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  1. Detective Kaito

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Does anyone know if it's the Switch version? It wouldn't make sense to introduce this track with the worst looking version of the game, but my friend told me that it could be the Switch version due to the lack of anti-aliasing.
  2. Detective Kaito

    Sonic @ SXSW 2019

    Last SXSW was pretty decent for announcements. They announced Sonic Mania Plus and Adventures, plus teaser of Tangle and TSR. Not getting my hopes up at all though, I don't see what they could announce besides another season of Mania Adventures or Sonic Boom. Sonic Mania 2 probably hasn't even started development, and the next main Sonic game is most likely a couple of years off. And we all know Sonic Unleashed Remastered is never gonna happen.
  3. Man, this game is amazing. It's everything I wanted it to be and more. My first playthrough was on Standard mode, and I do admit that it was pretty easy (despite dying 3 or 4 times). It seems like if I want any kind of real challenge I'd either have to wait for them to add Critical mode or play Proud Mode at Lvl 1. And speaking of adding stuff, this game feels like it had cut content at a couple of points. With that said, there's a lot of potential here for DLC and free updates. I'm personally hoping for some sort of multiplayer mode like the Mirage Arena in BBS, playing cooperatively with my cousins back in the day was such a great time. Also something like the Data Org in KH2FM would be nice.
  4. Detective Kaito

    Think we'll get two Sonic games in 2019?

    I'm not sure why they'd release a standalone remix not directly connected to any recent release or announcement. So most likely gonna be the Big Arms/Doomsday Zone remix in Sonic Mania Adventures that you guys already mentioned.
  5. Detective Kaito

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    To be fair, we do have Sandopolis and Sand Hill.
  6. Detective Kaito

    Dragon Ball Game Project Z -Action RPG- (2019)

    The only Dragon Ball Action RPG games are the Legacy of Goku series of games (as far as I know), so hopefully this will be some sort of a spiritual successor to those? Either way, I'm interested. I prefer ARPGs over turn-based ones.
  7. Detective Kaito

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Am I the only one okay with the Chao Racer? I know it's not good replacement for Cream, but they know how much people want the Chao Garden to return and this is kind of their compromise, I guess. lol
  8. Detective Kaito

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Eggman and Metal were predictable, but why Zavok? People don't care about Zavok...
  9. Detective Kaito

    Modern Eggman Model Rant

    To me I think the models should've changed a long time ago. They were great in Sonic Unleashed, but ever since Generations they've degraded in quality and continued to do so. They look so lifeless and static to me. Sonic's model in Forces changed so much for no reason at all. I also hate how you can literally see the fabric their gloves are made from, it looks gross. lol So yeah, newer more expressive models are needed. Also better animators and screenwriters or whatever, cause every cutscene ever since Colors feels and looks the same.
  10. It's Sega's fault this has happened. Ever since Sonic Adventure, every character except Sonic himself had absolutely miserable gameplay (maybe with a couple of exceptions), everyone agrees that the best parts of SA1, SA2, Unleashed, and (maybe) 06 are the Sonic parts. The easiest solution is to make everyone play and control exactly like Sonic in the same stages but with their own abilities, like the Classic games. But it's much harder to make level design in 3D that accommodates Tails and Knuckles' abilities without them breaking the level, that's why Knuckles has Treasure Hunting and Tails has the Racing. Of course, the actual easiest solution is to make Sonic the only playable character so the professional critics don't get turned off by Sonic's friends, that's why we have the Werehog and Classic Sonic, who are technically still Sonic. Sega thinks that simply having Sonic the only playable character will fix all issues. In my honest opinion, I think they should return to the Adventure gameplay style but with refined controls and level design that accommodates Sonic and the different abilities of his friends, while at the same giving the player the choice of who they want to play as. Sonic and the Black Knight ironically did this very well, since it allowed you to choose between three different characters other than Sonic (after you unlock them), but they never force you to actually play as these characters.
  11. Every Sonic game introduces at least one new character. Future games won't be any different.
  12. Detective Kaito

    Spinoffs for other characters?

    People hate Sonic's friends too much to buy a game that's just about them. Like why would you make another Shadow game if the last one was so horrible? Same with Tails and maybe to a lesser extent Knuckles. People will just assume the game will be bad, and frankly, considering the luck the Sonic series has, it will be mediocre at best. Also, why would SEGA invest money in a spinoff for a friend of Sonic rather than Sonic himself? The latter is gonna sell more no matter what. I would understand if they for example made a Knuckles spinoff to experiment with the series, like how the Kirby games have little minigames that eventually become their own game, but I just don't see it happening at all. There's a reason why it hasn't happened for almost 15 years now.
  13. Detective Kaito

    Sonic Utopia

    It has been a while. Hopefully we get something this year.
  14. Detective Kaito

    Persona 5 R| New info in March 2019 (Still no Door-kun)

    Hoping it's on Switch too, even though I'm not sure how much they could add to a game that's already 100+ hours long, but I'm still looking forward to it. Oh, and I believe the Vita does have a longer battery life than the Switch. At least when it comes to the more intensive games.
  15. Detective Kaito

    Think we'll get two Sonic games in 2019?

    I don't think we'll get more DLC for Mania. Any work that might go for DLC should just be spent on a Mania 2 instead.

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