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  1. Continuing my Donkey Kong Countrython. Finished up Returns and got through the first world of Tropical Freeze tonight. Retro Studios is an amazing company. Donkey Kong Country 2 is still my favorite game of all time, but I'd have to say their Donkey Kong Country games are, objectively, even better. I REALLY hope we see a third entry for the Switch before they move back to Metroid or whatever.
  2. I've never understood why people put so much faith in a lot of these people with so-called "inside" sources. So many of them get all the specific info wrong, and all the very vague, general info they get right purely on luck, so people continue to put faith in them. It's silly. Not saying it necessarily applies to this Laura gal or whoever, just in general.
  3. Is this going to be like those Super Best Friends Forever shorts Lauren Faust did several years back? Because if so, this is going to be fantastic.
  4. I am a bit sad this game apparently won't have turtle shelves.
  5. Dude, I LOVE that new artwork!
  6. *sees that Spongebob has been renewed till 2019*
    ME: Oh, just like Spongebob die alre--
    *Doodlebob, Bubble Buddy, and Man Ray are returning*
    ME: ...okay, maaaaybe go a little bit longer. 

    1. Ernest-Panda


      Man Ray without Mermaid Man and Barnicle Boy?!

  7. Captain Underpants looks really good. Like, surprisingly good. Like, even better than the books good. I'm pumped.
  8. The voice of Aku gets in on the most popular current Samurai Jack meme:
  9. The voice of Aku gets in on Samurai Jack's most popular current meme:


  10. Friends can see my original posts on Facebook, but not posts I share. So weird. Anyone have this prob before?

  11. Tiny Toons or Animaniacs?

    1. Kiah


      Animaniacs! <3

      Still one of my favorite cartoons even some 20+ years later 

    2. Dejimon11


      Pinky and the Brain 

  12. How ironic that Samurai Jack, a series well-known for stretching out 5 minutes of plot into 22-minute episodes, gets a super-rushed ending. Still loved the final ep, tho.

  13. Part of me loved it. The other part felt underwhelmed. All in all, I liked it. But it REALLY needed to be longer. As for this final season as a whole, I thought it was fantastic. It felt like the first four seasons with just enough edge to satisfy the older audience. If it had the whole 13 episodes the other seasons had, it could have truly shined. So long, Samurai. It's been fun.
  14. Didn't the Ratchet and Clank movie pretty much bomb? Honestly, as much as I love Sly, he's far lesser-known than Ratchet, so I don't see him faring much better on the big screen. A TV show would be great, though. I'm all for that idea. Thank you for saying what I was too afraid to. Thought I was the only human being alive who felt that way.