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  1. E-122-Psi

    Sonic The Hedgehog CD - 25th Anniversary

    A fun Sonic game if rather messy in places (looking at you Wacky Workbench). I remember being super excited when I got this game for the PC, though the strange format and the erratic American soundtrack left me bewildered by it. Now I can appreciate it a bit more for what it is. Wow, actually I never connected the two until you mentioned it. Yeah it goes to show how annoying gimmicks can work if given the proper direction.
  2. After playing the SEGA AGES version of Sonic 1, I'm starting to hop onto the same bandwagon that the Drop Dash is a understatedly awesome move for Sonic (and about the only signature one he's had that boosts speed in fact, he was technically never faster than the others in the 2D games).

    My only concern is that it makes him OP in Time Attack and VS race modes whenever other characters are playable. If it's implemented into the Sonic 2 AGES release, Tails is gonna be at an unfair disadvantage, especially if they don't insert his flying ability to balance it out.

  3. E-122-Psi

    Sega Ages Collection (Switch)

    Wait, was it always in widescreen?
  4. I thought her legs looked a bit bent inward, they gave her anthro ones, just the boots obscure them. Works on her actually. The concept art again looks better stylised (I like how her boots and outfit don't quite fit), though Bianca I think transitioned to 3D better than a lot of the others. Even her sly expression looks similar to the original. Now I wanna see her animated.
  5. Doesn't look bad, not sure about the facial expression. Like Ripto it looks like they've tried too hard to make him look sinister, I thought Crush and Gulp had more character with those big simpleton eyes.
  6. E-122-Psi

    Revive One, Banish Another

    I honestly think a lot of it comes down to having such strict proportioning with Sonic characters in the past. They at least tried to make the Deadly Six a little more within the conventions of the Sonic universe, compared to the say, the anime human characters in past games or the final villains like Black Doom and Biolizard. I think the Deadly Six, or at least the concept they have, is good on paper, just generic writing doesn't do them the best justice. It's nice having a villain that's not just a serious shadowy demi-god 'oh so much more eviller than thou' contrast to Eggman that barely looks like they're from the same franchise, we really need more whimsical baddies.
  7. E-122-Psi

    Happy 25th/Silver Anniversary to the Sonic SatAM!

    I will agree that Eggman risked becoming an artefact for a while in the games, but that was a time nearly everything of the classic era was slowly playing second fiddle to big new overhauls with new characters and pretentious plot lines that had nothing to do with the classic mythos, even Sonic struggled to keep relevance in some of them. Also remember that Eggman's tenure has been MUCH longer than Julian's, who even in the comics technically only lasted around 50 issues. SatAm was fortunate enough to end just as the main 'Sonic vs Robotnik' rivalry had been played out, with Season Three sounding a lot like it would have put other original characters into the centre fold for a while at least, what with Snively and Naugus trading main villain role and the latter applying more personal stakes for Sally due to her father than Sonic. The comics did the same thing ten fold only with some of their own original concepts. I know Hurst suggested Knuckles might appear, but the context of that quote sounded a lot like a 'Sure, maybe, whatever' type answer. Even if they did use Knuckles, it doesn't sound like he was the creative team's primary focus in the least.
  8. E-122-Psi

    Sega Ages Collection (Switch)

    Sigh. Spin Dash most definitely NOT bug fixed then.
  9. E-122-Psi

    Happy 25th/Silver Anniversary to the Sonic SatAM!

    Yeah, and would have been reduced to his lackey had Season Three been made. He was not immune to the patsy role Eggman has. Also as people have stated good villain =/= scary competent villain. The primary requirements of a villain are to cause a problem for the hero and have some sort of antagonistic chemistry with them, and there are as many bumbling villains that do that perfectly as there are serious threatening ones. Keep in mind also that while SatAm Robotnik had chilling personality and aesthetics, it wasn't exclusive to creating the dynamics of SatAm. Jim Cummings used the EXACT SAME CHARACTER in an episode of Winnie the Pooh, for a villain that wants to make under Christopher Robin's bed dirty:
  10. Beta WOC, according TT's producer, wasn't QUITE a Twinsanity before Twinsanity. It still followed the linear level format, just wider scape, he stated it the levels were supposed to test the standstill camera more, comparing it to the LEGO games. After Universal asked for a more conventional game, they toned it down, though shades of it still exist in some parts of the game. Concerning remake potential, I guess it really depends how many hands they have to work on new titles. A new game would likely be higher priority for either, but still, since they both base themselves on the original games, they have a proper engine to remake them on now with the trilogies, which I suppose the developers might consider for a quick little project to earn some extra bucks.
  11. At least they avoided the cliche of giving her buck teeth.
  12. E-122-Psi

    Sega Ages Collection (Switch)

    It looks okay, nothing on the Taxman remaster, but still a nice effort. I hope the spin dash is bug fixed over the 3DS version though. Is Time Attack mode genuinely only for Green Hill Act 1 though? I mean a worldwide leaderboard for the whole of a classic game like Sonic 1, that has appeal, but not as much just for one level of it.
  13. Bianca actually looks pretty decent. Expectedly they curved up her design a little like in Enter the Dragonfly, but nothing absurd (does she have animal legs or human legs though? It's hard to tell with the boots but her lower legs seem really stretched back). I'm actually interested in seeing her the most in cutscenes, she had a cute role, but her model was one of the derpiest for expressions in the original game. I wanna see her fully robed though, she looked cuter with her cloak on. Still have hopes they bring back Pamela Hayden to voice her. I see ETD more equivalent to Wrath of Cortex than Twinsanity, A Hero's Tail is probably the latter's equivalent, Enter the Dragonfly was less a reimagining and more a straight up 'bulked up version of the PSOne games for the new consoles' like WOC. Just WOC did a somewhat better job making a complete game in the same deadline, though could equally benefit from being remade on a more competent engine.
  14. E-122-Psi

    Happy 25th/Silver Anniversary to the Sonic SatAM!

    Not with the same creative team. If their approach is flawed or limited it's gonna be so no matter what era unless some epiphany occurs where they seriously up their game. The concept notes for Season Three sound like Hurst still had the same 'big atmospheric premise - ???? - profit' approach as before, especially with NICOLE's backstory, which he went into very unsettling detail with the dark imagery but hadn't even thought how it would plot out besides a very brief note of 'Robotnik would lose NICOLE somehow'. Hurst and Jenson were good at designing good premises and concepts, but I think they needed some other writers to drive the characters.
  15. I'm more put off by the lack of multitap support since I usually use the D-Pad anyway.

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