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  1. There seems to be Nina and Brio as well. Oh and if you guys want some screenies of the confirmed roster's icons: No new characters confirmed besides N Trance and the Norms (which everyone was kind of expecting by this point anyway). His skin seems to be a scuba diver costume. Not totally sold on Out of Time though. I get the anti gravity section had to be removed and the replacement area looks lavish but the original track as a whole was a narrow maze with loads of sharp turns, while this looks retooled into another wide open straight forward track like Dingo Canyon.
  2. Apparently the SEGA AGES line has been selling much better in Europe than in Japan: http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2019/05/sega_ages_line_struggling_to_appeal_in_japan_interest_overseas_better_than_expected The bad news however is SEGA claims they may take longer with the second line to figure out how to appeal to the Japanese market.
  3. That's a cute costume, but DAMN that smile drips of sarcasm. XD Still quietly holding hope for Pasadena appearing, though this is a pretty big load as it is. Beenox has REALLY done their homework with all the call backs here.
  4. Hold on, look carefully in the background....
    1. PublicEnemy1


      Looks to be less evidence than Vic.

    2. Dee Dude

      Dee Dude



    3. KHCast


      Oh god fucking damn. 

    4. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      Don't you fucking dare.

    5. Ellipsis-Ultima


      Well shit.

    6. RedFox99


      Here's to hoping that people remember that due process is a thing.

  5. SEGA AGES toying with split screen and online multiplayer leaves me hopeful for one thing I've always wanted; split screen race mode instated into Sonic games that didn't have it. Sonic Adventure DX technically did this with it's Game Gear function, but to a more basic degree, so it seems possible on paper.

    Even something like a rerelease of Master System Sonic Chaos with a two player VS mode would be awesome.

  6. Some development details on SEGA AGES Virtua Racing: https://www.gonintendo.com/stories/333973-sega-and-m2-reveal-the-many-struggles-and-challenges-of-creating It seems this is actually a port, not an emulation, so maybe Model 1 emulation isn't on the table right now. They lacked the original source code so this whole thing was remade from scratch. Also this originated from the 3D Classics line, and they initially planned to remake the 32X version.
  7. Meh, I'm all for more chances, especially with the level of animations and expressions in the new games. A lot of the Crash cast consisted of 'slot fillers' after all, just more appearances fleshed them out.
  8. Vicarious Visions did feel like the guys who most tried to carry on from what WOC set up with Crunch, making him a playable character in N Tranced and CNK. They did kinda set about the 'Franchise Original Sin' by giving him more subtle shades of the Mr T persona in CNK, but he wasn't a one note gag yet and I kinda prefer even that over the flat 'brooding' characterisation he has in WOC that just doesn't fit the wackiness of the Crash series. Mr T Crunch was at his worst in CTTR, after that it kinda felt like they were making him more like Boom Knuckles. If they'd dialled back his voice so he wasn't just a walking non-sequitur it might have worked. I kinda thought it was a shame no developer really capitalised on Crunch after WOC. He seemed all set up to be the new powerhouse for the bandicoots, yet he was never really fully playable. It took them ages just to get Coco working competently, Crunch didn't stand a chance.
  9. Apparently SEGA will consider a Mega CD Mini if the draw appeal is there: https://www.gamerevolution.com/news/519709-sega-may-do-sega-cd-mini

    1. TheOcelot


      Yes please please please SEGA. I would fucking love a Mega CD classic.

    2. Ernest the Panda

      Ernest the Panda

      Would it be it a standalone, or something you could hook up to the MD Mini?

    3. Thigolf


      I mean, I'd buy it

      But I'm not sure if the general appeal is there, to be honest.

    4. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Eh... Yeah. I'd buy it without a second thought, but it wouldn't have the appeal to most. They'd be better off including a handful of MCD games on like a Special Edition MD Mini honestly.

      Now a Dreamcast Mini on the other hand...

    5. Milo


      ...what draw appeal?

      it's an add-on to a more prolific console that didn't sell a lot of units and had very few games that took advantage of the hardware, as opposed to most games for it being a dumping ground of FMV shovelware. the only "draw appeal" for this is a very small niche of enthusiasts.

      it would just make more sense to fold the notable mega CD games that do exist (sonic CD, popful mail, wild woody and some other titles) into the existing mega drive mini (or alternatively, maybe a sega saturn mini). either thar or give the mega CD games their own compilation re-release for modern consoles. an entire microconsole for those games doesn't make any sense at all to me.

    6. E-122-Psi


      I admit to kind of liking the idea of turning the Mega Drive Mini into some expandable proper console like it's inspiration and actually trying to vindicate its old failed add ons, especially if they got really ambitious with it and did something like added unreleased or new games like the SNES Classic did for Starfox 2. It'd be like giving the whole package a second chance and for SEGA to be console runners again.

      At the very least maintaining the Mega CD Mini's add on function and other details like letting it play music CDs would be a cool way to enhance the Mega Drive Mini into a fun little super gizmo. It felt like the Mega Drive was supposed to be doing that, but its pricing and bombing add ons made it a poor investment.

    7. Thigolf


      A 32X Mini with its entire library on there because you might as well

    8. E-122-Psi


      @Thigolf Well people likely would buy for Knuckles Chaotix and a decent port of Virtua Fighter. Plus a few dumbed down Saturn ports and tons of unreleased games.

      It's actually kinda tragic thinking how awesome the 32X could have been if it lasted really.

    9. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Tiger.com mini when 

  10. Is it strange that of all recurring character archetypes, it's not often comic relief or screw up protagonists that get on my nerves as often as straight men do? I just find myself REALLY averse to characters who are always right, and don't have flaws they have to accept and overcome, especially if they are otherwise too dull, too complacent, too priggish, or just designated the straight man even when they're wrong. Usually the only straight men I like are ones that suffer a healthy number of role reversals. I insist dynamics have an even handedness.

    Antoine doesn't bug me much, but Sally drives me crazy for example, and I always unhealthily savoured those times in The Simpsons where Lisa or Marge screwed up and Homer and Bart were the sane ones. On the other hand maybe I'm just mal chauvinistic. :P

    1. SupahBerry


      Screwy comic reliefs are more blatant with their flaws for one. It seems most "straight" characters you've described run a high risk of becoming Mary Sues.


      I do think it's entirely possible to write a straight man that can occasionally end up being not so above it all and suffer the consequences as result.

    2. E-122-Psi


      It can admittedly sometimes 180 however. Pinkie Pie and Sticks for example are cases that were meant to be reversals, the crazy screw up that actually had a point for once. But then they used that twist ALL THE TIME till it wasn't even a twist anymore, their craziness overruled everything else and they actually rarely had proper flawed moments (though Pinkie Pie was a little better in that regard). Basically I find myself siding against the character the plot always enables and never lets be vulnerable. A character has to fall flat on their ass at least once for me to be invested in them.

      It's ironic that Twilight Sparkle is basically the Sally-type straight man of her show, and yet the times she gets to shoot down Pinkie are again savoured rare exceptions. She is actually better balanced than the crazy guy.

    3. RedFox99


      It doesn't help when it's a show will often have the female character always be the sane one and the male character always being the screw up and vice versa.

    4. E-122-Psi


      @RedFox99 I like to think it's just down to formula and if it was a male character always get to getting to talk down to the female character I'd find it just as monotonous, just that almost never occurs for me to know. Female vs female and male vs male examples do happen however.

      Maybe why I love the dynamic of the two characters in my avatar so much is this avoidance. Coco is clearly smarter than Crash but she has a clear 'not so above it all' side, but at the same time Crash isn't one of those aforementioned crazy/dumb characters that always gets enabled and made to be right. Nah, he can actually just be a crazy/dumb character many times. Just things are three dimensional and both characters have good and bad points. This if anything makes the dynamic more heartwarming since you can buy that these two can stand each other. A dynamic where both sides even the other out feels more healthy.

    5. E-122-Psi


      Oh actually while it's on my mind, one other element I find VERY divisive about some straight man roles is sometimes manufacturing comeuppances for the screw up characters. Both MLP and Boom did this occasionally for example and I was unsure about it (though MLP in fairness got WIDESPREAD backlash over it), we get that Rainbow Dash and Sonic are sometimes egomaniacal, but they never really resorted to vindictively trying to set up their friends humiliating or endangering themselves to teach them a lesson about humility like the just as self righteous Amy or Twilight Sparkle sometimes did. Again this was something MLP was a little better moderated about since the 'straight men' did sometimes have moments they were treated as dicks for doing this.

  11. Virtua Racing confirmed for 25th April in Japan. https://gematsu.com/2019/04/sega-ages-virtua-racing-launches-april-25-in-japan
  12. I'm intrigued how many third party games are on this thing, especially some from now all encompassing Disney. Maybe this leaves hope for a Star Wars Arcade rerelease some day. Breaking the one-game limit per franchise is likely for the best (though technically we have THREE Sonic games on there anyway), though the lack of first party restriction definitely adds more to the table otherwise. If anything goes concerning the lineup in the west, I would LOVE to play the Sparkster or Zool games again.
  13. One thing that just occurred to me, exactly how often in Boom was Sticks' conspiracy rambles NOT right all along and she was just made to apologise for acting like crazy douche? The only one I can specifically remember is Circus of Blunder (technically Translate This as well, though she was faking it and got things how she wanted anyway).

    It's odd how they played that twist so often that doing the plot straight was the clear minority.

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