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  1. And now a live action film has been announced to be in the works.



    For the longest I've been believing that a live action movie was going to happen, so I'm not surprised at this. Nothing on who is being casted and such, but we do know

    - Legendary Entertainment is working on the film (King Kong, Jurassic World, Detective Pikachu movie)

    - Alex Garcia and Jay Ashenfelter from Legendary will be working on the film, while it's being supervised by Ryosuke Yoritomi over in Japan from Shueisha 

    - TOHO will be distributing the film in Japan

  2. Yeah, JoJo will have representation in the game. Hopefully it's different JoJo's such as Jotaro, Josuke, or Giorno this time around.

    Also, Namco hit me up with a beta code but I'm guessing the beta isn't starting yet? Tried following the times that was listed on the website and no luck so far getting in to play.

  3. Going back to the theaters this Saturday to watch it for a third time! PLUS ULTRA!!!!





    Also, shout out to everyone that has managed to make this happen so far! While, yes, this is only including sales data for the first two days and not last night to make three days (It should update some time today with Thursday sales), we've still managed to push Hero Academia close to 2 million in sales in only two days! 

    If you want to monitor and keep up with the sales for the movie, you can check it out here: https://www.boxofficemojo.com/movies/?id=myheroacademia.htm



    According to IGN recent article, because the movie has been performing so strongly, there's been additional days added by theaters to meet demands of people wanting to see this movie! Originally it was supposed to run for 5 exclusive days (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Tuesday of Oct 2nd), but now I've seen that there are listings for the movie for Friday the 28th and Sunday the 30th!



    I can certainly see Hero Academia reaching 3 to 4 million in box office sales! 

  4. Yup! The entire story is basically being narrated by Future Deku. 


    So, we already know he'll become a great one in the future and such. (I guess it possibly was obvious this is a Shonen lol), but we're just heading towards that great event that turns him into one. For what it's worth, he's still a 1st year at U.A. There's 3 term years in Japan, so we still have a ways to go until he becomes a 3rd year and graduates, and whether or not we'll see the Class 1-A kids as future Pro Heroes doing work (like a Shippuden version of Hero) is up in the entire, honestly. I guess it depends on how much Shigaraki develops his League of Villains group during Deku's time as a 2nd and 3rd year at U.A. That'll decide the length of the story, I'm sure.

    But hey, hopefully you can get more into Hero as the story progresses. If you've been keeping up with the anime then

    Deku and the others got their Hero Licenses which opens up them to actually use their Quirks against villains outside. Now they have permission and won't get in trouble for getting into fights outside, like how Deku/Iida/Todoroki did when they fought Stain without a license. This should help open Hero up more, along with any future internships with pro heroes.

    But yeah. If the slice of life/down periods still aren't your thing, I hope the main story about One For All/All For One is gripping enough to keep you here for the long Shonen ride!

  5. 1 minute ago, Meta77 said:

    I mean has it will it change. Naruto originally was a simple become hokage inti a full blown war.  or is that the goal like one pieces well goal for king of the pirate's

    It won't change. It was stated in chapter 1 that this is how Deku becomes the greatest. Hero will be more like Naruto than One Piece in terms of reaching its end goal/endgame. One Piece is more of an adventure driven story where while you do care about what exactly One Piece is and Luffy being the KIng of the Pirates, you're not supposed to prioritize it over the adventure at hand. Naruto/Hero is about you really prioritizing Naruto/Deku reaching their dreams and watching their struggles of starting from 0 (Nothing) to 100 (Hokage/Greatest Hero)


    I mean, the only thing is that the world of Naruto started off simple, but as characters grew up, the world changed. More politics were involved, past issues that were greatly ignored were carried into the present time and started to become a problem, and eventually it turned into a full blown war. The same will happen with Hero (as we've been seeing) where Hero Society at large will be changing and challenged on what Heroes really are, what Villains really are, etc. The whole story of One For All/All For One will continue to get more and more complex until Deku and Shigaraki have their final clash to potentially end everything that's been going on for generations. We may very well get a war-ish arc in Hero as endgame between Pro Heroes and Shigaraki's massive army of villains, but at the end, Deku and the Heroes will come out on top and Deku will be the new symbol Japan needs, just like how Naruto eventually became the key symbol that Konoha and every other ninja country needed to save the day.


    Believe me, Hero won't be like One Piece. Kohei Horikoshi (mangaka of Hero) isn't like Eiichiro Oda (mangaka of One Piece) at all. Horikoshi has stated before in interviews he always planned Hero to be a concise story and you can see Hero is a fast paced Shonen story, compared to Oda who knows how he'll end the story, but he constantly keeps coming up with new ideas to extend the life of it since he enjoys it. And there's only so much that can be done with Hero story compared to One Piece expansive world.

    (Sorry for long reply! I just love writing!) 

  6. 10 minutes ago, Meta77 said:

    I'm still trying to like mha.  when it gets serious its great. I'm just not use to so much downtime after big fights yet.  but what's the overall goal?

    That's pretty understandable and the slice of life moments after the big fights/villain arcs is a complaint for some. Personally love the SoL moments/cool down moments to death because of the character interactions and all the set up for future events. Though, I can imagine the flip flop between villain arc to school arc gets tiring for some since everything comes back to U.A. school as the reset point.

    The overall goal really is to watch Deku become the greatest hero and watch him deal with being the next generation user to deal with OFA/AFO, along with him and his classmates being nurtured into becoming future Pro Heroes. 

  7. Seen My Hero Academia: Two Heroes day 1 in theaters tonight. Absolutely amazing. 

    Full blown spoiler thoughts below. 



    Absolutely loved this movie and the way it opened up was incredible. I loved seeing Young All Might in America with best friend David Shield as they do hero work together before getting to class. Young Might was incredible with his incredibly hype theme song playing! I really enjoyed just seeing All Might and his friendship with David, and I certainly could feel how hurt David was when finding out how serious All Might condition gotten. David and his daughter Melissa were both fantastic characters, and I found how Melissa kept calling All Might "Uncle Might" to be incredibly cute.

    I really ended up liking I Island as a location! Originally when the movie plot was revealed, I didn't know how to feel about I Island but as the movie went about introducing it and how wonderful it is, I actually ended up quite enjoying the place and wishing that Hatsume Mei was able to go just to see her geek out over all the tech stuff on the island. I did feel that the Full Gauntlet that Melissa made was an impressive item to be made by someone so young, but a pretty predictable and generic anime mcguffin to allow Deku to use One For All without hurting himself. It was still cool nonetheless seeing Deku get to go all out more than usual without any repercussions. 

    Also, I REALLY liked how many of the side characters got a chance to shine in the movie. Like, I already feel Hero Academia as a Shonen series really works well with juggling its large cast of characters by giving everyone decent amount of screen time to make them still someone to remember, but here I was pretty surprised by how good this movie was about continuing to put the Class 1-A characters in the spotlight over and over to make us remember that they are here in the movie. Oh yeah, the reasons for everyone being able to come to the island were...good reasons for the most part. Yeah, it all boils down to the fact that we need to have these kids in the movie other than just Deku, but still. It make sense for Momo to attend the island tech event because she comes from a rich family that have financial shares with the tech stuff on the island, and thus she was given permission to bring 2 other friends with her (Ochaco and Jirou), or how Kaminari and Mineta decided to take on jobs to see females, so yeah, they're on the island. It was still neat to kinda see the other Class 1-A students that didn't participate at all in the movie such as Tsuyu, Sero, Sato, etc. and what they were up to. Really hoping they get time to shine in future Hero movies. ANYWAYS, with the characters that did actually appear in the movie and got stuff to do (Momo, Jirou, Ochaco, Mineta, Kaminari, Iida, Todoroki, Bakugo, and Kirishima), they all did an awesome job working together with Deku and Melissa to save the day from the villains. EVERYONE having time to shine (even Mineta having his little moment!) was great, but I really loved seeing Bakugo, Todoroki, and Kirishima the most. The 3 boys kicking ass was great. 

    So, the main villain of the movie was completely bland and is forgettable in all honesty. The villain attack itself was actually interesting because of the background reasons it was set up! I didn't see this completely coming and found it entirely surprising and emotionally understandable! David was working on something to allow him to enhance someones Quirk energy and bring it up, and he was working on this to give to All Might because he knew how badly All Might was losing his energy and didn't want to see the Symbol of Peace fade from his eyes and the world. So, he and his assistant got villains to stage an attack at the event in order to get his work back that he was planning to give to All Might since the government refused and was shutting the project down, but David's assistant actually got real villains to attack. The real villain of the movie ALSO was contacted by All For One before all of this, and AFO helped play a role in the villain getting stronger to take down All Might because while AFO couldn't physically be there to watch All Might get beat up and defeated, just the thought alone was enough to make him happy. Completely lost it finding out that AFO was the grand mastermind at the end of all of this! 

    Honestly... I'm sure David turned himself in and is atoning for his crimes, but I'm glad at the end of the day that he was able to realize his error and see that the next generation of heroes stand in front of him, and that he doesn't have to cling to the past of the glory of All Might because everything will be okay. The future has it. David's daughter, Melissa, will be his successor, and All Might's successor will be Deku. 

    So, the entire story itself of the movie was honestly great. Tied itself up well within the movie time span, and fit nicely into the main continuity of the Hero Academia story without causing anything to not make sense in canon.


    The animation for this movie was absolutely ridiculously GOOD. Studio Bones went ALL OUT in this movie and my goodness... Sakuga was just everywhere in this movie. The beginning of the movie showing Young All Might in action AND the final battle with Deku and All Might working together for an epic PLUS ULTRA tag team attack were EPIC BEYOND WORDS. Felt like I was in heaven watching this beautiful piece of animation. GOD BLESS YOU STUDIO BONES. 


    I just...really...loved...this...movie... It wasn't perfect by any means, such as a bland villain, the movie getting a bit slow after the opening scene with All Might (which really isn't a negative at all for me since I LOVE the slice of life moments to death in Hero, but I know it being slow and slice of life can be a con for some), but overall? The movie was everything I wanted. What I loved most truly was the relationship between All Might, David Shield, Melissa Shield, and Izuku Midoriya. The secret of OFA/AFO is kept from the Shields family to protect them, but it's still just great to take glimpses into a young All Might past back in his glory days, see Deku interact with another quirkless person, and see how the events of the villains attacking are caused because David didn't want to lose his dear friend, who he has no idea is losing his powers because he gave it up to Midoriya. Just everything circling around these 4 characters is great stuff. Love it! 


    Please watch this movie. Please. Please. PLEASE WATCH THIS MOVIE IF YOU'RE A FAN OF MY HERO ACADEMIA.

  8. The episode was absolutely amazing and it did the source material justice. This was my absolute #1 favorite fight in the entire manga and it's for the sole reason that Deku and Bakugo are finally able to be open about their feelings and dish it out in a fight with a clear winner and loser without anyone stopping the fight.

    Though, I want to say that the translations on Crunchyroll were absolutely terrible. Filled with mistranslations and whatever the heck this was.


    The fan translations even managed to get things correct in regards to what was really being said during the fight. 

    (Even in the manga from Viz which has the official English translations, it has it where Deku is acknowledging that Bakugo got stronger.)


    This was about how Deku himself felt in regards to how whenever his feelings of winning overcome his feelings of saving, he starts to run his mouth more than he should. 

    There's also some stuff where Crunchyroll says Deku "Hates" Bakugo, and while that's a bit more in the grey area, majority of hardcore fans will argue that they shouldn't have used "Hate" but "Dislike" instead because the word is so strong (though, it's not too big of a deal for me as it is for others).


    ANYWAYS... This fight means a lot to me and I would even put it over the All Might vs All For One fight. These two kids represent two different halves that make up All Might, but their problem is them not working together, and it's just so amazing to see where they started off and how they've finally developed and hit this point. Now they're proper rivals, building each other up in their own ways. Bakugo outright now acknowledge Deku and his strength, and feels that Deku can't go losing because he has the #1 hero supporting him and his powers. I like this whole fight mostly for how much it does for Bakugo's character. It shows his other emotions and puts him in a spot where he understands everything better, but knows his goal is still the same and it wasn't his fault. (I also really like the exchange that Bakugo won't be losing to the "successor" with the inherited powers. I think that's pretty cool? Bakugo is literally saying "Just because you have this godly strength and you're the "Chosen One" doesn't mean anything to me. You'll still lose to me and I'll come out on top!" and that's just so badass.)

    I also love how it reveals how much guilt he's been holding in all this time. The fact that he feels it's HIS fault that the Symbol of Peace is gone, the person he idolized the most in the world had to end their entire career and become powerless just because he was weak and was captured by villains. We got to see inside Deku's head and how he felt if he was faster and didn't mess up his arms then none of this would have happened, but it's great to see Bakugo's thoughts on this and see Deku realize that Bakugo is shouldering this stuff to, and is probably having it the worse between the two because everyone revolved around him. All Might telling Aizawa a very short and condensed version was great and strong writing, I feel. I love how realistic the story is and how the mental health of the kids is highly important and was unfortunately neglected by the adults. 


    ...There's A LOT I would say and I can't even organize my thoughts completely to condense it all, and touch on the more psychological things in regards to mostly how Bakugo possibly could be feeling (i.e. Wondering if since the only way he knows how to become vulnerable here and let out his feelings is through fighting, so, could Bakugo during the fight potentially feel he deserves to be physically punished by Deku because he was "weak" and was kidnapped by villains and caused All Might's end? It's something I've seen someone else and a few others bring up and talk about on other places and it's an interesting thought as the fight keeps going, and someone studying in the field of Psychology, that question interests me a lot) akdajdkadnsdk I just love Deku vs Kacchan 2 fight. My absolute favorite chapters/episode/everything in Hero Academia. 


    Also, bless Yutapon. He's an animation God and his animation cut was amazing.

  9. My Japanese import copy of the game arrived yesterday, so I was able to put in some solid hours into the game at and after work (literally stayed up until 4 in the morning playing this game)

    Random as heck thoughts below. Tried to give each mode a decent amount of time but mainly put more time into the actual fighting modes (story, mission, VS, online) more than the fanservice modes (customization, etc) I purchased the Nintendo Switch version, so exclusive thoughts on performance added.

    - Story mode is pretty decent. I can't imagine many people putting too much time into this, especially if you read the superior manga or anime adaptation because the game doesn't do that great of a job of presenting the amazing story. It gets the job done with some nice anime screenshots and also it's fully voiced in Japanese, which is a bit neat. You do need to complete the story mode to unlock All For One, which I'm still doing. I finished the Stain arc so far. 

    - Mission mode is also pretty decent. The gist of things is that there's some maps you play through that contain a set amount of missions within them, and the more you advance through a map, the higher the difficulty it becomes. I've completed 2 maps thus far, and so far everything has equated into just winning the match with the only real differences being that your opponents may deal more damage, have more health, may have 2 supports and you have none, etc. Really basic stuff. You choose 3 characters to take into mission mode and you can switch between them before starting a fight. If you lose, then everyone regains full health and you just continue where you left off. 

    - The core gameplay is incredibly fun. It's an 3D open brawler but it feels incredibly smooth and satisfying to land hits. There are combos that you can pull off, and there's a training mode for you to go ahead and learn some combos and figure out which supports characters are best to use. Game never felt slow in motion, especially since there's a dash mechanic added and matches can go by really quick if you know what you're doing and you're good at punishing/reading your opponents. The game is honestly pretty big on punishing. You can try and rush down your opponent if you like, but more than likely they'll block and punish you for doing so. For a 3D anime fighter, it honestly does have some depth in the mechanics... You can guard, use super armor attacks (where you can attack the enemy while they hit you, but it won't stop your attack), dash cancel to string into combos, level 1 and 2 specials, use two support characters, and even guard break an opponent and leave them dizzy. (Shoot Style Deku is great doing this) 

    There's only 20 characters right off the bat (3 DLC characters will all together be added, with the first being Shoot Style Deku who is already out) and you can use all of them the moment you boot up the game. Everyone is incredibly unique in their own ways ranging from OG Deku have close and long ranged attacks, Kaminari being tricky with setting lightning attacks and getting stronger the more lightning he uses, Kirishima being a straight tank in armor mode, or Shigaraki have an instant kill mode he can use anytime in the match. I've honestly used only a few characters so far (OG Deku, Shoot Style Deku, Bakugo, Gran Torino, Iida, and Shoto), but so far my absolute favorite is Shoot Style Deku. He deals out much less damage than the original Deku and doesn't have any long ranged attacks either, so technically speaking, original Deku IS the better version, but I feel Shoot Style allows you to string some nice combos together and fill your gauge up quite a bit. It feels satisfying landing hits with him for me, and I like how visually pleasing his attacks are.

    - Online was honestly pretty smooth. I never noticed any lag within any of my matches. The lag is always at the very start with the intros of the characters, but it feels like the intros just suck all the lag up and the game plays perfectly fine. You can play ranked, casual, have private rooms for you and friends. I mainly played casual mode the entire time, but maybe I'll hop on rank soon. I did fight one Japanese(?) Toga player that after I managed to beat them since they were trying to spam attacks, they rage quit on me, and really, there's no penalties at all for doing so which is a shame. Other than that one player, I've played a ton of players from Japan and some who were clearly from the West (possibly America) and everything went well. Great people online so far. 

    - There's...a lot of customization in the game. TONS of items you can use to customize your characters and your player card. I've looked around a bit and I'm impressed how much fanservice is packed in here, along with so...many...unlockables... Unlock the game music, unlock accessories, unlock images such as anime promotional art or concept art, etc. It's a lot. 

    - Since this is the Nintendo Switch version, it does play at 30fps, 720p. That's docked and in handheld mode. For the most part, it plays well. It does get a bit laggy on the character selection screen where there's a slight delay which flipping through the characters, but that's very minor. Really... I was honestly a bit nervous thinking this would be like a very bad port or whatever that wouldn't run well compared to the PS4 version, but it runs incredibly fine and I'm pretty happy I got it. Even in handheld mode, fights play just fine and the hype is still there. I haven't experienced really any big problems with the Switch version so far!


    As the first Hero Academia console fighter, I think it's good. It definitely can be better with like a better story mode and maybe some additional modes added to the game like a tournament more or something, but the gameplay is great fun. Honestly, if you're getting this game, then you're definitely getting it to play online with others. Playing against the CPU is fine, but I feel after awhile it may get boring and you may want more of a challenge from actual people. I mean, I have enjoyed the single player content here, but that's possibly just me. I know a lackluster story mode, comic book story presentation, mission mode, or a bunch of silly customizables probably won't be too much to hold the attention to a casual person buying the game. Maybe if you're a die hard Hero Academia fan like me, then maybe... 


    Worth importing? Nah. Unless you're a super die hard like me that couldn't wait and even imports the manga in Japanese and stuff, then not really. The U.S. version literally is right around the corner on October 26th. There's plenty of great games to hold you off until then. Worth the $60 U.S. price tag? Eh... Maybe like a solid $30/$40. It's a good game, yeah, you should get it, but I find it hard to sell anyone that aren't obsessed fans to really drop $60 on the game.

    Excuse me as I keep playing as Shoot Style Deku... 


  10. Always just assumed that either Encore is the canon one because it's from the actual game, or whatever is canon would come in Mania 2. Personally, I don't care much which is canon. The Mania story gets screwed up the moment Mania ends and goes into Sonic Forces territory. It's a shame that something simple like a story revolving around the Phantom Ruby, or a classic Sonic story couldn't be handled correctly and have full cohenrency and consistency. 

    Always just assumed that either Encore is the canon one because it's from the actual game, or whatever is canon would come in Mania 2. Personally, I don't care much which is canon. The Mania story gets screwed up the moment Mania ends and goes into Sonic Forces territory. It's a shame that something simple like a story revolving around the Phantom Ruby, or a classic Sonic story couldn't be handled correctly and have full cohenrency and consistency. 

  11. Mm... Well, I know that Naruto has two moves that are canon to its story, but it's literally the final two movies that have been created for the franchise. (Naruto: The Last which takes place between chapters 699 and 700, and Boruto: The Movie which takes place after chapter 700)

    But honestly, it's not so common for anime movies to really be canon to the actual manga story itself. It's definitely becoming more common for the actual mangaka creators to be involved with the movie projects (i.e. Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece, and Hero Academia mangaka writing the story/script/doing character designs for their recent anime movies!)

  12. 3 hours ago, RedFox99 said:

    Wait, so is the movie going to be canon?

    Edit: Just read the two stories. Pretty good stories.

    Here's what Horikoshi said in an interview! 😃




    Interviewer: The movie contains an original story, but does it have any correlation to the current story in the serialized manga? 

    Horikoshi: I always wanted to include a chapter about All Might’s past, or rather, I thought that I definitely NEED to write about his past. In the movie, the young All Might is shown studying abroad in America, and I thought this might not be something that could be brought up anymore in the actual manga story up until now, so I saw the movie as a chance to present this. Of course, without a doubt, the movie and manga are adjoined, and the movie is connected to the manga story that happens after it.

    source: http://aitaikimochi.tumblr.com/post/176087454621?is_related_post=1


    So, the movie is definitely connected to the manga itself and seems to definitely feel canon. It takes place in the middle of season 2 and 3, so right after the mall incident with Shigaraki we can assume that 

    1. Deku and friends had the Summer class with the murder mystery and All Might received notification to visit I-Island to see Melissa and David.

    2. The Hero movie starts 

    3. Everyone comes back and start Summer training for the school trip since there's time between the events that happened at the mall and the school trip. 

    You can kinda add All Might: Rising story and Melissa's story anywhere you would like since those are mostly flashback stories to All Might youthful days.

  13. Yeah, the Hero movie is supposed to touch on it a bit since we get to see some of Young Might. I don't think everything will 100% be revealed, just his time over in America for a bit. There's a 9 page story called "All Might: Rising" that was written by Horikoshi himself that talks about how Toshinori became All Might. This was bundled in volume 0 for movie goers in Japan and you can read it hereThere's also a mini story that was published in Shonen Jump a few weeks ago that dives into Melissa story and how she met All Might when she was younger (since the movie focuses on her when she's older, of course), so you can read that story here.

    Hopefully by reading those it'll help enhance your enjoyment of the upcoming movie since it's all canon story material! I also enjoyed the little silly story here and consider it a canon story (it fits in the timeline just fine) only because of the fact it ties into the movie...which is basically connected to the manga, according to Horikoshi, so canon in my book.

  14. On 8/4/2018 at 12:18 PM, Sonictrainer said:
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    So in the recent manga chapter, Deku has a dream where he sees the Brothers (All for One and the first One for All) and the first OFA wielder actually talks to him, tells him he's the ninth user of OFA, and that he's at 20%.

    It seems like Deku may now have a change in his abilities. What do you think will happen next?



    Manga spoiler discussion/reply here. Don't open/read if you're anime-only! 


    I'm not entirely sure how Deku's abilities will change, honestly. I almost want to say he may have some sort of elemental ability mixed in now to his move set judging by how messed up his bed got.  Though, I don't have much interest in speculating about what will happen to his moves since he still has a long way to go until his actual move set is really perfected with Shoot Style. It is cool to know that has Deku continues to level up with the percentage he's able to handle with One For All, he'll be able to visit the dream world again and see the past regarding OFA vs AFO.

    The most interesting thing the new chapter had me speculating about was the hint towards the Quirk Singularity Doomsday Theory...


    "Be careful, we've already passed the singularity." 

    A very powerful line that can easily send shivers with all the future endgame possibilities that can happen in this story. In case anyone doesn't remember, back in chapter 166 the theory was brought up by Shishikura. 


    It is possible that such a doomsday could happen because as more and more generations continue to come with Quirks from previous generations mixing together, eventually we're going to get some incredibly powerful Quirks that are just way too over powered and quite possibly is too much for an individual to try and control. Allow it to get some big and out of control that chaos breaks out among Quirk users and a doomsday sort of situation breaks out among everyone. 

    Now... It's more to this. Much more to this and it all lies with actual modern events that are happening around Deku and friends. 

    The first thing is to point out what was said in the past conversation because it's the key thing that links to the future stuff. 


    We know back then when Quirks were introduced that it absolutely halted the progression of society. Hero Society should quite possibly have flying cars and much more highly advanced technology right now, but the super powers completely stopped that from happening. Yet, back then, these weren't called "Quirks" but were called "Meta Powers" instead. 

    There was another great evil in the past whose name is is marked down in history along with such great evils like All For One, and that other evil name was Destro. 


    He was the Leader of the Metahuman Liberation Army back then. It's safe to assume that Destro is already dead since this was quite a long time ago (and All For One, according to the recent All Might: Rising 9 page backstory recently confirmed he's over 200 years old, so I'm sure Destro kicked the bucket by now). Though, one thing that isn't dead yet is the Metahuman Liberation Army, or at the very least, the liberation beliefs. 


    "Unprecedented Reprint Of Destro's Life Story" 
    "Meta Liberation War" 

    Destro managed to write an autobiography and have it published about the liberation and the fight it had, and for some reason this autobiography is being reprinted in modern time. It's being read by people and it's causing some sort of Neo Meta-human Liberation to be formed. Like, this really shouldn't be happening but it is, and it's a bit scary to know something as big as the liberation from the past is becoming active again in modern day. Yet, the connections don't end there. 


    It's believed that this "virus" called "Quirks" came from mice. It's only but a theory, not 100% proven, but it seems to be quite the theory that left a strong impression on a young Overhaul. The reason I'm bringing this up is because if you look back at Destro's coat, you'll see a picture of a mice. He's representing and showing the creature that help spread the virus to mankind and changed the world, and has we know, Overhaul wanted to rid the world of this disease that caused everyone to become sick. 


    Unfortunately, out of all people, Shigaraki is the one now in possession of the final product of what can be used to take away Quirks. Quite possibly, this could be manufactured and turned into such a big commotion where more and more Heroes start to lose their Quirk abilities. Overhaul only managed to bring fear in a very short time, but Shigaraki could do long lasting damage. 


    And with all these connections that runs from the past to the future, this is why the whole line about being pass singularity is a bit frightening.  Imagine something where modern day Metahuman Liberation Army people started to do things such as attacking people and some people Quirks from a new generation are the start of Quirks getting too complex, and then we have Shigaraki out here taking Quirks away from Heroes and such. In the chapter we seen AFO acting like a God by stealing powers from people and offering a choice to those that would work under him. We all know Horikoshi-sensei is setting Shigaraki to be the next Symbol of Evil and have a league of faithful servants working for him while he's the new overlord until Deku stops him at the end of the story (like how the comic book AFO and his younger brother read ends with the Hero defeating the Demon King), but I guess with all the hints dropping around Destro, the Quirk Singularity Doomsday Theory, and watching Shigaraki grow... It's just a lot of stuff happening that feels like it's leading into some very big and dark territory that's going to change the Hero Society greatly. 

  15. Same! The anime original scenes were pretty good to see. I feel the Provisional License Exam is definitely one of the arcs in the manga where original scenes being inserted into the anime would help it a lot. 

    Also, there's been a ton of Hero news that has dropped these past few days/weeks, but in general it's just a good time to be a Hero fan right now.

  16. Mostly because of her design and she's a frog from what I can tell. There's people out there that genuinely like her character such as her straightforward personality and quirk abilities, but Tsuyu really blew up by fans early on in the story and was mostly seen as that really cute frog character from that one series. Despite barely getting heavy focus in the story at all, she still gets marketed a lot and is one character that's consistently having lines (more so than a character like Ojiro from Class 1-A).

  17. Some recent trailers/character gameplay videos!

    Muscular gameplay video


    Gran Torino gameplay video

    Story trailer





    Honestly, Gran Torino looks incredibly fun to use! Muscular looks meh... But I'm still glad he's in the game.

    Endeavor confirmed as Day 1 DLC for preordering. 


    And GameStop exclusive preorder, but if you get the game from them then you get this amazing poster!

    (Poster would be better if it didn't have the meh English logo smack dab in the middle. </3)

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