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  1. Looking back, I don't think Sally Acorn being the 'bossy matriarch' archetype was ever the problem, but more that they never went the whole way with it. They never had that one 'ethical low point' where Sally got TOO controlling and neurotic or blasted at the others before having the big sincere remorse moment. Yeah, it's kind of cliche but it's nearly always the way you add humanity to those sort of commanding archetypes, that they can be pushy and lose their temper about it, but they mean well and it breaks their heart when they realise they've went too far and are hurting someone to do it (eg. Elinor burning Merida's bow in Brave, Stoick disowning Hiccup in How To Train A Dragon, Twilight Sparkle's outburst in the MLP movie). Sally was in that awkward unhumanised medium in terms of being the matriarch of the group, it was just NOT defined enough that it never got too toxic and she was made to accept it as a flaw, but it just WAS defined enough to be a key characteristic of hers, thus she was still kind of acerbic and hypocritical enough that you thought she was getting off too easy. It's like having a version of Sonic that's recurrently smug and reckless and doesn't pay for it at least once, there needs to be that moment a vice comes crashing down on someone. Granted the comics did arguably have a couple moments she did hit this extreme point and FAILED the character test miserably (eg. 'the slap' or blaming Sonic for her father's injuries), no matter how much Ian tried to retroactively amend things by saying she was super duper sorry about it and served her time stewing for it offscreen. I don't think wiping this characteristic clean off of her like an old shame was quite the way to go, at least not without having the key development from it first, the cathartic display of humanity.
  2. E-122-Psi

    Sega Ages Collection (Switch)

    Puyo Puyo 1 confirmed to have the obscure and hilarious bad English translation: https://twitter.com/puyopuyo20th/status/1085772017268252672
  3. SEGA AGES Puyo Puyo is apparently confirmed to have the obscure (and laughably bad) English arcade translation:


    1. Thigolf


      Silvana is my favorite Puyo character

  4. E-122-Psi

    Sega Ages Collection (Switch)

    Still no news if it's translated, though the speedy release doesn't leave me hopeful. Still it's nice we're getting the original version officially I guess (not that I would have minded an upgraded Mean Bean Machine).
  5. https://www.skeptic.com/insight/why-smart-people-are-not-always-rational/

    I love articles like these. I don't get why so many writers struggle to make consistent flawed characters that aren't 'in your face stupid' or 'unremarkable loser' archetypes. Intelligent or talented people if anything make the best flawed characters because they have more ability to rationalise a dumb action into being very clever from their perspective. Something is founding their willingness to overestimate their judgement.

  6. E-122-Psi

    Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled (June 21st, 2019)

    The appearance of boss racers in some standard race footage would suggest they've considered the randomisation option. I suspect Beenox having access to VV's model set for the trilogy would make adding new characters easier, though in fairness they only promised Oxide so far.
  7. E-122-Psi

    Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled (June 21st, 2019)

    Same, the bosses could use a touch variety to them anyway (the only key change is Oxide cheating at the start of his). It would also make a cool nod to the Norm boss in CNK.
  8. I un-ironically consider this guy the biggest badass in Disney canon:


    1. Marcello


      That's not Simba.

    2. E-122-Psi


      @Marcello Meh. Simba relied on bad guys who made tons of mistakes and needed his daughter to prevent him destroying his home turf in a war.

      Nearly every other Disney protagonist I can think of relied on magic comic relief allies or fairy dust in some form or other.

    3. Marcello


      Simba's dad could kick Bambi's dad's ass.

    4. E-122-Psi


      Mufasa was trampled like nothing by a herd of ungulate. How ironic.

    5. Marcello
    6. Forte-Metallix


      I know, right? If SpongeBob has taught me anything, it's that butterflies are the most terrifying creatures in existence.

    7. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      I was expecting Goofy.

      I'm disappointed.

    8. E-122-Psi


      @Waveshocker Sigma Well he's not far off:


    9. SupahBerry


      Simba's basically African Bambi anyway

  9. Theoretical: SA1 is remade, but only one gameplay tweak is allowed for each character. What will it be?

    1. PaulyBFromDa303


      Big's fishing controls are easier to handle

    2. Strickerx5


      Sonic: Geometry collision is refined so that he never falls through the map

      Tails: He gets his own levels

      Knuckles: A bigger emphases is placed on combat

      Amy: Make her movement more fluid/ faster

      E-102: Longer levels

      Big: deletehimlol I don't know actually... he needs a lot more than one change... better fishing controls?... whatever that means


    3. Ferno


      all the rings are moved slightly to the left

      no one will ever know

      but the dev that did it will know

      they know what they did and they'll never be caught

    4. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      Make Big the only playable character

      Oh but his moveset is everyone's powers

    5. E-122-Psi


      Sonic: Give instant light dash. (I'd say unglitch the level collision though that might be more a standard game programming tweak that involves every character).

      Tails: Replace at least 50% of the boost rings with developed pathways and short cuts.

      Knuckles: Add a larger more challenging variety of hiding spots for the emeralds (without getting too tedious in location like in SA2).

      Amy: Make mildly faster (say Gamma's walking pace).

      Gamma: Up the difficulty but less so with each level. (Final Egg and Emerald Coast will span further into the full area, with EC maybe having Big as a gag starter boss, Windy Valley and Red Mountain will be only slightly longer but with more aggressive boss AI, Hot Shelter would be largely the same as it is now).

      Big: Keep fishing but have a bit more platforming leading up to each area. This might be hard to do without a second tweak of giving him a better moveset as well though.

    6. Yeow


      Developer notes from Sonic Team:

      "Sonic now has an increased amount of dash panels in his levels. This was done to speed up the gameplay pace and bring it up to the standards of the other 3D Sonic games.

      Tails now has an increased amount of dash panels in his levels, with dash panels added on the ground as well as in his aerial routes. This was done to speed up the gameplay pace and bring it up to the standards of the other 3D Sonic games.

      Knuckles: His radar has been modified to function more closely to that of his gameplay in the sequel, Sonic Adventure 2. This was done to bring it up to the standards of the other 3D Sonic games.

      Amy: Now has the homing attack. This was done to speed up the gameplay pace and bring it up to the standards of the other 3D Sonic games.

      Gamma: His controls has been modified to function more closely to that of the similar shooting gameplay occupied by Tails and Eggman in the sequel, Sonic Adventure 2. This was done to bring it up to the standards of the other 3D Sonic games.

      Big: His fishing hook now has a homing attack mechanic, which allows players to hook fish faster in comparison to the original game. This was done to speed up the gameplay pace and bring it up to the standards of the other 3D Sonic games."

  10. Speaking of Disney, since they seem to be gradually reverting back to rehashing their old material, I wanna ask, what Disney franchise did you ever WANT to see get expanded past one movie? I mean some like Winnie the Pooh have done pretty okay as a running series.

    I admit to thinking it was a shame the Sword in the Stone never got a continuation, it was left pretty open ended, there was still three books and plenty King Arthur mythology to work off of and the whole nature of the film was episodic anyway.

    I also wouldn't have minded if Bambi's Children got adapted if they'd done a good job (though the midquel we got instead was quite enjoyable). They did a comic book version though obviously dumbed down a bit.

    1. Wraith


      I'm pretty open minded when it comes to sequels. I think a followup to Lilo and Stitch makes sense but the like 5 they did just aren't that great

    2. Ferno


      even though i'm not sure what more can be done with BH6's story, I'm a sucker for science fiction, and nerds doing nerdy things, and engineering and science and all that stuff, plus I've been getting more into super heroes over the years, plus- plus I'm sort of a closet weeb so I wanna see Big Hero 6 have a sequel or even get a trilogy just because they stuffed so many of my favorite interests into one movie like some sort of ferno's-interests burrito. but the story would have to be good, the villain(s) have to be better, and if Tadashi ever comes back, they're gonna have to really do it well or risk undoing a lot of the point of the first movie.

    3. Ernest the Panda

      Ernest the Panda

      Zootopia is an absolute given for me.

    4. Maxtiis


      Treasure Planet 2 and Atlantis the Lost Empire sequel. Both highly misunderstood movies and deserved far better than they got. Treasure Planet already had a sequel planned out but Disney nixed it during production.

    5. Sean


      I never really understood why Great Mouse Detective never got a sequel or at least a TV series.

      Particularly, I want a Fantasia 3 the most.

    6. E-122-Psi


      I am admittedly wondering why the more episodic franchises that had lasting appeal with their characters kept getting ignored and yet we got mindless follow ons like a midquel for The Fox and the Hound or Brother Bear 2. I mean I get some names like the Princesses and the Renaissance films are more marketable but those two aren't even hits.

      They've intended to make Fantasia a proper series for decades now, but both films they did make bombed in box office.

  11. I don't really get when people say Big's gameplay was insufferable. Once you figured out the controls it was pretty simple besides SA1's usual moments of imperfect physics. The only major annoyance came during the A Missions because you couldn't get the right size fish without collecting all those power ups.

    The bigger core problem I found was that Big doesn't really have anything else going for him besides that same mini game over and over. It punctuates the occasional monotony of the fishing since it's like having Amy's whole campaign just waltzing up to another Hedgehog Hammer or Gamma's just to another E-Series boss with nothing else of any substance.

    You give him more developed platforming elements before each part and maybe a better move set to make roaming in the Adventure Fields for said power ups less tedious he arguably would have been okay.

    1. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      I wonder if Big's gameplay would have been better if it was just a mod of Sega Bass Fishing, the game that Big's gameplay was based off to begin with without the walking around with nothing to do bits. Alternatively they could have put some light puzzle based segments or have Big attack enemies with his fishing rod, something to work around his character more.

      Speaking of which, has anyone actually modded one of the ports of Sega Bass Fishing to have Big become the fisher?

  12. My general problem with Tails' levels is that they are nearly all Sonic's levels just smaller, and Tails' mechanics actually simplify the gameplay instead of add any intuition to it, flying just brings you into boost rings, which are automated and boring shortcuts, compared to say finding developed pathways that make Tails' game an equally exciting and fresh experience. It's likely why his Speed Highway is the one exception because you aren't facing Sonic, but instead Eggman, meaning the pathway starts to deviate and develop according to his moveset as things go along. Gamma has a similar problem, though it feels more from lack of development, his levels are similarly shorter versions of Sonic, but while his gameplay does allow for a different approach and paths do deviate besides just streaming past the bulk of the level sometimes, just I think the programmers either ran out of time or really underestimated how quickly the player would get the hang of Gamma. The bosses could have made up for it but they're similarly patronisingly easy. Hot Shelter was probably the best example of Gamma's gameplay used to full potential, with a fairly large developed level and a boss that is quick to defeat but still puts up a bit of a fight (much like standard classic bosses really). The timer offers a bit more pressure in that level though if you know what you're doing you can still complete the level in plenty of time, giving a decent sense of Sonic-like momentum. Even Big in concept I don't think is bad, it's just that, as mentioned his controls (both fishing and platforming) could be refined a lot better, and since all the levels are mostly just the fishing mini game (compared to say Gamma whose levels at least aren't just the targets) it means his levels are very same-y and basic. Hot Shelter toyed with a small platforming segment beforehand, though given Big's basic controls it doesn't really amount to much. Knuckles is mostly fine in both level design and controls. The only problem is that, like Gamma, the gameplay patronises you a little, with emerald shards nearly always in only the same handful of areas in very plain sight. Red Mountain is generally considered his best level due to the level size and a slightly better variation of hiding places (without getting too complex and esoteric like parts of SA2). Maybe adding Knuckles enhanced control set from SA2 like the Drill Spin or digging through walls would allow a bit better variation and momentum. Just please, leave the radar as it is. Amy's levels are probably the most developed and her gameplay works pretty well to them, besides her maybe being a bit too slow (and even then being relatively slower than Sonic is fine, but she trails behind even Big and Gamma). The bigger problem is that she only has THREE levels and ironically even two of them feel like filler. Sonic without saying is the most developed besides some glitchy level and some automated sequences that are too easy to break. I'd maybe give him the instant light dash from later games to keep momentum going however. Mini games is maybe where the game could be expanded better, only Sonic and Tails get the large bulk of them, which helps their stories feel more fleshed out. Maybe add one or two unique ones for each character whenever their levels start to get too repetitive (I'd love if they made a Big's Fishing Derby type mini game for Big, like some huge redeeming time waster for his campaign mode). I do also wonder how SA1 would have played out if those handful of levels mentioned in the programming had made it in. One is labelled desert (which may have tied with Sand Hill to make it a full level) while another sounds like an Angel Island nostalgia level. It would have been interesting if some of these played some sort of role in the main plot and maybe were supposed to give the characters more relevance to the main story (I find it odd Eggman sends Gamma to collect only one emerald for example, with a very large time skip between this and his initial training, there could have been novelty playing more of the game as a bad guy perspective, maybe developing on Eggman's plan with Chaos before things turn to Gamma's revolt and personal agenda).
  13. I don't think Big in concept has to go. It's not like glitch or mechanic issue or unfinished element, his gameplay concept was very deliberate, just how it was set about was unrefined. It's like some of the vehicles in the Crash trilogy, they weren't always well received ideas, but they still intentional enough parts of the game that the remakes kept them in, though with subtle attempts to tweak them to be more enjoyable here and there. Either way taking him out completely would be like a deduction from the game, which regardless to whether the majority think he's bad or not, I don't agree is a good strategy. It's cutting out levels and gimmicks of the game. Let's say they fixed up the fishing mechanics so they were tighter and more accurate and also made the fish and Froggy were more responsive, making the whole thing less time consuming. That would be a subtle refinement like the aforementioned Crash vehicles. Then we get to more drastic issues however, since even without the fishing gimmick in mind Big's gameplay is incredibly barebones and fixing that would require greater retools (some levels have remains that hint to longer paths and puzzles before reaching the fishing area in early development however) and as a platform character he's the most unwieldy and basic, which makes roaming around as him in the Adventure Fields rather tedious. This could be partially fixed by adding optional extra abilities I guess (which is very possible given SA1's ability upgrades) giving him something like his Heroes umbrella or body slam or making his rod attack more powerful. Let's take the Ice Cap level for example. Big's stage is oddly large and explorable, but the place you have to perform is a small area at the start. It tasks you use a boulder to reach it, but the boulder is also right in front of you, and ironically you don't even need it, just jump on the ice and it's unlocked. Let's say they took out that loophole and put the boulder further into the level adding a bit of item collecting and platforming (most of the level is conveniently vertical as well, abolishing backtracking). That's cool, but with Big's gameplay it's not that fun, so you'd need to make him slightly more agile and likely give him a better offence against enemies. You have the basics for a decent exploration > mini game challenge approach there, but all that also requires noticably retooling how the original character and level was structured. That's not even considering he only has FOUR levels.
  14. Besides some superficial bad attempts to make the story grittier by the English dub, the tone of Forces writing isn't actually all that bad, it's just ultimately it's kinda of bland, and it's to flavour what is mostly a half baked story. If anything I could argue that it would be an improvement over Sonic Adventure 1, which is also a mix of cheesiness and flat exposition, but exaggerated in that manner, just there is some sort of substance to the story in that example that makes some of it worth checking out. Concerning an SA1 remake, if it is even being considered in the long run, I wouldn't be against it, but you have to ask how it would turn out. The thing about the Crash and Spyro remakes is that, while not every gimmick in those games is solid in concept either, the engine and layout is still pretty developed enough that they can get away with just replicating the game as it is but with mild tune ups. SA1, while not a BAD game is definitely not fully baked, and it's only more obvious since it's already had a port. Sonic 2 for example is a game that didn't quite get everything met in deadlines, but the difference there is that they got the engine solid enough besides minor glitches and while some levels and gimmicks didn't make the cut, what IS there is still finished and polished enough that you couldn't really tell until someone informed you. Thus Taxman's team could get away with SEGA's restrictions, refining the engine slightly but the old one being competent enough that they were able to keep it thoroughly authentic, and adding a few bug fixes and extras that don't really alter the main course of the game unless you willingly play around with them. They did convince SEGA to budge for the omitted Hidden Palace and while that is a great extra, it wasn't vital to make it a solid game and again it was added in the form of a superfluous secret that doesn't alter the main game. Sonic Adventure is infamous for being a game you had to figure how NOT to break the mechanics, and what did make it into the final product sometimes feels much more half baked. They obvious had a good idea plotted out but hadn't quite figured how to program it all to flow together professionally and while I don't begrudge the extra character stories, a lot of them aren't really executed well enough in level design and intuitiveness to excel past glorified mini games (Tails' levels in particular are just small sections of Sonic's levels and rather than having Tails' flying discover developed short cuts and treats, they just scattered loads of boost rings everywhere, allowing you to break the game, while Big's levels are consistently just a couple steps towards one same small fishing pool since his moveset doesn't allow for much platforming to lead up to it, Gamma's levels also tend to be noticeably small, almost like they run out of time to finish them). To have SA1 reach it's full potential you'd have to enhance a lot of parts in a noticeable way, which according to Taxman's team, SEGA isn't too big on in regards to remakes. I don't mean any of the recurring more drastic suggestions like omitting Big or making everyone do fast linear levels like Sonic, even with my occasional grievances I don't think completely reimagining the game's base structure is necessary, but there's a lot of patching up needed.
  15. Happy New Year everyone.

    Hopefully I can get things on track better than I did throughout 2018 though I say the same thing each year.

    1. Failinhearts


      Happy new year!

    2. Kiah


      I’ve been saying the same thing for years. It’s extremely hard to do but it’s not impossible. 

      I finally feel like I’m able to do it after alleviating myself of a lot of baggage here in 2018. Hope we are both successful 🙂


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