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  1. The first time I encountered Heavy Shinobi, I got the Tails ice block glitch like others did and was able to run right past him and hit the animal cage, ending the level. My major glitch was during the final boss fight with Eggman. When he grabbed be and flashed me to Heavy Rider. However, I started on the left side and she wasn't there yet, so I jumped onto the wall on the left to where I couldn't see Sonic or Tails, but nothing happened. I finally ran to the right to fight her, but the camera didn't follow. I couldn't see what was happening. I could HEAR that I pressed the D-Pad and buttons, hit a ring box, lost some rings and gained some back. (probably thanks to Tails) but could see none of it. Thankfully the time passed and I got flashed back to Eggman with barely and rings lost and was able to defeat him.
  2. Anyone else notice that Eggman's modern video game theme was playing in the theater?
  3. Nice to know I'm not the only one who thought the lighting was off. IMO, the animation was unfinished.If you've ever watched behind the scenes videos of CG animated features or deleted scenes, you'll notice that sometimes they show scenes without lighting where the characters look all bright and today's episode reminded me of this. It's very opbvious when you compare to "In the midnight hour" from last week where it took place mostly at night, but had proper lighting.
  4. Still the best portable Sonic game since Generations. I'm really enjoying it.
  5. For what? Wanting royalties for characters they created and worked they did rather than getting NOTHING on reprints?
  6. Archie is the one fucking things up. If they hadn't re-released the books digitally, this wouldn't have come to pass.
  7. Cubone and Rhyhorn are Very Rare? Cux I'm at level 4 and have two of each.
  8. Nintendo World Report got 14 minutes of offscreen footage (despite me and Alex asking a few times if we could and being told no. Maybe they had an exclusive?). .
  9. I am so ready for this "World Adventure" saga to be over with. It's gone on far too long.
  10. Look at it this way: In Shattered Crystal, the first world had ONE large 2-D stage and 2 or 3 bonus levels. From what I played of this demo, the first world has TWO large 2-D stages that you have the option to explore. Then there are 6 other bonus levels and a boss fight. That's a lot for just the first world. They took the delay seriously and really beefed up the game.
  11. If you hated how short SC was, you'll be happy to know Fire and Ice is much bigger.
  12. The levels you see in the trailer are what's playable in the E3 demo. Came back to try more. levels. There NINE to try at E3 all from the first world. Considering SC Had about 4 or less levels per world, that's a goid sign.
  13. Well, Im at E3 and have played a bit of the demo, but need to play more due to the huge lunes around the Atlus boith, I could only play two of the 5 (or more) levels shown in the demo so a write up will have to wait. The two levels I played were a tunnel level and a straight 2D level from the main game. They both play very similar to the previous game but with the fire and ice element added to make things more tricky. The 2D level was much more straightfoward with optional paths you COULD take, but don't have to. Ill give a lot more detail in my write up later.
  14. Did anyone see the Sonic Boom creatives panel? While Bill Freiberger cannot confirm season 2, he does go into what "theoretically" could happen.New characters, multi-part episodes and possibly Ian Flynn and Evan Stanley writing epsiodes. Remember, "Theoretically" Check at 5 hours:16 minutes. Also, check out the voice actor Q&A from earlier and the full Sonic creative panel. It's awesome.
  15. I saw it. He showed me how it works. The pages have the art first and word balloons coming in second to give a bit of an animated feel. There's also voice acting involved as well (English and French). I could barely hear the audio, but the voices sounded real stiff. I think he's using a computer program temporarily rather than voice actors. He showed me an options screen where you can turn off the animation, choose a different language and turn off/on sound along with other things. I got to see a finished page he hasn't shown yet too. It's nice. Really. But I feel it's making what would otherwise be a normal comic a way, WAY too big of a hassle to tackle and feels really unnecessary. Why go through all this when you can..y'know? Just put out a comic? That said, he was real nice and polite and a total class act the entire time he was there. Never pushy with anyone and kept to his booth for the most part. The ridiculous amount of outrage about him being at the show was absolutely pathetic.
  16. Here's the full stream from earlier today! You can catch me doing the trivia contests and Q&A's.
  17. So Europe gets Sonic Boom on DVD and America gets Sonic Boom on Hulu. Fair enough I guess.
  18. Is it? He was 96. I'm sad that he's gone, but at that age, I'm not surprised either. They probably had someone else in mind besides him for the new DuckTales cartoon given his age. Still, he did Scrooge as late as last year for the Mickey Mouse shorts. I just can't imagine anyone else filling the role better than him.
  19. It should also be noted that Cartoon Network has a licensing agreement with Hulu. That's why most of their shows stream there instead of Netflix. You can complain all you want, but that's just business. Also, being on Hulu means there's a possibly new season 2 episodes will stream next day, but I doubt it since they don't do the same with Steven Universe. I gotta say, watching the series in full 1080P on a big screen is both a blessing and a curse. You really get to see an amount of detail you might have missed before. (My cartoon network channel was SD only on my satellite). However, I noticed that the textures seemed flatter and less detailed on later episodes and some things like a cart of food showed at a slant would make the food look like a flat 2-D texture. Also, I don't care for Eggman's fiber texture mustache. It sometimes looks like it's not attached to his face. I would have preferred a simple rubber or clay texture like the citizen's have. There's a also a commercial blackout spot about 8 minutes into each episode, but always right at a perfect spot to have one. I have the commercial free Hulu, so can anyone tell me if they are adding a commercial to the show at that spot in the $9 commercial version?
  20. More Good news! Colleen O'Shaughnessey will be joining us as well! You may know her as the voice of Tails among other roles.
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