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    Fletch reacted to Milo in Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game   
    Ah yes, I remember when modern Sonic Sunset Heights level got tons of flack for how linear, automated, and empty the level design it was. People rebutted that "it's obviously at the beginning of the game, it's supposed to be simple, you're being too critical!"...
    ...and then when the final game came out, that level turned out to be at the game's midway point...
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    Fletch reacted to Wordy in Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game   
    Does anyone else find this kinda...offensively lazy at this point? This is honestly something I expect from handhelds/mobile games, not full console releases in 2018. Starting to appreciate from numerous comments that there probably is a significant budget issue with recent Sonic games, so perhaps unfair to compare to the past, but damn I miss the consistently impressive CGI cutscenes we were treated to in the 00's. Especially as a kid, they were such a huge part of what made the experience of the story, however clumsily plotted or embarrassingly dubbed over it was, so exciting to play through.
    The text boxes in Free Riders were the most uninspiring and tedious way to experience the little plot that game had. This way of storytelling often tends to be far too verbose - I love hearing more from these characters, but when the dialogue is so plodding that characters simply spend five to ten minutes monotonously stroking their own egos and making lame jibes at each other like broken records, all whilst Omochao feels the need to literally spell-out everything that we've already seen happen, I'm the opposite of engaged. There's a benefit to cutscenes here - due to the expense of animation, they're often forced to keep dialogue short and sweet and focus on how the interaction can either drive the plot or provide something visually pleasing for the player. Look at Sonic Heroes. 
    This also just gives me the impression that we're just going to get nothing but the same lame "nah but I'm gonna win" banter, especially considering how all the interviewees from SUMO seem very conscious of underlining the fact that the story is "casual", "fun" or "light." - Is it too far too dream of them getting in a couple of decent writers in who string together some sort of plot explaining why they're all there, includes a few entertaining yet meaningful character interactions whilst also featuring some sort of plot intrigue/action scenes that makes you wanna play on to find out what happens? I honestly don't know why they bother at all if its just gonna be these text boxes. 
    Look at Riders 1 - just another spin-off racing game. The story is a bit melodramatic, overplotted and silly, but I'll still happily watch those incredibly cinematic, nicely choreographed CGI cutscenes that can often times still aesthetically hold up to today's standards. The intro heroes cutscene really establishes the world aesthetic and a sense of adventure for the rest of the game. Oh, and that animie opening thou...
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    Fletch reacted to kimplix in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    Honestly, both of these covers look outstandingly great

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    Fletch reacted to Sean in Mina Mongoose Releases Solo Album   
    Yeah uh, no. You didn't make these and I am seriously not liking how this post is insinuating that you did. These are by a band called The Sounds and it's not cool that you don't even so much as credit them in this... weird bizarre "project" you're doing that I don't understand the point of at all. If you want to go ahead and use a dead Sonic OC to do a Gorillaz act then make your own music rather than taking other people's unrelated work for it. Or at least have the courtesy to source the band and be more upfront about how much work you put into this thing.
    At least you made the art and didn't steal it-- OH WAIT WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS:
    So not only do you post unsourced songs but you actually claim that you made a piece of artwork for it. Unless you want to tell me that you're actually this @tallpotato / cocoapotato artist? Seeing as how this girl claims she's 13 while your profile states you're nearly triple that age, I'm just gonna assume the worst about you and shut this down, since it doesn't seem you'd possess much dignity about stealing a little child's artwork on the internet anyway.
    Also, we are well aware of your history of stealing artwork and passing it off as your own, even outside of this very forum. We're not stupid and I immediately suspected your idiotic actions here the moment I saw this thread. That's why I know there is absolutely no goodwill attached to this "project" of yours whatsoever. If we catch you stealing people's work and passing it off as your own again you can expect a more drastic and permanent mod action, kthanxbye.
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    Fletch reacted to Tracker_TD in Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game   
    Here’s the second Famitsu page, shows us the new character and Adventure. Seems similar to ASRT’s World Tour.
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    Fletch reacted to Tracker_TD in Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game   
    Famtsu. Looks like Adventure is indeed talking heads, per say. Also looks like Seaside Hill might be there? 
    Saying that it looks more like a beach area of GHZ to me, would make sense given GHZ posters have already been seen.
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    Fletch reacted to Tracker_TD in Team Sonic Racing - GamesCom Impressions   
    Press only demo happened -
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    Fletch reacted to Jango in Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game   
    You guys are expecting too much from the story.. again. Remember Forces and to an extend Mania.
    Not trying to be a buzz kill, but c'mon. 
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    Fletch reacted to Wonderworld Ultima in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    Also we have raw versions of Fourdraines covers from issue 5-8!

    Issue 7s cover is my fave!
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    Fletch reacted to Meta77 in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    I agree with that. Fandoms literally  these days like to overreach on things just to ship characters.  just cause someone does something epic like blowing a battleship up aka blaze or whisper with silver. A character saying wow that was just amazing wow. You did an amazing job! In no form means that person has a crush. Otherwise us have a crush on every person I've ever played with in overwatch from a good potg
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    Fletch got a reaction from Ratcicle King in My Hero Academia   
    Manga spoiler discussion/reply here. Don't open/read if you're anime-only! 

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    Fletch reacted to Polkadi~☆ in Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Trailer 2 on Page 482)   
    I don’t know why you keep seeing the Sonic the Hedgehog movie as being a massive blockbuster movie, trilogy spawning, thought-provoking narrative series.
    It’s a movie. A family movie. Based off of a Japanese children’s video game series. Who is the mascot of a company.
    And also, you don’t know that Roger wouldn’t have worked for that because the games and voice directors never gave him the chance to really show off his chops. Boom showed off his best Sonic yet, and that was for a TV show, who knows what competent voice directors on a game would do to squeeze the most potential out of him?
    Otherwise, now bringing other voice actors in, Ryan Drummond and Jason Griffith are honestly really awkward. But they have games where they outshine themselves to bring a great performance, like SA2 and Unleashed. For Roger, that was Boom.
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    Fletch reacted to Bobnik in Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Trailer 2 on Page 482)   
    Haven't really heard of Ben Schwartz, so can't really say if he's a good choice or not, even after hearing some of the lines from other characters he voiced. 
    Also agree with others' sentiment here - voice acting is still acting. Calling voice actors "not actual actors" I think is downright insulting to the voice actors. Troy Baker has voiced a lot of characters, Nolan North voiced a lot of characters, they have range, they have more experience in VA than Ben Schwartz. Does that mean they're also "not actual actors"? Yeah, no, acting is acting, doesn't matter, fully live-action or just voice.
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    Fletch reacted to Dr. Detective Mike in Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Trailer 2 on Page 482)   
    If you don't like Roger's take on Sonic, that's fine, but to take it to a level that would disrespectfully insinuate that he's not an ACTUAL actor is feigning ignorance for the sake of propping up your hatred for the guy. The man has done plenty of roles as other characters and he has range. Despite the fact that range isn't the only thing you need to be an actor, as plenty make due without it as some actors are best suited for certain roles while others go up and down the spectrum, whether or not he's an "actor" definitely isn't up for debate. Especially not because you don't like his Sonic voice. 
    If you're open to being convinced of that then maybe actually check out the list of roles he's taken up and listen to the other characters he's portrayed. 
    This isn't a competition or anything. I'm sure Ben here will make a great Sonic too. I'm actually willing to bet there's plenty of people out there who would. 
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    Fletch reacted to Polkadi~☆ in Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Trailer 2 on Page 482)   
    Y'know what, that's not a bad choice for Sonic. Let's see what he brings to the blue blur.
    But reading through this thread, what the heck is with the extreme disrespect for voice actors and their work?! Hollywood reputation means jack here, it's the talent that matters. Roger Craig Smith and Ben Schwartz, they're talented voice actors, reputation be damned.
    For much of my life, I've admired everything that goes into making a character, including the voice. And voice actors, they are amazing at what they can do, bringing something to their roles that makes their character just a bit better. After all, a voice is important for a character, it's how you get them to communicate in your story. But due to the nature of this industry in which the face of a voice actor is never seen, voice actors don't get the respect that a live-action actor would. But this doesn't mean they should be discredited!
    Sorry for the rant, voice acting is one of these passions of mine, and I hate to see it get shoved aside in favour of Hollywood.
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    Fletch reacted to Mega in Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Trailer 2 on Page 482)   
    ...Okay, first of all, you do NOT need to be a Hollywood actor to have talent and range. PLENTY of voice actors, amazing voice actors, stick just to animated roles for the most part. Tara Strong? Jim Cummings? Jeff Bennet? Grey Deslile? Just to name a few. Besides that, Roger HAS played some varied roles. Just because they're mostly in cartoons, anime, and video games does not invalidate his repertoire.

    Not that I'm against this new actor, but I strongly disagree with the sentiment. It's insulting to voice acting as a profession. Never mind that many celebrity actors are terrible voice actors.
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    Fletch reacted to CaptainRobo in Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Trailer 2 on Page 482)   
    He could sound something like this for example.:
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    Fletch reacted to The Deleter in Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Trailer 2 on Page 482)   
    You do not need to have range to be an actual actor. Parks and Rec, probably his biggest role that I've seen personally, is all about him being a one-dimensional party animal who leads Tom along a lot of bad business choices, offering as close to a cartoon character delivery there could be for a live action show. His most important role is one where he's playing a caricature. And in the same breath, while Roger Craig Smith is known for Sonic and other "cool character" caricatures and deliveries as well, he also made his name by starring in stuff like Batman Origins, Assassins Creed, and Resident Evil at the same time, completely different series with much different roles to play and deliver.
    I'm not saying either actor is superior to another because, frankly, I haven't seen all their work and can't give an honest judgement until then, (Roger has more range from what I have seen, though, I can say that much) but I know they both have just as much acting capability as each other from the few roles where they're required to act more nuanced as a character so far. 
    You don't just work on movies for a little while and magically gain superior acting capabilities to everyone in the industry; that's not how any of this works, and an incredible disservice to the effort VA actors put into their craft as actors tbh
  19. Absolutely
    Fletch reacted to The Deleter in Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Trailer 2 on Page 482)   
    How? Roger has starred as a VA in just as many, if not far more television roles, with just as good acting chops as he does. Ben might have more live action TV appearances but he's not all that famous for it so the "hollywood/big name actor" label doesn't really apply; in what world is there a definition between the two of "actual actor" and "not an actual actor"???
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    Fletch reacted to Marcello in Team Sonic Racing - Team Gameplay Spotlight   
    No, I mean shoving Classic levels, Classic Sonic, Ray, Mighty, Nack, and co all in. This is not the worst idea ever. In fact, I think it may just be the greatest idea ever in the history of mankind.
    They could, but that wouldn't make Sonic Riders good.
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    Fletch reacted to Marcello in Team Sonic Racing - Team Gameplay Spotlight   
    Well, SEGA isn't as smart as me.
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    Fletch reacted to Tracker_TD in Team Sonic Racing - Team Gameplay Spotlight   
    That’s all fine and dandy unless I want to like, play Adventure Mode. Or, I imagine, play Grand Prix. The single race mode is likely to be a basic Single Race, Exhibition option, so the rest of the game will still be encompassed in the shoddy gimmick.
    I would hardly qualify that as DLC when it was completely finished before the game was out, presumably as a desperate attempt to convince Shadow-deprived folks to buy the game. 
    If there’s DLC, it’ll be paid. Super Sonic wasn’t made free because of backlash to paid DLC, he was made free because of backlash to making a series staple into paid DLC. Extra downloadable characters aren’t a series staple.
    It does depress me somewhat that we’re already moving into “I wonder what ways SEGA will get me to fork over yet more cash on top of the game itself” though. As Polkadi said, it doesn’t really reflect well on the game.
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    Fletch got a reaction from Tylinos in My Hero Academia   
    Manga spoiler discussion/reply here. Don't open/read if you're anime-only! 

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    Fletch got a reaction from Sonictrainer in My Hero Academia   
    Manga spoiler discussion/reply here. Don't open/read if you're anime-only! 

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