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  1. Whoa, how did I miss this one?


    I love how many arcade games the Switch e shop seems to be getting, and Puzzle Bobble was the one I kept wondering why NEO GEO rereleases never touched.

  2. Phantasy Star still doesn't seem to be listed on the PAL Switch e shop. This isn't a good sign for SEGA AGES in the west.

  3. In hindsight, I find it funny they try to make an exceptional trait out of Knuckles being gullible, when practically every damn version of Sonic likes to use the plot cliche where he is rather easily framed up as a bad guy and EVERYONE falls for it,  with only the odd time the ruse is even convincing. STC, Archie, the Man of the Year short, Boom, X, Sonic Adventure 2, AoSth, they all did it, often more than once. It's nice to know everyone trusts you at the direst of times, huh Sonic? (Except usually Tails, bless his heart.)

    1. MegasonicZX


      Yeah, it is really weird. Considering how sonic never makes any inclination that he'd ever do anything bad to anybody, his friends would trust him more. Like, I still consider it a bit ridiculous that nobody questioned eggman's motives in that part in sonic x and instead pointed fingers at the guy who has literally been fighting him for ages. In Sonic Adventure 2 it was at least a little more believable since at that point sonic was probably still new in the public conscious.

    2. E-122-Psi


      Ironically those were probably the most justified. X revealed most of the cast were brainwashed to side with Eggman (except the other heroes who didn't believe it, and Chris and the President who at least caught themselves on it). Also Sonic seemed to be partway in troll mode and didn't bother telling anyone as punishment for being science flunks, so didn't help his case.

      Meanwhile we didn't hear much from the public opinion in SA2 besides from Tails and Amy (who again didn't believe it) and GUN, who were later established as corrupt and likely trying to use Sonic as a scapegoat to hide their past mistakes (in hindsight Prison Island was an asshole victim locale).

      Others like EndGame, the Man of the Year short, Pseudo Sonic, most Sonic the Comic examples (yeah he was dick there but come on) they were usually just being dimwits.

  4. It's kinda sad how each Sonic Saturn game shown the capacity for a decent proper title. Sonic World shown an intuitive platforming engine, Sonic R shown large fast paced level layouts and juggling multiple playable characters, even 3D Blast shown awesome special stages. You put that stuff all together you might have gotten a workable Sonic platformer game. It's almost a shame Sonic Team and TT didn't collaborate their resources for a project (though that likely would have left Sonic Adventure in an even more unfinished state).

    1. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      Had the Saturn lasted longer and wasn't a flop outside of Japan, Sonic Xtreme wasn't in development causing the lack of a big Sonic game despite the staff nearly dying over it, Sonic R wasn't made on a rush (it was originally planned to be like a Formula 1 game or something but it was ditched since Sonic was more interesting for Jon Burton to work on*) and Sonic Team was interested in a Sonic game from the start since they weren't interested until it was too late. Sonic Jam and R were like almost on its final year in the West with not much after and the Dreamcast would have got flack for no big Sonic game either had it happened.

      Yeah... That actually would have been a good 3D Sonic game .

      *- They actually did do a F1 game later on but for the PSP.

    2. E-122-Psi


      I can't really condemn Burton for choosing a Sonic game, Saturn had plenty of standard car racers already, and R was the only fully original Sonic game the console ultimately had (and hey at least he was keen to make a proper Saturn Sonic game :P). It's just a shame they didn't get a little more time to work on it and make it a more solid competitor against Mario Kart (seriously, FIVE tracks?).

    3. Yeow


      Recall Yasuhara designed the level maps for 3D Blast and Sonic R--say what you will about the gameplay for both games, but the levels were absolutely legit. 3D Blast provided serviceable platforming and had decent amount of exploration (even given it was required, since you had to search for and free the Flickies), while Sonic R absolutely nailed providing moderately sized 3D worlds to explore. (Yasuhara was also brought on to do some level map concepts for X-treme, before that project got trashed.) The only thing both titles didn't quite nail were sloped terrain, but given the nature of those titles, that's a bit admissible.

      Imagine if Sonic Team / TT Games collaborated on a legit 3D platformer for the Saturn (rather than a isometric Genesis swan song / enhanced port and a on-foot racer) and Yasuhara was allowed to direct and design it....we probably would gotten a genuinely good 3D Classic Sonic game out of it. :[

  5. I got another e-mail claiming it knows my identity. It's pretty much the same stock threat, using the same outdated password, and claiming I apparently have tons of videos and photos of adult sites. However the message was emailed with my own address. Is it possible to make duplicate accounts or disguises like that or should I be worried?

    EDIT: Never mind. No history of it in my Sent box and it's listed as another scam.


  6. If there's one Saturn game I hope M2 manage to do for their SEGA AGES line, it's Sonic R, it helps it's probably the one that few would mind them 'cheating' with and just using the PC port.

  7. E-122-Psi

    What are some missed opportunities in the Sonic franchise?

    When I look at Sonic Adventure's story, I think a good plot is there, but marred with simplified broken storytelling and it didn't have to be. What would it hurt to have had Knuckles have more significant reactions towards the flashbacks of his lost clan, even just more believable surprise than "Hmm....this is very strange..." E-102 Gamma's story was good but I think it's a shame they didn't play his villain run more fully. Gamma does a little serving for Eggman but not a lot, and it also makes him a feel a bit too superfluous to the main story. He gets one emerald and then fights Sonic. Why didn't Eggman use him to help get the previous four, a consistent hinderance like Knuckles was? Even Big and Amy could have been more innocuously important as comic relief campaigns, having SOME more major effect on the story without even realising it.
  8. I'm really hoping the SEGA AGES Switch series gets as far as rereleasing a nice chunk of Model 2/Saturn games. They're the height of retro arcade, yet besides the odd PC port, SEGA hardly looks into them. Plus it would be a neat way to vindicate the console.


    1. TheOcelot



      Aren't Saturn games supposed to be difficult to emulate?

    2. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      Model 2 and 3 are arcade bleeding good and Sega pretty much at their best. So many classics during this time and not just from the legendary AM2 either. PS3 and the 360 actually got quite a few Model 2 games but a few stayed in Japan such as Virtua Striker because they sold so bad outside of Daytona.

      If a Model 2 and 3 collection somehow happens even though it is impossible, then I'm set for life. Saturn does have a few gems (including Fighters Megamix and Dynamite Deka that uses Saturn hardware in the arcade) but most versions were better in the arcade.

      @TheOcelot Short answer yep. Long answer, complex hardware of its time and very hard to understand, real hardware has copy protection (bit like the original Xbox actually, again hard to emulate). Even Sega didn't really emulate much and outside of PC ports back in the day, NiGHTS and Dynamite Deka were remade by Sega of China, the latter better than the former that is missing features.

      There is a pretty good emulator for the Saturn on the PC but requires a more recent powerful computer that has a 64 bit processor. It's not 100% technically accurate (as no current computer can run it) but it runs some of the harder to emulate games such as Virtua Fighter Remix, Resident Evil (needs good timing especially at the end).

    3. E-122-Psi


      I suspect emulation is difficult, though these guys seem to have confidence in emulating the Dreamcast well so maybe they have something up their sleeve.

      Saturn games are mentioned to be in their future plans at least, and they have got round to emulating a Model 1 arcade game with Virtua Racing, which is at least some promotion over the purely 2D rereleases on previous consoles (from what I heard M2 did the Virtual Console's SEGA library as well). It might also perhaps mean the first Virtua Fighter as well.

      At worst I suppose they could do what Gems Collection did and utilise those old PC ports (if hopefully in better quality).

  9. I think the bigger problem with Tails and Knuckles in Advance is that they downplayed Sonic's perks (insta shield and elemental powers) and increased theirs (eg. Knuckles being able to float on water) making them feel overpowered. I don't remember if Knuckles' nerfed jump was still there but I remember it being far less of a hindrance either way, so their flaws weren't really emphasised to balance it out. In fact I don't remember a lot of areas in the game that were made to befit Sonic and Amy besides those odd superfluous grinding rails. I think the two are balanced out a bit better in recent games because now both classic and modern era have some sort of exploitable signature ability for Sonic that the others don't (classic has Drop Dash, modern has Homing Attack). SEGA AGES are even updating the old games so Sonic has the Drop Dash, it's becoming that connected to him since Mania.
  10. Apparently Iceland's big Xmas ad for this year got banned:


    1. Earnest-Panda


      Yep. And the reason is bloody ridiculous.

    2. Perkilator


      What’s the reason?

    3. Earnest-Panda


      It’s “too political”.

    4. E-122-Psi


      But every commercial slot in the UK these days is filled with charity ads which are WAY more in-your-face about it. I agree it's not much of a CHRISTMAS ad but no reason it can't air at all.

    5. DanJ86


      So that's the line? Hmph...it's way better then celebrities begging for money between ads reminding you that you're gonna die and somehow insurance makes it all better.

  11. Replaying some Sonic Adventure. I still believe Gamma's is the campaign that would have most benefitted from a little more development time besides Sonic's. It had the most substance without feeling like either a glorified mini game or a retread of Sonic, and while it's far too easy to start off with, the difficulty curve is good with only one point the momentum is broken with loads of walking into cutscenes.

    Amy's levels are pretty good too, but the problem is I can't think of any way to really expand her story (two of her three levels are already padding).

    1. MegasonicZX


      Gamma in general was actually pretty cool and I think with a couple of more mechanics to work with he definitely could've worked as a reoccurring character since he's pretty close to the normal gameplay while still being unique enough to stand on his own.

    2. E-122-Psi


      I don't mind Gamma staying a one time character, I just would have preferred if they made that one time count. Maybe be a bit more integral to the main story, a couple levels helping Eggman snag more of the emeralds from Sonic, and his boss fights being more aggressive.

    3. Blacklightning


      I've always maintained that a good Sonic character should focus on movement first and combat second, but Gamma's an interesting case in that his attacking ability doesn't hinder his movement, which is probably the next best thing. It's a pretty interesting disconnect between SA1 Gamma and ShTH, the latter of whom basically needs to come to a complete stop to shoot as accurately.

      Were it up to me I'd make the two work hand in hand. Let him use that booster of his horizontally for a speed boost as well as vertically for hovering, but give it a finite guage that you have to shoot enemies to refill. Bam, now he's perfect.

    4. E-122-Psi


      I don't think Gamma's speed is that distracting even, it could do with a subtle boost perhaps (or even just having the rolling mode offer a more significant difference) but otherwise he's slower than Sonic but still keeps enough adrenaline about it, compared to Amy and Big that feel a lot more like a Sonic character trying to lug a heavy weight behind them, which feels more tedious.

      I think the bigger problem is the difficulty of his levels and bosses, since the fact he can actually keep up momentum based gameplay well was seemingly underestimated by the developers. Final Egg and Emerald Coast are absurdly short, and even with the bosses, the problem isn't that they can be defeated quickly since that's the same method as the old Sonic bosses, but more they don't really put up much of a resistance while doing such so that you had to master his controls to still keep a flow. Hot Shelter and E-105 Zeta were a well made final level and boss however.

  12. E-122-Psi

    Why Sonic Underground Sucks (In my Opinion)

    He was passable in the earlier episodes, but then they made him more over the top incompetent and, combined with Sonic's obnoxious jock bully-level contempt towards him, he felt like a stock loser just to make Sonic look cool in a forced way. That sort of 'Euughh, look at that nerd and how uncool he is, isn't the main character so much more hip and awesome?' But hey, this was the early 90s. I can actually credit Underground for having more developed agency and chemistries among its cast. Rather than the rather one note hierarchies within Satam's trio of 'hyper competent smart girl, arrogant powerhouse, dead weight comic relief', Underground's trio felt more rounded and got more equal limelight and foibles.
  13. Here's the full opening of Spyro 3: Still not big on Hunter's redesign, though I love how Bianca's done (it's strange seeing her with a good range expressions besides the default smug one she had in the original game though). Some nice details added like Spyro's groan when the dragons botch stopping Bianca, though I kinda thought the original had a funnier moment with the big dragon just hopping around pointing at her like 'OOH, OOH, BUNNY! GET IT AWAY!'. Also odd how in this version Spyro's flame doesn't appear to hit, but she still flies.
  14. E-122-Psi

    Why Sonic Underground Sucks (In my Opinion)

    Underground did take some concepts from SatAm and tried to iron them out. I don't know whether that was Hurst becoming more versatile in his original idea or the other writers helping flesh it out however. Maybe both.
  15. Advance 1 Amy I thought was a good idea on paper, a more complicated mechanic that looks weaker on paper but when mastered has hidden advantages over the others. The only problem was that Amy's signature abilities were nerfed a little too much to really take heavy advantage of (the giant steps function was good on paper, but executed far too weakly). Regardless I enjoyed playing as her in that game. Fresh feel while still reasonably loyal to the usual physics.

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