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  1. Replaying some Sonic Adventure. I still believe Gamma's is the campaign that would have most benefitted from a little more development time besides Sonic's. It had the most substance without feeling like either a glorified mini game or a retread of Sonic, and while it's far too easy to start off with, the difficulty curve is good with only one point the momentum is broken with loads of walking into cutscenes.

    Amy's levels are pretty good too, but the problem is I can't think of any way to really expand her story (two of her three levels are already padding).

    1. MegasonicZX


      Gamma in general was actually pretty cool and I think with a couple of more mechanics to work with he definitely could've worked as a reoccurring character since he's pretty close to the normal gameplay while still being unique enough to stand on his own.

    2. E-122-Psi


      I don't mind Gamma staying a one time character, I just would have preferred if they made that one time count. Maybe be a bit more integral to the main story, a couple levels helping Eggman snag more of the emeralds from Sonic, and his boss fights being more aggressive.

    3. Blacklightning


      I've always maintained that a good Sonic character should focus on movement first and combat second, but Gamma's an interesting case in that his attacking ability doesn't hinder his movement, which is probably the next best thing. It's a pretty interesting disconnect between SA1 Gamma and ShTH, the latter of whom basically needs to come to a complete stop to shoot as accurately.

      Were it up to me I'd make the two work hand in hand. Let him use that booster of his horizontally for a speed boost as well as vertically for hovering, but give it a finite guage that you have to shoot enemies to refill. Bam, now he's perfect.

    4. E-122-Psi


      I don't think Gamma's speed is that distracting even, it could do with a subtle boost perhaps (or even just having the rolling mode offer a more significant difference) but otherwise he's slower than Sonic but still keeps enough adrenaline about it, compared to Amy and Big that feel a lot more like a Sonic character trying to lug a heavy weight behind them, which feels more tedious.

      I think the bigger problem is the difficulty of his levels and bosses, since the fact he can actually keep up momentum based gameplay well was seemingly underestimated by the developers. Final Egg and Emerald Coast are absurdly short, and even with the bosses, the problem isn't that they can be defeated quickly since that's the same method as the old Sonic bosses, but more they don't really put up much of a resistance while doing such so that you had to master his controls to still keep a flow. Hot Shelter and E-105 Zeta were a well made final level and boss however.

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