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  1. She did one as an idle animation in Mind Over Mutant. Schultz being brought in but not for Dingodile seems odd, though I admit he didn't exactly sound like Hootkins' version besides the accent so maybe they want a better imitation this time (but then why LaMarche as Brio?). Burton I'm iffy about, but then again he is a veteran actor and had only a couple lines in a game with bad cutscenes anyway (even the usual actors didn't sound very enthusiastic in WOC). Do add in N. Gin's reverb this time though. Nice to know they got Dimaggio as Tiny again, I'll be interested hearing how he does Uka this time though. Also interested how Tatasciore will be handling making proper interpretations of the original unvoiced characters.
  2. I admit Grimer stood out for being a lackey with no ulterior motive or unfaithful streak, he was just really loyal to Robotnik. He did finally draw the line but it took the most insane of turns from the doctor, and even then he returned out of remorse in the online continuation. I also liked how despite this he did seem to feel sorry for how some of his minions got treated. You could tell how saddened he was by Robotnik's treatment of Metamorphia. It was something that within all of Grimer's diabolical actions made the guy kind of sympathetic, he actually CARED about his evil bad guy squad. He would stand out within a cast of villains who are either constantly using or backstabbing each other or have zero respect for those they serve, with Eggman usually being on the receiving end. Sure, ambitious conniving cohorts are fun, but variation is nice, especially after the games have reused the same basic 'Eggman the patsy' formula over and over. I mean imagine if EVERY Decepticon was like Starscream. Besides that however, he suffers from the same glaring problem the rest of the STC cast do, his design just doesn't remotely fit at all. He's this strange green humanoid scientist that looks more like something out of a Marvel comic. It's almost a shame they didn't go with the original plan of making him their own interpretation of Snively, who as shown with Archie, could be made to fit.
  3. I'm tempted to say Dr Quark. He was only in one episode of AoSth but he was a neat idea. I like the idea of Eggman having a rival villain, and not just a standard usurper whose more sinister and powerful (but far less durable) than him in every way, an egotistical, childish bumbler just like him who bickers and confronts him constantly. Since Eggman at this point is almost as goofy as AoSth Robotnik little chemistry would be lost in the transition either. I'd REALLY like to Sally, I'd love to see her in the games done right, but since not even the media that DOES use her often succeeds in that, I think she is too dangerous to put in, especially if one of the game writers gets too over attached to her like for the cartoons and comics and she becomes a black hole to the rest of the universe.
  4. Well technically she isn't, Vicki Winters voiced her in 2, Debyberry's voiced her for so long after though she's pretty much the definitive voice. I wonder if Coco will get any speaking bits in Warped. Also wonder how she and N. Gin will sound after hearing how much Lang and LaMarche tried to replicate the originals. The screenies look nice, still not completely sold with Polar and the Komodoes though. Still waiting for a screenie of Coco.
  5. While it might be favouritism I thought Steve Broadie's mellow delivery as Gamma was pretty good, and despite the cliched robotic dialogue, he rarely had many cringeworthy lines, some were actually pretty powerful ("Units remaining.....Gamma..."). Hell that one side story boosted SA1's a good amount. Hell considering even John St Jon supposedly hated voicing Big, I thought he interpreted him pretty well for what his character was. He remains my favourite voice for the character. This one little scene (which is surprisingly of the English translation's creation) is surprisingly poignant:
  6. What comments does he get exactly? Hard to say, though I know Hurst hated working on Underground, claiming he was working off some very amateur ideas and scripts and had to rework it a fair bit to salvage it. I don't know whether that was him claiming he had to drastically retooled the entire setup or just mildly fine tuned odd bits of script so it wasn't outright bad. He sounded a bit too apathetic towards the whole thing to take that much control of it.
  7. I do agree the cutscenes are pretty bad. I know it was their first big Dreamcast game, but even the Playstation had more palpable cutscenes early on. Even the use of stock animations could have been palpable if they weren't so buggy and there was more of a variation of animations (take the Klonoa remake for example, doesn't look amazing, but at least it looks like it's flowing properly and certain scenes even give off decent emotion). The English translation also worsened it a great deal with cornier scripting. Not sure why, this was the one 3D game they had free reign to edit the dialogue how they wanted (making Eggman sound more sinister in Tails' story was a neat touch though). For comparison here is the Japanese script directly translated (turn on Closed Captions):
  8. Been a while since I saw it, but didn't they stick in a ton of their own jingles as usual? The S/M dub pilot didn't use any new music from what I remember. I do know that the standard tracks from the first episode were about the only ones they bothered keeping in later episodes (eg. the Kalos battle music, the Team Rocket motto theme, the title card and 'Pokemon main theme' opening music), suggesting they only bought the rights to the music from that ONE episode.
  9. The Sun/Moon dub is at least off to a good start, the pilot used the EXACT SAME soundtrack as the Japanese original. They even kept in the silent ambient bits for once rather than sticking in little home made jingles.
  10. The 4Kids dub made a lot of pointless cuts and edits, especially during the third season (though in fairness that had such gratuitously dark moments in the original that I'm tempted to believe they just made it as a middle finger to their edits of the first two seasons). Even besides that, the soundtrack was blander (though not ear gratingly horrid), the voice acting was that studio's at it's worst (even Mike Pollock's performance is nothing to how good he is as Eggman now), and the dialogue was mostly altered to be less emotional or riddled with horrid puns or conversations that made no relation or sense to what was going on (eg. the first season finale, which had an 'Evil has standards' moment from Eggman when Sonic is beaten to a pulp, in the dub he's....well...you can't really tell what his stance is, it's just silly dialogue, they kept in Sonic's beating anyway, what was the problem?). That's not to say the original was a work of art of course. Many issues with the series are just as prominent, if not worse in the original edit. Just that when the series is good, it sticks out a lot less in the dub in all it's puns and poor acting and atmosphere.
  11. How do you mean? Ash getting the agony zap or the sleepy zap?
  12. I will say that BW was FAR from perfect itself, but deserves no more flak than XY. I do like it tried to rectify mistakes that the anime suffered from since about the beginning though. I guess XY lost points for me because it went back to exacerbating those old issues despite being made afterwards, which is no less backwards a move than BW lobotomising Ash. Ash inspiring people and being competent is fine when it isn't the ONLY interesting aspect of his character, which is why I'm totally fine with him still having those elements in Sun/Moon. Similarly TR are bumbling but used moderately, and while their plans aren't brilliant they do at least require enough strategy to defeat to make them interesting to watch and say that the twerp squad for that series looks competent. Granted again, this is EIGHT episodes in, so it can go wrong in all that time left, but I do think Sun/Moon has the potential to improve on both series if it keeps thing up.
  13. I just think XY did a one step forward and then another step backward. Sure it fixed Ash's competence, but also exaggerated THAT element up to absurd levels, thus simplifying his character again, but instead to the positives, with him excessively mature and badass and goody goody and everyone worshipping the ground he walked on. And even then BW Ash had a decent compromise by the end of the series, while XY Ash just got more over the top and blandly Ace-like, much in a similar tone to Sonic X Sonic, being more a pivot for other more interesting characters' development from being inspired by him. In terms of chemistry this meant most interactions he had were one sided besides 'motivating' people by how upbeat he was, he had ONE argument the entire series and Serena treated it like a total betrayal of what he was, she was THAT unused to him having negative aspects, which if anything demonstrated how limited their bond was. Even ignoring that, XY ignored all continuity and experience in terms of his progression, so felt skewed in showing him 'fully developed' as much as BW's reset did. Sun/Moon might actually be working into a better compromise than either of them, since he is goofy/childish AND still battle competent and insightful, with links to his former travels referenced from the very first episode. Team Rocket had a decent compromise in late BW/early XY, being back to bumbling, but still remaining a bit methodical and formidable and so still able to offer a challenge for the twerps, not to mention most of their roles being limited to when they could have entertaining use or move the story forward. As XY wanted to shill Ash (and even worse Serena despite still being a total novice) Team Rocket got slowly dumbed down to useless, and were even shoved into episodes and interrupting plots they weren't needed in an even less inventive way than the pre-BW series where they were mandatory per episode. You could predict how every single face-off with them would play out since they were pretty much a perennial writers' cop out for when they didn't know how to make the main story end. The biggest saving grace was the Flare arc and the last few episodes preceding, where they pretty much rage quit after lamp shading how ridiculously invincible the twerp cast had become. The amount of annoying, boring or over/under pushed Pokemon was about the same for both series. Oshawott's comic relief was no less repetitive than Pancham and Chespin. I did like BW at least tried to go for the original series' mentality, having some members not needing to evolve to prove their worth and using the powers they had (especially since in the anime, evolution is the standard anime 'power of really really wanting something when in a pinch' process rather than something worked for). It didn't execute it all that brilliantly, but it was no less a disaster story than Noivern, who went from a completely inexperienced Noibat, to suddenly being a god modded Noivern....and then being completely mediocre. I feel plot armour was excessive because, while it was frequent in other shows, there were still palpable enough times the protagonists worked and earned victories through competence. Besides Ash's gym run though (which thankfully lacked any interruptions), they overused invincible moments for the twerps, either giving them a ridiculously minimal challenge even an infant with their Weedle could win (see the TR complaint above) or having some bigger assistance or stroke of luck occur (eg. evolution spamming). It was most prevalent for the companions. It NEVER felt like Serena stood a chance of losing the showcases until the finals (which a protagonist never wins anyway) and her token losses were always excused so no one could surpass her at her full capacity. It was also ridiculous, whether it be her specialty or not, that she NEVER lost a battle in all that time, even the times she took token hits were minimal (being mostly TR battles didn't seem that much of an excuse, even Ash's team were put on the ropes a few times by them). Regardless of the BW cast's defects and Ash's reset, with TR's boost and a bigger helping of antagonists, along with other arcs like Iris trying to make her Pokemon obey her (and not counting a victory BECAUSE of disobedience or fluke as an earned one), they still tried to make it look like they were working and earning accomplishments. XY, within all the shilling, actually made these minimal, being too obsessed with the XY twerp cast cleaning house all the time, and whenever they didn't have all the leverage, being instantly reduced to crying 'PLOT, SAVE ME!', and immediately being answered. I don't root for protagonists who are never forced to earn anything on their own, and while Pokemon has always lingered around the fine line on that, XY just went over the top for the sake of flashy action.
  14. My problem is more it is treated as some pinnacle of writing quality for the show within the fan base and what Sun/Moon is defiling right now, despite it succumbing to the same formula flaws and cheapness previous series did, if not exacerbating. 'Dodge' and plot armour if anything were spammed their worst this series, which definitely cheapened a lot of the protagonists' progress and the supposed brilliant choreography of the battles. I was actually far less invested in seeing them win this series simply because they had to many invincibility buttons. Everyone else was their underdog. Serena is an issue because her non battling goals didn't stop her being pushed as Ash's teammate over Clemont, who at least had skill to be interesting to watch, and wasting tons of episodes with extremely generic curb stomp battles against grunts and TR just to make her look competent, when they may as well have just let her level grind a little. TR is an issue because they got even lazier with them than usual, nearly all their schemes in XYZ were interchangeable one minute beatings, to the point you could likely predict the moves each character would use in exact order, and often in a way that interrupted a better battle or plot idea. It looked especially bad straight after a series that not only bothered to make TR challenging enough that the heroes look accomplished stopping them, but demonstrated they didn't have to be forced into every episode anymore. I just don't get why so many put it on a pedestal when they rip on stuff like BW relentlessly, especially when BW, despite having it's own problems, at least tried to rectify or downplay some of the aforementioned recurring flaws in the anime, while XYZ just got lazy and worsened them. And as said before, Sun/Moon is eight episodes in, just because XY started on a big adrenaline boosted bang and SM didn't doesn't mean there will be barely any battles, especially abiding by the preview of the next episode.
  15. Oh yeah, because XYZ didn't spam TR 'battles' over proper ones, did it? And Serena was such an awesome and fun to watch battler. And I never get sick of hearing intricate strategies like saying "Dodge!" a billion times. There totally weren't umpteen times the heroes were rescued by plot armour either. XYZ had about the same level of competence writing battles and action scenes as the previous series, if not worse (even BW at least had half way challenging TR the whole of it's run over repetitive curb stomp fests), just XYZ was good at making them look very flashy. There's more to the show than just trying to look superficially badass and 'epic' and making promises it can't keep ("Yeaahhh, Ash is gonna totally win the league this time, and AshGreninja is gonna make new meaning to the anime, and Serena's gonna be Ash's soulmate, things are so definitely not gonna return to status quo completely by the end of this series"). Sun/Moon, while maybe not battle heavy, has still had some intense moments, but it knows it can get as much from settling down and focusing on personalities and other things. Yeah, it overdoes on the slapstick a bit, but it doesn't feel as one track focused on that as XYZ did with 'actionizing' the show. And having a more laid back promotion means people can go in focusing on the positives than being disappointed by too high expectations XYZ tried to promote. I'm not saying Sun/Moon can't plummet horribly at this point, but it is eight episodes in.