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    Fletch reacted to Soniman in Sonic Boom (Working Title)   
    Eddie Lebron's influence is eternal.
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    Fletch reacted to CosmicEternity in Sonic Lost World Announced   
    From the same website, I found the full level of Windy Hill Zone 4.
    We've seen most of this Zone in that Gamescom demo before, but this includes the second fight against Zazz at the end. 

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    Fletch reacted to Ferno in SLW: Opening Cut Scene "Eggman... what have you done?"   
    But we've already had that for awhile now. D:
    ...Edit: I just realized that this banner foretold this future cutscene years before it happened.
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    Fletch reacted to Indigo Rush in Can character inclusions (besides Sonic) now work with SLW's gameplay?   
    I don't think we're trying to account for every cast member. It's not feasible to expect to come up with a unique gameplay formula for each character without risking either repetition or complete deviation. 
    It is best to stick to the core cast for main-entry Sonic games, so when we talk about finding control methods for these guys, we shouldn't feel the need to include, say, the Chaotix or the Babylon Rogues. I'd even wager that there's no need to use Rouge or Omega. 
    It's much easier to manage, say; Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, Blaze and Silver and cap it at those characters, rather than include the entire friend squad. And even with those characters I listed, there's no need for more than 3 or 4 of them to show up in a single game. We don't want to pad things out too much. 
    When you use less than 4 characters in one game, you have a greater ability to work on each character's differences without feeling the need to totally deviate their controls from your standard Sonic fare (as the Adventure games and 06 did), and it also avoids the "Heroes complex" where there are so many characters that it's necessary to group them off into 3 categories. No. None of that is needed.
    Focusing on a handful of characters and developing them is what should be done. And before we focus on a handful, we need to establish how another character should even function aside from Sonic. Before we even think about adding three characters, we need to see how one can contrast and compliment Sonic alone. Having a game with Sonic and Tails or Sonic and Knuckles will do wonders. If the game does well, then it'll be easier to move outside of the "Solo-Sonica" habit with steady character and gameplay development. Next game, make it Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. After that, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Shadow. Or maybe Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy. Or Sonic, Shadow, Blaze and Knuckles, etc.
    Mix it up. But most importantly, focus on how you can contrast and compliment the core gameplay (Sonic) without totally copying it or totally deviating from it.
    Having less characters to work with is a very important standard to keep if we want to see that happen. 
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    Fletch reacted to BlueTidalGamer in Sonic Lost World - Previews   
    After getting to play Sonic Lost World a total of 4 times on Wii U and 3 times on 3DS at Summer of Sonic and Eurogamer respectively, I feel I can finally talk about my impressions of the game so far.
    Wii U Version
    Short and sweet answer: I love it the more I play it. I can see this being my favourite 3D Sonic game.
    Long answer:  I have played Windy Hill Act 1, Dessert Ruins Zone and Frozen Factory Act 3 out of the available levels. So far Windy Hill is favourite level of the bunch. It’s a great opening to the game introducing the new approach to the gameplay and the many optional paths. I found myself playing this level twice just to see what I could find and it was a lot of fun exploring. Dessert Ruins Zone was good for the platforming and getting the hang of the kick move on the badniks. Not much else to say on this one since it’s pretty straight forward. Frozen Factory had a neat little gimmick with the pinball. I found myself going back and forth in the level to try and use the parkour moves. I kept getting hit by the floor lazers without realising they were there lol. It was pretty obvious where they were when I looked properly. Really enjoyed the levels overall. Each felt completely different from the others so yay for variety.
    Graphically this game is gorgeous. I myself do really like the art style of this title. Everything feels full of life and oh man the 60 frames per second only add so much more to the style. You really need to play the game yourself to really appreciate the visuals.
    Now comes the part most are curious about. How does the game feel in terms of the controls? Ok from playing it a lot I can say that this is not your normal Sonic experience. At first it really does take time to adjust to. There’s a lot to work with compared to previous games as you have a bigger moveset this time. It does feel that at first Sonic has a lot more weight to him when you platforming without the run button. However once you play it for a while and get enough practice, it starts to feel pretty natural. Having a run button is what I’ve wanted to see in this series for a while. It makes a lot of sense and it makes the platforming a lot better than before. Wither using the run button during your jumps or not, it does give you much more control in the flow of each jump you make.
    One feature that will take a bit more ties to get used to is how the spin dash handles. It’s faster than the run button however it does not rev up like the old games. You only get one charge of it by holding the button down and then release. Sometimes it can last a while and others it will last quickly. I’m still not sure how to use the spin dash more effectively so it’ll probably take another few goes. I didn’t use it all that much so you may get better with it more than I did if you aim to do so.
    The tutorials for the game like what has been said has been designed to not shove it in your face all the time. Now you use the gamepad to activate the tutorials when the option is available. I can see people who don’t play a lot of games to never notice that the option is there if they never check the touch screen while playing and the same goes for activating wisps. I’m wondering if the final game will have an option to make the tutorials easier to tell the player how to activate them.
    So my overall impressions of the Wii U version. I love this game from what I’ve played so far. This has the potential to be my favourite 3D Sonic game. So I’ll see once the final game is within my hands.
    3DS Version
    Short and sweet answer: Wow! I’m really surprised how Dimps have done with this one. It possibly on par with the console version.
    Long answer: Ok so I didn’t have as much time with this one as I did with the Wii U version. I managed to play Windy Hill Act 1 and Frozen Factory Act 1. Windy Hill like its console counterpart is pretty open to move around in. I didn’t search a lot for optional paths in this one so I took the linear path. Not much to say with this one but it was good.
    Frozen Factory is what impressed me the most. First off the snowboarding is awesome! Not only is it easy to control, getting to do tricks is great and the extra speed you get from them is epic! I found myself loving this section a lot. The platforming was really fun too. The level was nice and big and I did like the snowball parts. The electric wisp was really awesome. I didn’t know a lot about this one up until now and it’s really fun to use. It did take me a bit to understand how it handles but once I did I was having a blast.
    The game looks very nice graphically. I didn’t expect them to look this good. The huge levels really add to it.
    The controls like the Wii U version will take a few tries to get the hang of. Once you do it feels natural and after playing this on a normal 3DS and the XL, I can say that this game feels the most comfortable on the XL. The smaller one feels a little awkward when using the run button.
    So overall I’m very impressed with the 3DS version so far. Frozen Factory really left a massive impression on me and if the levels get better from there, Dimps could have themselves their best handheld Sonic game yet.
    So bring on Sonic Lost World! The hype continues to grow and my experience of playing it only adds to it. 
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    Fletch reacted to Doctor MK in Sonic Lost World Preorder DLC   
    This isn't directed at anyone personally here, but in general, I don't know why people are complaining so heavily about these retailer-exclusive pre-order bonuses. It's not as if you're not already getting the Deadly Six Edition - these come with that version, not instead of it - and frankly, they didn't even have to give us any pre-order bonuses at all. These are just free little extras on top of a pre-existing extra that you can get if you buy the game from certain places to entice you that little bit more for your custom. They're not going to be giving away awesome new levels or anything because then that would annoy those who get it from a different retailer. Sure, Omochao and a few disposable items aren't exactly the most exciting bonuses in the world, but they're only meant to make you think "oh hey that's neat of them to give me a little something more for my money" rather than "this is the ultimate best ever collector's edition of supreme awesomeness".
    Heck, I've seen people complaining that we should have got playable Tails/Knuckles instead of the RC Omochao, and some have even gone as far as to imply that they've been excluded from the game because of this DLC. Fucking what?! If they were going to put two brand new characters into the game they'd have made it, y'know, a part of the actual game. Not retailer-exclusive DLC which is already on top of a special edition which comes with DLC.
    You can moan about how awful Omochao is or how pointless 25 extra lives are 'til the cows come home, but if you're gonna take it that seriously then you're really coming off as ungrateful. And if they offend you that much? Pre-order the game from somewhere else that doesn't offer any extra extras, and theoretically get less value for your money.
    While I agree that these aren't the coolest things SEGA could be giving away for free, I don't think people can really warrant getting so upset about them. Because y'know, they're free. If there's anything really exciting worth giving away as DLC, they'll make it paid, and make it available to everyone. First world problems or what?
    Sorry about that guys, just needed to rant
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    Fletch got a reaction from Zavok the SpinningSilver in Forgotten gems in Sonic soundtracks?   
    All of the nighttime music in Unleashed. I sometimes feel that the nighttime music doesn't get as much respect that it deserves compared to the daytime music. 
    Spagonia - Rooftop Run Night is probably my favorite actually. It's probably because of the fact that it makes me feel like a spy so much.
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    Fletch got a reaction from Sonictrainer in Sonic Lost World Preorder DLC   
    Sonic Omochao.
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    Fletch reacted to Balding Spider in Sonic Lost World Preorder DLC   
    What the hell?!?! No, just no.

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    Fletch got a reaction from Celestia in Sonic Lost World Preorder DLC   
    Sonic Omochao.
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    Fletch got a reaction from JemiDove in Archie Sonic Main Discussion   
    Here's hoping I get the issue (Sonic #253) in the mail today... But based on what I seen from spoilers...

    Edit - And sadly I didn't get the issue. I at least did get Sonic The Hedgehog #0 in the mail today!
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    Fletch reacted to Spin Attaxx in Sonic Lost World Announced   
    "You too can have bright shiny smiles with my new Eggate brand toothpaste! Available from your local polluted chemical factory!"
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    Fletch reacted to spinny in SEGA sample origin discovery thread "Finding the DNA of SEGA's music since summer of 2013!"   
    Welcome, one and all.
    You may know me as Super Sampledash when it comes to this work... and what do I do, exactly?
    I find the origins to samples that have been utilized by SEGA's audio department.
    Now, you may be thinking, "what is a sample, Spinny?"

    Audio sampling is a technique in the music industry that has been popular since the 1980s. 
    It basically can be summed up, as taking a vocal, a drum loop, a synth/guitar/whatever riff, any type of instrumental piece and mixing it into your own song.
    It's no secret to most of the Sonic fanbase that SEGA's musicians are 'guilty' of also using this technique.
    Now, what most of this fanbase thinks is that SEGA samples from MP3 files, YouTube videos, tapes of old TV shows, and such like this.

    That shit is illegal. 
    This is not how music development works, regardless of what all your 'sources' such as WhoSampled on the internet told you.
    At least with SEGA.
    This is how you hunt for samples.
    SEGA takes their content from sample packs, all composed by different manufacturers. Best Service, Masterbits, Zero-G, Polestar Magnetics, you name it.
    And how do I accomplish such a feat? It's all patience.
    My whole plan for this thread is to document each and every single one of SEGA's samples they have utilized, and where you can find them yourself.
    So, without further ado, kick back and... enjoy the show!
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    Fletch got a reaction from Neon The Hedgehog in Forgotten gems in Sonic soundtracks?   
    All of the nighttime music in Unleashed. I sometimes feel that the nighttime music doesn't get as much respect that it deserves compared to the daytime music. 
    Spagonia - Rooftop Run Night is probably my favorite actually. It's probably because of the fact that it makes me feel like a spy so much.
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    Fletch reacted to azoo in Sega Says Sonic Audience Is Clearly On Nintendo Platforms, Not Xbox Or PlayStation   
    The fact that Sonic Adventure 2: Battle made it to the Gamecube's best-seller list should've told you enough about how well Sonic does with Nintendo even whenever their teaming up was new. Also going by that, you should know that this has been said by Sega millions of times before too, and we still got games on all three consoles.. and eventually PC for at least half of them. So why is this a surprise to some?
    What I really do wonder from this though is if Sega is going to keep making some games exclusive to PS4/Xbone, or do like the gen-before-last and aim for multiplatform releases. Considering the technical differences between the Wii U & PS4/Xbone aren't nearly as major as the differences between the Wii & PS3/360, I'm thinking we may get at least a slightly less impressive looking version of the multiplatform games on Wii U. 
    Which, in case that happens, means that the Wii U will basically be the go-to console for Sonic games; getting exclusives as well as multiplatform titles. I know that would leave a good chunk of the fanbase a bit miffed, but I really liked how the Gamecube was such a wonderful home for Sonic, and I'd totally love that to happen again as long as most titles were also given to Sony/Microsoft/Steam users.
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    Fletch reacted to Carbo in Sega Says Sonic Audience Is Clearly On Nintendo Platforms, Not Xbox Or PlayStation   
    Apropos nothing, Sonic Generations is the first and only game in the series to have pre-order DLC. I'd like to assume there's been little reason to ever pre-order Sonic games before that.

    PR machines are relatively eager to just state facts at surface value rather than hard statistics, especially in this day and age where NPD numbers have to be leaked by insiders.

    Truth hurts sometimes.
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    Fletch reacted to SuperLink in Sega Says Sonic Audience Is Clearly On Nintendo Platforms, Not Xbox Or PlayStation   
    Considering it was on two platforms as opposed to four platforms, outselling the big anniversary hyped game is kinda impressive no.
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    Fletch reacted to Badnik Mechanic in Sega Says Sonic Audience Is Clearly On Nintendo Platforms, Not Xbox Or PlayStation   
    ... Didn't we once run a news item about how Sonic 4 sold better on the PS360 than the Wii? And how Sonic Generations was the most pre-ordered Sonic game of all time?
    anyway... Sega's reasoning really does make me scratch my head sometimes.
    Make a good game. Actually bother to advertise it and tell people who good it is. Watch as your games sell on whatever system the game is on!
    Binary Domain.
    Yakuza (in the west at least).
    Valkyria Chronicles.
    Phantasy Star Online 2 (assuming they bother to localise this one).
    I'm missing something... ... ... ... oh yeah... Every single Platinum Game under your publishing deal!
    All those games utterly tanked in the west, and they all had one thing in common, they got no advertising at all and even though they've been out for months, Sega just doesn't even try to show them off so almost nobody knows how good they are.
    Oh and PSO2? It's an online RPG which is on the PC and Vita... assuming it gets localised how much advertising do you think it's gonna get?
    Theres also another really interesting case study too.
    Anyone remember Jack Lumber? That indi game published under that Sega indi deal thing they publicised about a year ago? It was a mobile game... how well did it do? Well the publisher ended the deal with Sega and sales were poor despite decent reviews... anyone remember this one being advertised at all?
    Remember the ASRT promotion discussion? Whats the general consensus on that one?
    They just do not advertise anything, the amazing irony here is that Aliens Colonial Marines got a great advertising campaign, and how well did that turn out?
    Anyone remember the original Mario & Sonic game, it had quite a good and extensive marketing campaign for it. What would have happened if any of those games I listed earlier, got some kind of campaign to that level? Because they're certainly good enough for it.
    They just don't advertise anything, certainly not as well as they should, and they wonder why they don't sell anything.
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    Fletch reacted to SuperLink in Sega Says Sonic Audience Is Clearly On Nintendo Platforms, Not Xbox Or PlayStation   
    I don't think they said "there is no Sonic audience on xbox or playstation". They just said "the audience is biggest on Nintendo systems." Which is the truth.
    I think it's a bit much to jump to the conclusion that there will never be a non-Nintendo Sonic game because of a simple truth. Sonic Heroes sold best on GC, Shadow sold best on GC, Riders sold best on GC, Unleashed sold best on Wii, etc etc.
    SEGA could have said "the audience is biggest on Nintendo systems" half a decade ago and that still would not have meant "we're never making Sonic on xbox or playstation again".
    They're not ignoring their fans in other places.. Literally all they said is "Sonic games sell best on Nintendo" which tons of devs could say about any series on any platform. It's really not that big a deal. Calm down guys.
    EDIT: Also this is a case of mynintendonews twisting SEGA's words a little.
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    Fletch reacted to Lady Soniko in Sonic Lost World - Previews   
    I know, must be pretty grey now right? Bitch better get some more blue dye!
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    Fletch reacted to Soniman in Sonic Lost World - Previews   
    I cringe every time I hear the term "Sonic's roots".
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    Fletch got a reaction from 8ther in The Rouge the Bat topic   
    I like Rouge. She's probably my third favorite female character in the Sonic series. I always liked how she was a spy, worked for the government, and is a thief at the same time. She is one of the many characters that really isn't used at all in the Sonic stories anymore, which is sad because I would like to see her more (I am happy that she at least appeared at Sonic birthday party in Generations.) I could see the games involving her more to press Knuckles buttons, give out useful information that probably end up helping the heroes out, or just having her and the other members of Team Dark fighting against Team Heroes in a well action packed story. 
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    Fletch reacted to spinny in SLW: Opening Cut Scene "Eggman... what have you done?"   
    ...I had to.
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    Fletch got a reaction from Chaos Incarnate in Forgotten gems in Sonic soundtracks?   
    All of the nighttime music in Unleashed. I sometimes feel that the nighttime music doesn't get as much respect that it deserves compared to the daytime music. 
    Spagonia - Rooftop Run Night is probably my favorite actually. It's probably because of the fact that it makes me feel like a spy so much.
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