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    SuperStingray got a reaction from Jar Jar Analysis 1138 in Where's the love for Sonic Advance 3?   
    Sonic Advance 3's level design wasn't particularly memorable, but I don't see what makes it so horrendously bad. I don't see how it's any worse than, say, Pocket Adventure or Rush Adventure. It's not like Sonic Unleashed where it occasionally throws things in your path or Sonic Advance 2 where it doesn't present any obstacles at all. I mean, it's not very memorable, but I don't see how it's anything worse than harmless. Hell, some of the level ideas are pretty novel for a Sonic game like Cyber Track and Toy Kingdom. And the Team system's a lot more interesting than in Heroes since it gives you the option to mix things up rather than play the same game with the same controls four times. It didn't exactly add much to the experience, but I thought it was pretty cool. Bosses were very hit and miss, though. But in the end, I'd rank it Advance 1 > Advance 3 >>>> Advance 2. Advance 1 really had great and memorable level design- not Sonic 2 standard, but it was enough to make each one unique and interesting. I especially liked the vertical twist in Egg Rocket Zone.

    Can't say I'm a fan of the music in the Sonic Advance series though. Except maybe 2. The melodies are good, but the instruments are annoying as hell after a while. Still, I blame the hardware limitations more than the composers.
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    SuperStingray got a reaction from Jar Jar Analysis 1138 in Devil's Advocate: Sonic Unleashed is MUCH better then Sonic Adventure   
    To me, Unleashed wins by a landslide. Aside from the shody animation, the game was just... dull. I admit I liked the multiple story perspective, but aside from Sonic's and Gamma's, they just felt slow and boring. The physics were also extremely choppy; when you do a spin dash, you often end up flying all over the place, the fishing rod mechanics are glitchy as fuck, and not to mention Casinopolis' pinball mechanics were just dreadful. Hell, even Heroes did a better job with it in Casino Park. Outside of that stuff, all the levels and bosses were just so easy and short, with the exception of Sonic's Lost World, Final Egg and Egg Viper, which just ended up tedious. I want to like Adventure, at the very least for its classical-style charms, but it's just so hard to overlook how it just seemed to stumble into 3D.

    Unleashed, I can't say it was perfect, but it definitely delivered. I thought I was going to hate the Werehog, but I ended up loving him if only for his hilarious fighting style. Hell, I was surprised at how good the platforming and brawling balance was. But he still loses points for repetitive mechanics. I can't say I was much more fond of the daytime stages. They were definitely gorgeous, well varied, and had a classic charm to them, not to mention it was the first game since Adventure 2 to do grinding and boss fights right. I was ticked about how some daytime parts were occasionally self-playing and unforgiving, though, but I don't think there were as many unfair parts as people say there were. Oh, and the medal system was a pointless waste of time, though it doesn't really become an issue till late in the game. Still, the story was charming and the characters were well voiced and developed, which is a huge step up from many previous installments. I guess my biggest grip about the game though is that it's two games trying to be one. At least in the other titles the different gimmicks had certain things in common, but the Werehog is the polar opposite of Sonic. Going back and forth between the day and night levels is like alternating your means of getting to work each day between a race car and a zamboni. It just doesn't sit right. But in the end, I'll take it over Adventure any day.
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    SuperStingray got a reaction from Mr Loopone in Underrated Games.   
    Oh, I got another one.

    Dark Void
    It annoys me how every third person shooter these days that ISN'T a complete rip off of Gears of War is only 5 hours long with absolutely no replay value and released at full price. Vanquish, Shadows of the Damned- Dark Void is no exception. However, it's been long enough that you could probably find it for 20 bucks easily, and I believe it's worth it. The gimmick in this game is that you can jump between a GoW cover-based combat to a Starfox-y aerial combat at almost any time. It starts slow and ends suddenly, but the majority of the game is really interesting, especially the vertical cover combat portions, and I think it deserved better attention. I was reminded of this by Carbo's post on Bionic Commando, as Dark Void too was overshadowed by a different game intended to be marketing material for it: Dark Void Zero.
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    SuperStingray got a reaction from UltraGizmo64 in Solaris vs. Time Eater   
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    SuperStingray got a reaction from Rey Skywalker-Ren in The Space Topic   
    Earth's a wonderful place, but did you know that 99.99999999999999999999999999999999999999999% of everything is NOT Earth? And let me tell ya, the part that's not Earth is pretty damn cool too.

    This is Space: a realm where things are so large, so far apart and so old that our flimsy 3-pound brains were never built to comprehend the sheer scale of them, yet we still move forward and await the day that we can put a star in our pocket.

    2 billion seems like a large number to us, but next to the true scale of the universe, the fact that it's ONLY taken that many years for a mindless Prokaryotic blob eking it's way through the primordial soup seeking sustenance to eventually beget a creature that could build a machine that could take it to a different gravitational body is pretty damn impressive. And yet, that's only 2 celestial bodies human feet have settled on. We haven't even begun to scratch the tip of the very first atom of the iceberg.

    There are still hundreds of other solid bodies in our solar system.
    About 300 billion more solar systems in our galaxy.
    50 more galaxies in our local group.
    100 groups in our supercluster.
    Millions of superclusters in our observable universe.
    And we don't even know if THAT is where it ends.

    It's this boundless mystery that makes the subject so damn amazing.

    So I decided it was worth making a thread to appreciate and discuss what lies beyond the exosphere. Current events, facts, pictures, Neil DeGrasse Tyson quotes- anything pertaining to the heavens goes here.
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    SuperStingray got a reaction from Monkey Destruction Switch in Your Favorite Fictional Characters   
    I imagine it's a combination of their mutual affable charm and visible breaking points. It wouldn't be a stretch to say Rarity would be a good supervillain and Eggman a good socialite.
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    SuperStingray reacted to Kaze no Klonoa in Splatoon! Bow to your immortal queen, and indisputed best girl- Marie   
    Your first look at Ika Musume in Splatoon!

    It's announced only in Japan at the moment but apparently it rolled out alongside the major update.
    Who's ready for an ink-vasion?
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    SuperStingray got a reaction from Zaysho in Devil's Third (Wii U)   
    I'm more disappointed for their reason behind not releasing Disaster in America.  The voice acting and script was laughable?  Yeah, no shit, it's an arcade rail shooter. If it doesn't have cringey, poorly delivered dialogue, they're doing it wrong.
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    SuperStingray got a reaction from lbyrd2 in Persona: Dancing All Night (Vita) "Teddie x Miku"   
    Wake me when they announce Ryotaro or Funky Student.
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    SuperStingray reacted to Dobkeratops in Horizon: Zero Dawn (PS4)   
    made a little experiment

    it kinda works
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    SuperStingray got a reaction from JaidynReiman in Metroid Prime: Federation Force...?   
    Eh, it seems like something to tide people over while they continue to figure out what the hell they should do with the series after Other M.  I'll wait until there's more than 20 seconds of gameplay footage of Federation Force before I start drawing conclusions, but Blast Ball was pretty underwhelming.
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    SuperStingray reacted to Gregzilla in Bloodborne (PS4) "To Byrgenwerth we go!"   
    After playing all three extensively, I've come to the conclusion that I can't pick a favorite.  All three have unique things to offer.  Demon's Souls is very tightly designed and has the best atmosphere, in my opinion.  Dark Souls is the most grand and feels like the most epic adventure, with the most gameplay and setting variety.  Bloodborne has the best visuals on a technical level and the most satisfying weapons, in addition to being deliciously dark and gothic.  I collectively consider them to be my favorite games. 
    I guess to make things simpler I'll just say Hidetaka Miyazaki is my favorite video game.
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    SuperStingray reacted to Dobkeratops in Bloodborne (PS4) "To Byrgenwerth we go!"   
    Beat the Cathedral boss.

    Also I got +40 insight  and oh dear
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    SuperStingray got a reaction from Hunter Hedgehog in The Introduction Topic   
    SuperStingray. Formerly Sonicophage. My first Sonic game is SA2:B, but I've been hooked ever since. I recognize the many flaws that the series has, but I'm an optimist and look for the best. I'm fine with people who are critical of it; I'm just sick of the ignorami who think that the best thing the Sonic series can do is end or completely reset.

    Also, know that I try to avoid arguments; I just try to assert my points without aggressively rubbing them in everyone's faces.

    So, here's to the new Sonic Stadium, a phoenix rising from the ashes.
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    SuperStingray reacted to CelerinaTheJackrabbit in Yooka-Laylee (Playtonic's spiritual successor to Banjo-Kazooie / ONE, PS4, PC)   
    Y'know I know they said 'nothing that distracts from the main gameplay', with the obvious push about Nuts and Bolts, but I honestly feel that one 3D platformer from the N64 did the whole vehicle thing right.
    That being Rocket: Robot on Wheels. Honestly, if they do ever look into that, I think that kinda stuff would be really fun. And I want another Bat Bike.
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    SuperStingray reacted to -Robin- in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS - Settle It In Smash!   
    We forgot the most important thing.

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    SuperStingray reacted to Soniman in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS - Settle It In Smash!   
    No arguments here
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    SuperStingray reacted to Sixth-Rate Soma in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS - Settle It In Smash!   
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    SuperStingray reacted to Wentos in The Stanley Parable   
    *ahem* ... The Stanley Parable is an indie computer game, released October of last year on Steam thanks to the Greenlight system. It is a remake of the 2011 Source mod of Half-Life 2, rebuilt from the ground up with new environments, paths, and narratives.
    The Stanley Parable is not simply a video game that you play on your computer. The Stanley Parable is an experience. The Stanley Parable does not end, it does not even begin. The Stanley Parable challenges every asset and aspect of your psyche, unraveling the very constructs of your mind and the choices you make. You are Stanley, and this is your life.
    *a-HEM* ... Anyway, the basic gist of the story is that Stanley is a man whose life is relatively simple. He gets up every morning, goes to work, inputs commands on keyboard for a while, and then goes home. But one day, mysteriously, he arrives at work to find that his co-workers have vanished, and his computer does not give him commands to input. Stricken with a sense of isolation, Stanley finally decides to get up and find the answers for himself.
    Now, if you haven't played or seen gameplay of this game, do not go to look up a video. I'm serious, you'll be ruining the experience for yourself. This isn't an action game of any sort, it's an exploration game. Not only do you explore the environment that Stanley has been placed in, but you explore the very concepts of a game, the narrative tropes involved, and indeed even your psyche.
    "But how am I supposed to know if I'll like it if I don't look up gameplay?" No no, you see, The Stanley Parable has a demo with which you can give it a whirl! How exciting, eh? I can already hear you vibrating with anticipation. I won't remark on how strange it for someone to vibrate when they anticipate something, but rather take it in as a compliment to how much enthusiasm I'm rousing within you. The illustrious demonstration of The Stanley Parable's feats and merits-- Oh, I should probably mention that this demonstration is not taken from any part of the main game. Yes, you see, in order to properly capture everything that makes The Stanley Parable so simply grand without coming in contact with those pesky spoilers is to take those same elements and construct them into a unique little treat. That way, when you inevitably steal your mother's/girlfriend's/pet dog's credit card to pay for the full experience, you'll be able to say "Wow! Look at all of this new content that I get to enjoy! Etc, etc, etc," and so on and so forth. Does that not simply arouse you with a sense of adventure? Does that not make you want to, say, click here to begin downloading the demonstration without a second thought? Of course it does. Come now, Stanley's adventure awaits!
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    SuperStingray got a reaction from XD375 in RUMOR: Insight on Diddy Kong Racing 2's past on Wii, and potential current existance on Wii U for 2015   
    Seeing a "Diddy Kong Racing 2" topic suddenly appear was exciting enough but hearing Monster Games might be behind it?  Excitebots is my favorite racing game EVER, so there better be damn truth to this or I'm going to be seriously disappointed.
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    SuperStingray got a reaction from Chili Dawg in RUMOR: Insight on Diddy Kong Racing 2's past on Wii, and potential current existance on Wii U for 2015   
    Seeing a "Diddy Kong Racing 2" topic suddenly appear was exciting enough but hearing Monster Games might be behind it?  Excitebots is my favorite racing game EVER, so there better be damn truth to this or I'm going to be seriously disappointed.
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    SuperStingray reacted to Blitz 'n Burst in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS - Settle It In Smash!   
    >'Murica Mario.

    When do we get to see Bald Eagle Falco
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    SuperStingray reacted to Solly in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS - Settle It In Smash!   
    They're getting more creative with the alt colors. I like seeing references to stuff like this. It makes me wonder what else they'll do. 
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    SuperStingray got a reaction from Klinsy in Homestar Runner   
    Everybody loves the Homestar Runner. He is a terrific athlete.

    Since early 2000, homestarrunner.com has hosted one of the most pivotal web cartoons, like, ever. Spreading by word of mouth, it became so popular that eventually the creators, Matt and Mike Chapman, could make a living off merchandise sales alone.

    It's a simple cartoon series, revolving around a fixed cast of strange characters. The site stars Homestar Runner- the athletic yet dimwitted and oblivious protagonist, Strong Bad- Homestar's cynical and self-aggrandizing "friend," Marzipan- Homestar's vegan girlfriend, The Cheat- Strong Bad's pet and partner in crime, Strong Mad- Strong Bad's enormous, dimwitted and loud older brother, Strong Sad- Strong Bad's chronically depressed younger brother, Coach Z- Homestar's coach with an exaggerated accent and questionable hygiene, Bubs- a scam artist who runs a concession stand, Pop-Pom- Homestar's rich and rotund best friend who speaks in bubbles, the King of Town- the gluttonous leader with a questionable amount of authority, the Poopsmith- a mute who shovels... what his name implies and Homsar- a short, stubby and incomprehensible doppelganger for Homestar, born from a typo.

    I've been following this series religiously since fifth grade. So I guess it's worth asking myself, why is this series so awesome? Thematically, H*R draws from the pop culture of our youth, what life what like growing up between the 70s and 90s, for material. But the beauty of its brand of satire is that it isn't deconstructive or critical, but creative and synthetic. This started as far back as the inception of Homestar's character in 1996 as the star of a children's book known as "The Homestar Runner Enters The Strongest Man In The World Contest." Having a nonsensical premise and filled with bizarre character designs, the story was intended to parody overly saccharine, simplified and colorful children books by essentially being just that. It was a commentary, but one so subtle that it wasn't spiteful of the formula but playful with it.

    This philosophy is furthered by the website where the series has parodied everything from shonen anime to creepy mascots. Retro video games to Saturday morning cartoons. More importantly, Homestar Runner doesn't leave ideas alone. There are no one-time gags here; when they come up with an idea, they use it to its full potential. These often start in Strong Bad Emails where Strong Bad answers viewer mail. One email, for instance, asked Strong Bad to draw a dragon. This dragon, "Trogdor the Burninator," became a huge phenomenon on the site, eventually starring in his own parody arcade game and becoming the antagonist of a mock 1980s text adventure. This furthered the growth of their developer, a mock gamedev called Videlectrix who makes fun retro-like games while spoofing early gaming tropes like bad translation and strange premises. While these games parodied their respective genres, they were actually fun; they weren't simply throwaway gags, they were legitimate games. And then there was another email which asked Strong Bad to make a comic about the person who sent it and her friends. It had 15 issues and two spinoffs. And one of the gags in THOSE comics was a parody rapper who's been put in two full spoof music videos. It's insane how far their ideas branch out while creating new ones all simultaneously. The incredible amount of idea branching that takes place all within the series' universe and setting makes it no wonder it has one of the most disturbingly intricate fan wikis of all time.

    Unfortunately, the site's been largely on hiatus since late 2009 after Matt Chapman had a second kid, but his twitter implies he vehemently wishes to get back in the game. And I would certainly welcome that.
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