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  1. Character deterioration

    The problem however is what have they replaced it with? Sure they're not running gags now, but are they anything else?
  2. Character deterioration

    I think the recurring problem is that some of the characters have a recurring flaw/quirk, but rather than develop and round it, they just utilise over and over to the point of Flanderization as a running gag as a writer's method of going 'Hey, remember, these guys have a personality'. Knuckles is gullible true, and don't ever forget that Sonic is reckless and Amy has an obsessive temper, and as of recently Tails is single minded with inventions. They sure won't let you anyway. In fairness, they're lucky they have even that at times. At least they have a defining vice. Some characters struggle with even that (as mentioned Sally got so flatly positive and down-to-earth in the comics that the best they could think of for her was lousy cooking).
  3. Character deterioration

    Ironic because being favoured is what slowly led to Sally's character deterioration into something far worse.
  4. Character deterioration

    This is a recurring problem with these two and many other characters, in that writers often have trouble finding a balance with their quirks, making them either over-the-top caricatures of themselves or harmless and inoffensive but fairly bland. X ALMOST had them right at the start of the series, I think what hurt their characters was less their own depiction and more their treatment by the narrative and cast. Amy started off a good balance of sweet natured and Sonic-obsessed or temperamental, but the problem was the odd times her temper did flare they exaggerated the reactions so that everyone was intimidated of her, even major bad guys, making her look like a dangerous psychopath (comparatively, even with Heroes' Flanderization, Amy was just generally treated as an annoying 'little brat' by the others, which helped nuance it). Similarly Knuckles had a mix of buffoonish and competent, but the competent side was undermined by him constantly falling victim to the 'loners are losers' moral and being overshadowed by Sonic's robotically ace-ish depiction. Even worse he started gain a Dr Zoidberg/Meg Griffin type aura around the other characters, with EVERYONE (even sweetly Cream, Cosmo and background character 64) randomly turning into school yard bullies around Knuckles. What was merely playful ribbing in the games got intensified into him being the team's dumbass patsy who needs to know his lowly place. I think this comedic sociopathy was what made keeping the balance difficult so eventually they just went with the more one note depictions the show lent to, making Amy and Knuckles the bully and the bullied respectively, especially as their relevance slowly downgraded into comic relief by Season Three. Concerning the un-Flanderized incarnations, I don't think it helps most of the more earnest depictions of Sonic are more plot driven than character driven. I notice this a lot with the more serious medias and I think that's why they end up feeling a bit bland, because a lot of the time the personality quirks aren't called in as often to matter. The nearest to a more character driven interpretation trying for a more balanced Amy is Boom, and even then I think they flounder a little by losing a lot of other traits that, while overwhelmed by the usual Flanderized ones, are just as important. While Boom Amy started off overenthusiastic and bubbly in spite of her more grounded personality, thus maintaining a silly side, she slowly flanderized into the moody control freak of the group, thus we simply moved from one stale flanderization into a new one. Sure she still has quirks because of how self righteous and curmudgeonly she is, but it's starting to become hardly Amy and more a new character (ironically she's probably closer to what Sally Acorn should have been if not for her own character deterioration).
  5. Have to agree. He maintains a degree of whimsy trademark to the franchise that Penders completely neglected, but I think his depictions still suffer from being bland or pretentious at times. The main comics looked good during an era where the games and other medias were barely trying, but with occasional stuff making it's own effort like Boom nowadays (if in a very different way) that pedestal is gone. (Yeah, I know Ian writes parts of Boom, but he didn't make the whole show good, probably spot on with your belief he works better co-writing instead of manning the whole thing). I actually tend to prefer his more simplistic comedic works like his stories for the X and Boom comics. Maybe also a reason his reboot quality was a little better to me, since it streamlined a lot of the story and allowed more links to the light hearted games mythos. The more I look at Ian's Sally, I could argue sometimes it's maybe less his obsession with her and more trying to maintain the old SatAm dynamic with her and the other Freedom Fighters (where admittedly she WAS the co-star). The problem is I think Ian doesn't have a good grasp of them as characters, so they felt over shilled for what they could offer. He has a limited variation of flawed or quirky characters, generally besides the occasional angst and serious trauma, there's reckless bombastic hotheads and there's straight men/everymen. While depictions like the other Boom writers can make more meticulous introverted characters like Tails still vibrant and three dimensional, Ian either underplays them into careful, normally behaved types that are always right or has to temporarily derail them into reckless types to give them a flawed moment. Hence Sally's best defined vice was being bad at cooking or being a hypocrite about Sonic's recklessness (which he didn't seem to notice as a vice since it was NEVER called out). Bunnie and Rotor I struggle to think up what personalities they had by the end of the comics run, and while Antoine gained back a bit of his jittery, snobbish attitude, a lot of his limelight in fact revolved around him having grown out of it. In fairness this was to some degree an artefact from previous writers (even in Satam in fact) but Ian did not 'fix' much in that regard.
  6. Fictional characters you hate/dislike?

    Reminds me of Lara Su inexplicably having Shadow's Chaos Control and making Enerjak WORK. I mean I don't loathe Lara Su, but that is laughable glorification. It'd be nice to have more females that are given powers and competence in a developed way that doesn't seem to just directly upstage the male characters' abilities. A recurring failure in making the female character sympathetic is that writers are unwilling to make them labor or suffer for anything, because 'making the girl suffer is too mean'. Hence so many are on the ridiculous winning end all the time, always winning against the male characters and getting what they labor for without much effort at all. A character has to suffer to be rootable, it doesn't mean we're sadists.
  7. I'm lonely. I think I've finally reached the point I want a girlfriend, but I have no idea how to chat them up and I'm likely too old for most that I'd like anyway. I've wasted so much of my life.

    1. Mightyray


      Speaking as a former lonely muppet who tried to woo a guy for most of her childhood and then realise when she grew up that it was clear he just wanted to be a friend, don't go in wanting a relationship but a friendship. If you and your partner get on really well as friends and both of you have that spark and are willing to move to the next level, go for it!

      Relationships take a lot of time. Go in with an open mind and be willing to communicate and have patience. 

      And if things don't work out at least you'll hopefully have a good friend in the end. I hope that was helpful.

      You'll get there Psi, you're a really good artist and a good person, you'll find someone.

    2. Kiah


      @Mightyray hit the nail on the head. While it’s desirable and even natural to want to be in a relationship it isn’t imperative to happiness. Friendships on the other hand are as we aren’t meant to be alone but rather have some form of companionship.

      That said, make your focus there with those you meet and know and who knows what else may come out of it besides having some wonderful friends which are true treasures. Cherish these treasures. 

      As for the age thing (I want to say we’ve talked about this before as I believe you’re close to my age. I’ll be 34 in January) it’s not too late to find someone. Don’t press it, be patient and hopefully it will come for you. I’m sure it will as I’ve seen some good qualities from you with what little interaction I’ve had with you here. 

      Just keep your head up and keep your expectations in check (be realistic!) while working towards them. Hope you find what you are looking for 🙂

    3. E-122-Psi


      Thank you very much for all the kind words. I will try my best.

      I just worry at times because my life seems to be passing by so quickly. I still feel like a teenager despite being 31. It pains me even saying that number, especially since I've never really had a serious relationship yet. Hell even my friendships are minimal due to constantly changing jobs.

  8. Pokemon Anime General Discussion

    Out of curiosity, did the Japanese version have renditions of any old game remixes like 'Burning Battlefield' (Kanto Trainer theme)? If so I'd be way more steamed about the dub replacing them.
  9. Pokemon Anime General Discussion

    Meanwhile James and Meowth are voiced by Jimmy Zoppi, none other than Mr Find The Computer Room himself. The altered soundtrack tends to be a big off put for many fans of the original (though in DP's fairness it did have some episodes done by a different studio that kept the soundtrack COMPLETELY intact, silent moments and all, not even early 4Kids did that). BW improved, though XY took a nose dive with SM being largely the same (though SM arguably is better at keeping more fan-nostalgic tracks like the Sinnoh and Kalos battle remixes). The dialogue and actors are also hit and miss. They keep slapping in corny one liners or slang with some of the characters (eg. Ash speaking in 'totally awesome' dialect non-stop, Team Rocket making bad alliterations and rhymes). They're not good at variation in actors either, most of them sound like standard 'fake kids' voices, perpetually shrill and ditzy with no volume control, even ones that are supposed to sound soft spoken and sophisticated like Lillie. You can tell some of them are genuinely trying, but with the direction and material they're given, it doesn't quite work out. That said I hear that some of the dub actors are victims of cyber bullying from some purist fans, which I do think is going too far with the ordeal.
  10. Because I was in a Genwunner mood:


    1. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      Dude, this is awesome! =D

  11. I imagine something cartoonishly slick and devious sounding for Fang, probably with a Bronx accent. Something like Maddie Blaustein's version of Meowth, though she is also no longer with us. Terry Klassen (aka. Dr Quark) might be a good second choice. He's done some good slick weasel types before.
  12. Has anyone tried looking up old songs just because they kept getting played in Looney Tunes cartoons?

    1. GhostOfChiliDawgYetToCome


      Someone's rockin' my dream boat...

    2. E-122-Psi


      And one of the most obvious:


    3. King Koopone

      King Koopone

      One that was used a few cartoons including two famous piano playing ones (Rhapsody Rabbit and Cat Concerto):

      Funnily enough I heard a song from the old Creative Labs demos and listening to it says I'm sure that I've listened to it on a Looney Tunes/Tom and Jerry cartoon before.

  13. Well they've got Vector, may as well go the whole hog... But I think there's one guy that has tons of potential in the Boom universe, so long as Froggy doesn't get camera shy and run off again. Yeah, I'll give credit the show's actually stuck pretty loyally to his bios for Sonic Heroes and the likes (besides being down and out, though how much he thrives off TV moola still gives some vibes to that). They just need to fine tune the dynamic and stories so his personality shines a bit more. Bringing in his ragtag co detectives might be helpful to that. Then again, even Knuckles, despite being written as a self aware idiot, isn't an incompetent hero per se. One thing though. If Boom DOES get a third season, it will likely officially be the longest running Sonic cartoon so far.
  14. This was pretty decent, but yeah it felt a bit unfocused. I'm not sure where they're going with Vector's character and his chemistry with Sonic. I feel like he's meant to be a blowhard but still kind of good at his job, but the interactions fall a little on the flat side. Sonic being kind of irritable around Vector because he's a TV star was an amusing role reversal of Sonic X though, where Vector was jealous of Sonic's fame. I find it odd they picked the one character whose usually part of a posse to bring in individually, unless they bring in Espio and Charmy later on. Can't complain about one of them being treated as an individual though.....Or any Sonic sidekick for that matter.
  15. So apparently Sonic 3D Blast was going to have 2 player split screen originally:

    I'm actually legitimately bummed they took that out.