer, but that just comes off as tedious, really. 2. An unbelievably short main campaign and very limited replay value. 3. Poor rewards for 100%ing the game. 4. Automatic segments that drag for way too long 5. Repetitive-at-times level design and lack of unique gimmicks for each level. 6. Atrocious writing (please SEGA, you did good on getting rid of Big Red Button, so PLEASE get rid of Pontac & Graff already...). Still, I don't get why someone thought it'd be good to make a sequel. I enjoyed Shattered Crystal, but nobody asked for another Boom game in the first place, not to mention both versions sold extremely poorly. I can already see this game selling even worse than SC. But they, let's be positive here, at least it's not a sequel of Rise of Lyric!
  2. Woah, this looks pretty neat! All of the levels look very well designed and quite fun to play. I also like the fact that there are tons of alternate routes and extra rooms that contain unlockables and goods. Soundtrack-wise... Well, it's awesome! Shadow Canyons' track just screams 'Rail Canyon' with a touch of Bullet Station (because adding a similar ambientation and tons of rails wasn't enough), but with a pace similar to Sky Troops'. Seaside Jungle it's pretty damn sweet, as well. The 'inside-the-jungle' track it's a bit off, though, but still good. The Tunnel theme reminds me of a special stage, for some reason. The fact that Metal Sonic is going to be in the game hypes me up even more. Also, it might be just my hype, but the game looks tons better than in direct footage and screenshots.
  3. I gotta say, this looks pretty good. The only thing I'm afraid of is that this game returns to the Rush-like "cutscenes". I REALLY hope the N3DS version to have actual cutscenes.
  4. Now that I've watching over and over the 3DS footage from Gamexplain, I agree that some textures look a bit off, not to mention some of the characters' movement/animation when executing certain actions looks kind of awkward (Ex: Sticks when throwing her boomerang, Knuckles when punching/walking...). Though, it's worth keeping in mind that 3DS games look very crappy in Youtube videos when compared to how they look in the actual console. Plus, the game's going to be released in November, so that's more than enough time for the developers to polish the game up as much as possible.
  5. The difference is that they will actually help on the story and try to do something to rescue her friend before getting caught at some point, while it's likely for Amy not to do any relevant effort to free herself. Now that I think about it, Amy could be playable as some sort of support character, something like in Sonic '06, if she decides to escape taking some sort of hidden passage or something in the plot. I don't know.
  6. I think it's because some people are getting tired of the "OMG I'M A DELICATED GIRL THAT HAS BEEN KIDNAPPED!!! SAVE ME, MY HERO!!!" thing.
  7. I think that the N3DS version looks pretty good. I agree when people say Sonic looks kind of slow here. Hell, even the Sonic of Lost World 3DS was faster. Still, not as slow as the Wii U version (I mean, the ACTION Stages). The visuals are, so far, very nice and colorful. The game seems to run at 60 FPS because of how smooth it looks, but I can't say that with a straight face, since YT's video framerate is of 30 FPS. The character models also look very good and full of life, though, Sticks' movement when throwing her boomerang looks kind of awkward, in my opinion. All of the characters' abilities and signature moves look quite interesting and creative. Though, Knuckles' dig ability reminds me A LOT from the Drill Wisp, but kind of slower. The level design of the 2D action stages looks interesting. The levels seem kind of blocky, though. The gameplay of said stages looks really fun, and I actually preffer it more than the Wii U version's Action Stages gamplay. I agree when people say it looks like some sort of "Metroidvania", and I think that's something that could fit with Sonic. I also heard there are going to be some different paths for each character, plus some crystal-thing exploration. Very interesting, if you ask me. The "Temple Run-ish" 3D stages also look very fun to me, and remind me of SLW's Desert Ruins 2's gameplay. If the rival races aren't based on Sonic Rivals' gameplay, then I don't know what are they based on. They seem like a quite fun and interesting challenge. I'm digging this version more than the Wii U version, honestly. I also heard this is going to be the prequel of the Wii U version story-wise. No real problem with that, I just hope not to be plotholes or unanswered questions everywhere because of this.
  8. The only part in which I had some trouble is on the final segment, the one in which you have to go full dervis to reach the cloud and then the giant spring that takes you to the capsule. I aso had a bit of trouble in landing on some platforms because of the floatiness of the Asteroid wisp, but that problem disappeared almost completely when I knew you could land faster when pressing X/Y on air, but other than that, nothing. Oh, and if you think that way because of that video...well, Cobi is the worst LW3DS player I've seen, so yeah.
  9. If that's how you feel, then I suggest you to get rid of the game, because if you enjoyed more the buggy and sometimes really bad designed Sonic's stages on '06, than the very first (and easiest) stages of LW 3DS, the rest is going to be a total pain in the ass for you. It may be because you aren't used to the game yet, but still...
  10. Nor do I, but, with the exception of the brown Blastoise Turtles in Silent Forest 2 and the Sandworms in Desert Ruins 1, I don't see how they're frustrating.
  11. I don't see how the levels in general have frustrating design. Yes, many levels have an unnecessary amount of botomless pits (along with some annoying and unnecessary segments), but I didn't find that frustrating, with the exception of Frozen Factory 1 and Silent Forest 2. And how is defeating large enemies frustrating? with the exception of the Sandworms on Desert Ruins, I found large enemies to be patheticly easy. I also agree that the wisps are unnecessarily forced, but levels in where they're mandatory are generally levels in which a new wisp is unlocked. And I'm actually surprised you didn't mention the Special Stages controlled with the gyroscope. I mean, I like them (YES, I did just say that) but I can see why so many people do not like them. Agreed, LW 3DS has quite a few pretty enjoyable stages, but only few of them do not have a segment that isn't considered bothersome for some players. Though, I think there are more than four stages without these problems.
  12. So I've been watching some reviews of LW 3DS, but the ones I have been more interested in has been Clement's and SomeCallMeJohnny's ones, since both say that past Desert Ruins, the game starts going downhill because of the level design, thing in which I highly disagree. I mean, there IS a change in the level design, but it's not COMPLETELY terrible. I can't deny there are some stages that are totally horrendous, like Frozen Factory 3, and meh stages like Silent Forest 1, but there are also some pretty cool stages like Sky Road 1/3 (Sky Road 2 is also awesome, but it would have worked better as an Extra stage, since it requires you to use the Indigo Asteroid most of the time). My only complaint about the following stages is that they sometimes have botomless pit in places they shouldn't be, like on the half of Frozen Factory 1, which is just a bunch of "islands" floating in a huge botomless pit, which isn't very appropiate because of the ice phyiscs and the sliperiness of the Ivory Lighting.
  13. Ehh, has anyone noticed that you can actually do the Badnik bounce on the 3DS version? Probably everyone has already noticed it, but oh well.
  14. **OFF TOPIC** I was in battle mode in Sky Road, and once the time ran out, I looked at the ring counter of the guy I competed with, and it said; -66... No, no 66, MINUS 66, what the fuck? So I guess you get "negative rings" once you run out of rings...?
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