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  1. Sonic Mania Plus: Official Reveal (Coming Summer 2018)

    I don't understand why some people are disappointed cause there are no new stages. If they're ever gonna add new stages, I'd rather they keep it for Sonic Mania 2. The addition of 2 playable characters, 4 player mode, and Encore Mode are good enough for me.
  2. Sonic Racing (Possible Title) - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    I've been hoping for this! I almost thought they weren't gonna announce it.
  3. Sonic Mania Plus: Official Reveal (Coming Summer 2018)

    It's nice to see a lot of Sonic Mania support. Now I'll have a reason to beat Sonic Mania two more times.
  4. I assume there's like an hour left till it starts?
  5. SEGA Genesis collection for PC XBOX ONE & PS4

    If these are the Taxman ports of Sonic 1&2 then I might care a little bit.
  6. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    I don't know what the point of splitting up into 2 universes, it's really stupid. The Archie comics handled it better (post-reboot). A world where both humans and furries exist.
  7. Tumblr/Twitter Sonic's latest exploits thread

    Oh no, you know what that means... Sonic Heroes HD? I seriously doubt that.
  8. Sonic Racing Rumors - "It's happening, FOOLS!"

    Aaron specifically said "SART" which is Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, there's no SEGA in the title like the previous one, so no I don't think he was specifying that it's not going to be a SEGA All-Stars romp. Putting that aside though, my point is that Aaron probably didn't intend any harm with his tweet, but the next time a rumor like this emerges and Aaron tweets something similar, I'm gonna be more than a bit skeptical. I've lost a bit of the trust I had in Aaron. It's not as big of a deal as I'm making it out to be, but I just needed to get it out of my system cause I was really annoyed by Aaron when I saw more rumors about a Sonic Racing game.
  9. Sonic Racing Rumors - "It's happening, FOOLS!"

    That's...really something. Some people might see it as an innocent joke to prevent further rumors and leaks, but I just see it as Aaron treating the fans like idiots. The play on words doesn't matter because the implications are the same, and it just comes off as a lie. I'm sorry if this is getting off topic, but I just had to say it. Aaron shouldn't have said anything, just like most companies do when their games get leaked.
  10. Sonic Racing Rumors - "It's happening, FOOLS!"

    I'm confused. Is Aaron lying to us? If the new karting game gets revealed next month he'll go on the stream and say "Oh, I said SART not *insert name of Sonic Karting game here*".
  11. Sonic Racing Rumors - "It's happening, FOOLS!"

    I'm a bit late for this news, but I'd like to say that I'm actually glad only Sonic characters are making it in this time. I don't care much about the other Sega characters, but that's just me.
  12. "Puyo Puyo Tetris!" (Switch, PS4, PC) STEAM RELEASE CONFIRMED

    I already have the game on PS4 and Vita, but glad it's coming to PC. Is Denuvo still a problem? Last I checked you are able to play offline with no issues.
  13. Sonic Lost World vs. Sonic Forces

    Both games are mediocre, but I feel like Lost World is the better game, but only slightly.
  14. They're trying to get our hopes again up so they can crush them...again. But being a Sonic fan for most of my life, I can't help but get excited when I hear there will be Sonic news soon.
  15. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed...!

    Then...when is the right time? It has been over 5 years since the last one.

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