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  1. Five years is the longest wait ever for a mainline Sonic game, and sadly we have zero reason to believe it's going to be a good game. I don't even know why it's taking them this long, unless they're doing some sort of open world game which they can't handle. I am interested in seeing what excuse they'll come up with if the game still remains unfinished like Forces, though. Next year is gonna be wild for Sonic if they don't delay everything again.
  2. If Sonic Colors Remaster is true, I would be surprised. Sega hasn't remastered a 3D Sonic game since Sonic Adventure 2 in 2012, not even Sonic Heroes got a remaster despite it being one of the best selling Sonic games ever that has influenced future games like Team Sonic Racing. As for the decision for it being Colors instead of Unleashed, it makes a lot of sense. I hope there's something more to it than just higher resolution and framerate. I wouldn't care much for a Generations Remaster considering we already have the PC version, but I hope we get Unleashed one day. If we have to wait till 2022 for the next mainline Sonic game, then giving us stuff like remasters while we wait is not a bad deal imo.
  3. Ys VIII's initial PC port was bad because NISA didn't hire the right people for it, they thought they could handle it on their own. Eventually they brought in Durante, who he and his team have ported Falcom's Trails of Cold Steel 1 & 2 to PC and they still remain the best versions of those games; that's how the Ys VIII PC port was fixed. And thankfully this time, Durante's company has been hired from the start to handle Ys IX's PC port. To get an idea of how good the port will be, I recommend this video:
  4. Excuse me for reviving this almost decade old thread, but the latest entry in Ys series just came out in English! Ys IX: Monstrum Nox looks insanely fun, replayed the demo like 30 times lol, hoping to buy it sometime soon.
  5. It's hard to be positive about this, it just sounds like another okay Sonic animated show. People are setting their expectations too high as usual.
  6. Someone had to say it, and I'm glad it was someone like her. This has been a shitty practice Sega's been doing for decades now, this is the 3rd Sonic VA they've replaced for no apparent good reason, and that's not even counting all the other Sonic characters. I'm not very broken up about it cause I never liked Roger's performance, but imagine if they kept Ryan or Jason around instead of replacing them. Shame on SEGA, indeed. lol Tara Strong is a queen and I simp, goodbye
  7. Jason Griffith had Unleashed and Black Knight to work with, and to me, that's the perfect Sonic. Both games had some great moments with good lines.
  8. It's been over 10 years, Roger is the longest lasting English VA for Sonic. Probably because the game he debuted in was a big success. As for it being someone other than Ben, I would've said that Bryce Papenbrook is an obvious shoe-in, but as of TSR he's voicing Silver. So I'm honestly not sure who else it could be, maybe Sega will just swallow their pride and use some of that Yakuza money to hire a Hollywood actor.
  9. Saw this coming a mile away, things never change with Sega even after 20 years. I never liked Roger's performance, his voice was too nasally and the lines were always delivered in such a obnoxious way. The blame can't be put entirely on him, but that's how I feel. It says something that I still couldn't get used to his voice even after all this time. Ryan and Jason improved so much in their time, but Roger just kinda never changed in these 10 years. I can't believe he lasted so long, just goes to show how the success of one game (in this case, Sonic Colors) could shape so much of the series' future, and this might be an indication that Sega is finally letting go of what was once successful a decade ago. But now this brings us to the Movie's success, which might be something we'll be stuck with for a decade just like Sonic Colors. A change in voice actors has signaled a change in series direction before, and this might be the same again. Can't say I'm too excited for Ben Schwartz, if he really is replacing Roger. He's a better actor but almost just as obnoxious.
  10. My dude, I said predictions. But I do have a clue for the physics engine, cause I heard they didn't use Havok for Mario & Sonic Tokyo 2020 even though Rio 2016 did. So it is possible they might have changed the physics engine for the next mainline Sonic game. Other than that, this is all just coming from my pessimism. lol
  11. My predictions for the next mainline Sonic game: Will be announced sometime this year (duh), but... It will come out in 2022, they'll use the excuse that they needed more time cause COVID set them back. The director is still Morio Kishimoto. The composer is still Tomoya Ohtani. Game will be pretty much Sonic Forces 2 but without Classic Sonic, meaning Boost and Avatar will return. Still using Hedgehog Engine 2, but Havok physics engine is abandoned. Level design and controls will be slightly better. Overall the game will be a small improvement over Forces but not the game we've been waiting for That's about it I guess, either that or a completely new gameplay style. I have a feeling they'll attempt to ripoff Mario Odyssey in some form.
  12. bruh moment Maybe I've finally become so cynical that I think Sonic doesn't deserve more representation in a game like Smash lol
  13. I didn't say impossible just kinda unreasonable at this point. The difference with Sephiroth is that FF7 kinda needed more representation to finally feel like it's a part of Smash, and the only for that to happen was to make another character pack so Square Enix could get paid. But Sonic technically doesn't need more representation, he has 2 Assist Trophies, 2 Stages (even though they're both the same), over 20 spirits, quite a bit of music tracks (even though there's only one remix), and in Ultimate he got a revamped Final Smash. I wouldn't say he's as well represented as other 3rd parties like Castlevania, Mega Man, and now FF7, but it's serviceable and certainly more than what other 3rd parties got.
  14. Yeah I thought about it for a while and it just doesn't sound reasonable to me anymore, I was probably caught up in the Sephiroth hype. lol
  15. Sorry to burst your bubble guys, but Sonic will never get another rep in Smash, at least not Ultimate. Sonic has been a mainstay in the series since Brawl, and they had the perfect opportunity to add Shadow as an echo but decided not to. Why would they now of all times randomly decide to add Eggman as a playable fighter? Nobody in Japan cares about Sonic, and the series is considered a joke in the rest of the world because it can't maintain a consistent level of quality, so who would seriously be excited for a series like that outside of the fans? Sorry if I'm being negative, but if they wanted to add another Sonic character, they would've done it back in Smash 4.
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