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  1. I honestly can't comprehend how people can say Jason Griffith sounded natural as Sonic but Roger Craig Smith doesn't.

    1. Diogenes


      man, same. the way i see it, drummond had the most fitting voice of the 3 (though that may be bias due to him being first) but not so great acting (which in fairness may be largely due to voice direction), rcs has the most natural acting even if i wouldn't say his actual voice is the best fit (still decent tho), and griffith...was only ever "okay" at best. and even in his supposed best performances he's got this weird tone or emphasis or something that doesn't sound natural for any character.

    2. blueblur98


      i feel that in early 4kids cast games, they sounded super forced, but they sounded more natural in later games with the voice cast, like unleashed and sonic and the black knight.

    3. Ferno


      The way Griffith delivered lines early on was like the audio equivalent of when you'd read old Archie Sonic comics and every other important word in the word balloon was bolded for no reason.

    4. Kiah


      It boils down to opinion really. I was out of Sonic when Ryan was voicing him and was exposed to Jason first as far as voice game voices for Sonic goes and took to it right away. Still my favorite Sonic voice to this day.

      Unpopular opinion but I did not take to Ryan’s Sonic well at all when I first heard it in 2010 and 9 years later that hasn’t changed.

      With Roger I did not like his take at Sonic at all at first but in time it grew on me. Now I can’t imagine Sonic with another voice but the likely when it changes again it’s bound to irritate the living daylights out of me. 

    5. Joy


      Rodger's biggest problem for me is how deep he makes Sonic sound with this weird "I'm cool" vibe to every line that I can't quite put into words. I will say he was right at home with Boom Sonic though, I can't picture HIM having any other voice. I's really more personal preference but I definitely prefer Jason's take from around 2007 onwards. 

      I actually think Jason gets an equally unfair wrap for voice, often being judged on the weird up-and-down dialect thing he did all the time in Sonic X and Shadow the Hedgehog. Unleashed and Black Knight were really solid on the whole. Especially in the Unleashed opening where he actually managed to pull off Sonic's screams and groans inside the machine really well. I don't think he'd have managed it half as well if he'd done it a couple years earlier.

    6. Polkadi~☆


      It feels like Sonic's voices get better as time goes on. As they reach their best, they suddenly get replaced with a different actor. Exceptions being Jaleel White and Jun'ichi Kanemaru, who both hit the ground running with Sonic.

    7. Tarnish


      I wasn't a fan of Jason at all when he replaced Ryan. But when Roger replaced Jason..the phrase "You Don't Know What You Have Until It's Gone" sure rings true.

      Still, Ryan will forever be the true voice of Sonic for me. He just really nailed that energetic, youthful, punchy voice with an attitude that really just clicked for me.

    8. dbzfan7


      Jason was bad at first, but got better just in time to be replaced. Roger for me was never good. He's a good voice actor for sure, I just don't think he is for Sonic. I like him in other roles though. Not to mention I can never un hear his constant breaths at the end of every...single....line...that he does. He works fine for Sonic Boom, but that's where I think it begins and ends.

      Ryan had the best voice but utter shitty direction given to him. The voice direction he was given was awful and confusing. He has mentioned the weirdness of recording before and how it affected the final results. Language barrier being the biggest one probably.

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