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  1. It looks absolutely amazing, just what I would expect from Studio TRIGGER. I acknowledge that some people are complaining about how low budget it is, but WayForward is an indie studio. While something like Indivisible's opening which was also animated by TRIGGER seems to have a much higher budget. To be fair though, Indivisible did make $2 million in crowdfunding, and since Half-Genie Hero made over $700k during its Kickstarter, I imagine Shantae 5's budget is around that or maybe even $1 million. Shantae 5 isn't crowdfunded but they still managed to create something very beautiful with what they had.
  2. RIP Etika

    I will seriously miss him, he was such a cool person

  3. That's been a huge problem for a while now. There hasn't been good 3D level design in a Sonic game ever since Sonic Generations. If we let Sonic Team make some levels, how do we know it won't end up just like Sonic Forces' level design?
  4. He has some really great ideas, but unless he can create well-designed stages that take advantage of these abilities then it's just another Sonic fan engine to add to the pile.
  5. I don't mind waiting longer for a better game, but at the same time I think the 4 year wait for Sonic Forces was not worth it. A game I finished in 3 hours and was left very disappointed by. 30th Anniversary means another 4 year wait between Sonic Forces and the next mainline game. Of course since we have no idea what they're doing for the next Sonic game we can't really judge it just yet.
  6. The only way a Sonic fighting game could become an eSport is if ArcSys worked on it, which will never happen. There's 9 games at EVO 2019, and not a single one was developed by SEGA. A Sonic fighting game is something I'm hoping will happen one day, especially after Shadow and Knuckles were denied a spot in Smash Ultimate. Also since every Sonic spinoff game since Sonic Chronicles has been either a platformer or a racing game. I wouldn't mind if they tackled some other genres for once.
  7. Holy crap, Cream is wearing a yukata and it's the cutest thing ever.
  8. Gameplay looks pretty good, but I still can't really decide whether I want to buy this game or not. I know some people are annoyed that they're redoing the story of Z, but really what else can they do? I doubt they could come up with an original story that's any good, and FighterZ's boring story proved that. For a semi-open world game that's meant to, in Akira Toriyama's words, "bring the Dragon Ball universe to life" this is completely fine. I have a lot of nostalgia for The Legacy of Goku games on GBA, and to me this seems like some sort spiritual successor in a way. Kinda.
  9. I'm not gonna lie, the Sonic characters look great. These shoes and outfits really feel fresh. Also, GET A LOAD OF THIS I can't believe they actually gave Eggman nipples.
  10. This game looks freaking amazing. I really love how Tifa looks in the remake, but I think there's enough differences between the original and new designs that it would be cool if they gave us the option for the original costume.
  11. We might have a reason why the localization is only in the west at the moment.
  12. Regardless of the catch, this is amazing news. I've managed to play Japanese PSO2 on my laptop with an English patch. Even if this game is only available in the west, it will be much easier for everyone to play it now. And seeing how SEGA themselves understand our frustration, I can't imagine it's going to stay in the west only for long.
  13. The storybook games were trash in terms of gameplay, and Colors is much weaker than Unleashed or Generations in terms of boost gameplay. Although I do enjoy Black Knight's story and cutscenes.
  14. I think his design mentality works better for a mobile game, and considering he worked in conversions of pachislot and pachinko games with Sammy, it would make sense. Or heck, maybe let him work on a Sonic fighting game. He likes to make everything oversimplified.
  15. I agree with you completely, especially the last sentence. I think it would be pretty boring to have the same director for three mainline games in a row, especially since the last two games he directed weren't critically successful at all. They need someone else already.
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