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  1. The appeal of a goofy badass

    I tend to love goofy but still semi competent characters, since there's something fully fleshed out about a character that manages to do amazing things and yet never quite keeps up a mystique for themselves (and sometimes doesn't even try). Full on dignified badasses tend to get boring for me, they're just largely positive aces (part of the reason I found Sonic kind of dull in X, where he only had a handful of minor comical or fallible fluctuations). I also tend to like those type of heroes that are underestimated, they're not serious or majestic, and yet when push comes to a shove they can be just as important and brilliant as any other hero. Intelligence and power come in all sorts of different forms, so I love when there isn't just a limit of 'competent' and 'incompetent' in fictional universes. It's the same reason I love when the lucid serious minded character is granted moments of acting like a complete buffoon. The Pokemon anime has recently been trying to spruce up Ash's character after being protagonist for so long and being considered dull by a few fans for example. The Black and White series infamously reset him and made him a bumbling idiot again, outraging fans of his progression, XY went the other direction and made him a respected ace, annoying other fans who felt his character had been diluted and became even more boring. Sun and Moon seems to be taking the middle route, making him buffoonish and wacky, but still rather clever and experienced, basically the best of both worlds. Another of my favourites (as visibly obvious) is Crash Bandicoot. Crash's personality generally comes off as simple, almost animalistic, and yet most of the time, Crash is conveyed as pretty reliable, if not rather crafty against his foes. He's expressive and sweet due to his buffoonish character, but actually pretty competent, and if his bonds with Coco and the Nitro Kart rivals are anything to go by, a pretty sweet fella.
  2. Legendary TV Entertainer Bruce Forsyth Has Died Aged 89

    Sad to hear another member of media as I grew up is gone. I mostly know him for his quiz show stuff in the nineties, he always seemed charming and he kept at it till only his final couple of years.
  3. After unlocking one Mania's secrets:


    Taxman/Stealth should so do a Mean Bean Machine/Puyo Puyo remake next.


    1. Daisy


      There is literally no need for that

    2. Dejimon11



      Puyo Puyo is still a thing and just recently got Puyo Puyo Tetris in the west

    3. Kiah


      You don't know how happy that would make me...


      I love Mean Bean Machine as I love puzzle games in general and seeing Sonic there with the Mania boss fight of it (as he was absent from the original) had me grinning ear to ear 😃


  4. For anyone interested in hearing the full vocal versions of the Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies themes:


  5. A quick query: I pre ordered Mania and got the themes and avatars, but they're only available to the user who downloaded them. Is there any way to make them available to the other users?

    1. Polkadi


      Strange. They work for all users on mine.

      I don't know how to fix that. Maybe uninstall and redownload on your user?

  6. Amy controls in future Mania title

    If she or another character DOES make it into a Mania sequel, I'd love for another element from Advance to make it's way in after so long. FOUR PLAYER RACE MODE.
  7. Amy controls in future Mania title

    Alternatively just do....
  8. So guys, favourite platformer nostalgia trip this year?

    Sonic Mania or Crash N. Sane Trilogy?

    1. VEDJ-F
    2. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      I have no nostalgia for either, lmao

      Haven't played Crash yet tho

    3. Boomer
    4. Dee Dude

      Dee Dude


      its better than every '17 platformer

      i can feel it in my veins

    5. E-122-Psi


      @Dee Dude Well yes naturally, but for the sake of fairness I've limited it to the aforementioned two.

      It's a very close call for me. I think Crash wins for longevity, being three quite lengthy and difficult games and all, but Mania wins in terms of freshness and extras to make sure old fans don't get too much fatigue from it.

      I think if N. Sane also had a two player split screen mode it might have won for me though.

  9. Completed Mania as Sonic and Tails. Not bad at all. A bit lacking in new levels but the old ones do well enough in new innovations.

    One query though:


    It keeps saying I've unlocked new moves for Sonic but I can't find any way to use them. What's the key here?


    1. Penny


      hit triangle (on ps4) or y (on xbox) or whatever the equivalent is on switch, on no save mode (can only be used there unfortunately)

  10. Mania is great so far. Special Stages are hard as hell and the bosses are genius (especially Chemical Plant and Mirage Saloon, you'll know why when you play them). Probably the nearest I've got to getting full Megadrive nostalgia since the console run ended.

    One thing I've noticed though, besides the odd enhancement, Hydrocity's remixes are pretty loyal to the originals. If that's the only liberties needed to get past Sonic 3's soundtrack copyright for a remake I'd gladly take it.

  11. June Foray would have likely also made a great Wendy Witchcart.
  12. Mel Blanc as Bean of course. But since he's sadly no longer with us....maybe Dee Bradley Baker, he does good high pitched looney voices, he tends to brought in whenever Daffy Duck is in 'screwball' mode.
  13. Do Remasters Make the Originals Pointless?

    Keep in mind nostalgia and style also come into play. Often when remaking the game, the style and aesthetics of the game are altered and often elements of gameplay are refined, and whether they do a better job or not is subjective, especially gamers who are used to the original. N Sane Trilogy noticeably has different feeling physics in places (eg. making all three games have uniform weight and tightness) and all of the cutscenes and models have been remade (some of the characters look quite different and a lot of lines, though identical, are delivered in a totally different manner) which makes it VERY divisive to many fans of the original games. I also remember some delivered complaints towards Super Mario 64 DS due to the translation to different consoles, believing the game didn't play as smoothly on DS touch screen and D-pad (the 3DS due to having a circle pad, makes it better received, though not universally), along with being forced to switch between characters with different move sets and physics at times.
  14. Sonic Mania Competition Mode Revealed

    This game is looking set to have nearly every big gimmick of the old Sonic games. And I've always wanted another 2D Sonic with split screen VS like Sonic 2 (sadly couldn't play upgraded VS on remaster).
  15. Finally completed all three games of the N Sane Trilogy:


    Crash 2 was the most problematic for me, where the collision and glitches were most evident. Crash 1 was a ball buster too of course, but it was originally anyway.

    1. OcelotBot



      Have you beaten Stormy Ascent?

    2. VEDJ-F


      I'm copy-pasting this from Mania. 

      "Weird, I find Crash 2 easiest to finish. 

      In fact over the last 2 days I did a 100%/105% percent run of Crash 2 and Crash 3 simultaneously."

    3. E-122-Psi


      The bee and space lab levels were a LOT more unforgiving than I remember them being. Either my reflexes are going or they really amped up the obstacles for Crash 2. Warped had some hard ones (eg. the backtracking gems like Future Frenzy) but I didn't have too much trouble with that one.

      @OcelotBotGot the gem for Stormy Ascent but not even tried the relic yet.

    4. Mightyray


      Backtracking in 2 is such a pain cause the camera is right in your face. I swear it was a bit further back making it easier to see where you're going.

      *in the original