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  1. Kind of a random rant here, but one recurring theory I keep seeing for a lot of fiction is how it seems to be considered a special art to make compelling villains. But I see a BILLION more works that are criticised for badly writing heroes. Making likeable and entertaining hero characters is arguably far more of a challenge than villains, who have far less restraints. And hey if you don't like the villain at least you're usually not MEANT to, and they'll usually lose for good measure. But it's often an error that writers ignore the heroes and assume they're automatically rootable when they're the ones that need meticulous care.

    1. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      Funnily enough I think it's partially because heroes are judged far more heavily through the eyes of society and culture more than the villains. Villains can practically range from the entirety of the spectrum when it comes what kind of traits they can have, as long as their ultimate nature/alignment is evil. Heroes however are a lot more rigidly judged in what kind of traits they can have without them potentially being seen as jumping off the slippery slope, or being a hero only in name.

      For example, we can accept the idea of a villain that is a total psychopath/ax crazy, or a villain with a code of honor, or a villain created by circumstances beyond his control or the result of his own failings and hubris. A hero in the latter two categories is generally accepted, but it is arguably much more difficult to accept a hero who is a psychopath/ax crazy.

    2. E-122-Psi


      I think it also largely comes from the fact that the hero also nearly always has to come out on top, they're the winner and the villain is the loser, so it is damn well important to make them look like they deserve to win. People will NEVER let go the odd times Jerry got to beat Tom despite acting like a bigger bastard for example, and he was actually one of few heroes allowed to get a comeuppance every once in a while for precaution measures. A guy winning and being treated like a good guy despite not deserving it is completely insufferable.

      At the same time a hero that is nothing but positive traits becomes boring. A compelling character needs vices and foibles to make them entertaining. So it becomes an ever delicate balance to make a character LOVABLY flawed so they can take interest in their less heroic qualities without them diminishing or tainting their victory too much.

      An especially common problem is making your hero run on plot armour; as in making it so the story always paves the way to them winning to the point it sometimes feels unfairly in their favour.

  2. A Jam type hub with extra bits of roaming and missions would be interesting, but I could maybe see it looking a bit left field given how linear the games themselves are (then again Jam did it for a bunch of 2D platformers so...). It would be interesting if they added some sort of 'museum' to the whole thing like Jam did.
  3. I do think at least that Sonic Boom might have been helpful to their writing at least. While Lost World's story was messy, I think it had semblances of good things, Sonic and Tails being flawed for the first time in ages, more chemistry between the two, it just lacked direction, from what I remember they admitted they hadn't even studied the franchise and universe that much beforehand. While Sonic Boom is a different interpretation, it does feel a bit like what they wanted to aim for in places, and like experience on both medias may help them get a tighter grasp of their own take on the franchise.
  4. Looks more like Oswald's edgy cousin.
  5. Do people actually directly bring hate mail and slander to other members of Sonic Team's personal accounts and locations though? I know there was the Griffith example but otherwise I don't know who else they directly contact to harass this way instead of just complaining on boards or generic Sonic Team sites that are moderated by someone outside of the team.
  6. Yeah, but at least try to be constructive and impersonal about it instead of just insulting them. Stuff like 'Ease up on the meta gags this time' I could accept, not 'You're gonna make this game utter shit then'.
  7. Okay I'm not exactly a fan of Pontaff's usual writing style, but I agree that's just plain horrid. Some Sonic fans are disturbing. Allegedly Jason Griffith got death threats after he replaced Ryan Drummond in the games. If it's character packs for existing characters it wouldn't be as outrageous. I'm sure plenty would accept templates to play as Knuckles or Tails or Amy again, even with that fact in mind.
  8. At least it's a different looking mouth from the norm. There's SOME sign there could be diverse template options.
  9. Will there at least be an option to diverse from 'skinny Felix' build so the characters can truly look different. What about Big or Storm bulks? Actually if they had those we might be able to make Bark.
  10. It wouldn't surprise me if they had some templates for existing characters. A lot of those shoes and gloves already look similar to Shadow and Silver's attire at least. They stuff in enough easter eggs like that and this could be fun even for those not interested in OC making.
  11. Would be ironic if they actually ended up sticking in some hidden game of sorts. It's three. THREE. THREE. THREEEEE.... ....But it's actually 12.
  12. Allow 'robot appendages' as a customisation option and display the grappling hook as a hand cosmetically. Potential Bunnie Rabbot. We can dream can't we?
  13. That's the options? Ehh, a bit disappointing. Hope they expand. I want them to try all sorts to take advantage of this. And come on, how could they NOT make echidna an option? Suppose we might be able to make Shadow, Silver, Blaze and Lupe if they're intricate enough with this.
  14. I'd say it has potential like any 'editor' option. It depends on the same thing, and that's if they offer enough variety in options. Is it just a few generic tweaks of the normal Sonic template? Can we make existing Sonic characters playable again through these templates? Can we make even alternate media characters like Archie and Boom through these templates? There's so many damn things they can do with this option, it just depends how much time and investment they put into it.
  15. Forces new option could be neat if they added full templates for existing characters. Not that interested in making an OC, but am interested in making Tails, Knuckles, etc playable again. Hell why not offer templates for Archie or Boom characters to make it REALLY interesting.