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    Fletch reacted to Badnik Mechanic in Sonic Forces Final DLC - What is it?   
    Episode: "Please buy Mania Plus"
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    Fletch reacted to JezMM in Sonic Forces Final DLC - What is it?   
    I would lower your... suspectations...?  It could easily be something as small as a promotional costume to tie into some upcoming release.  No idea why they would do that but still.  I wouldn't mind another episode because I didn't hate Forces, but I can't think of any plotsholes that could be satisfactorily filled by that.  A hard mode would be nice considering what a joke the majority of the game's difficulty level was (for boost game veterans, I mean).  I also wish you could replay the story without deleting your whole save - it's kinda lame that you have your custom avatar show up in cut-scenes but the only way to do that as you play along the adventure is to start from scratch - meaning there's barely anything to customise them with.
    People get REALLY hung up on that 0.01% but I'm pretty sure that's just meant to signify that Eggman owns literally nothing but the ground his body occupies after his defeat.
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    Fletch reacted to Diogenes in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    Even if Tinker is the real Eggman and goes back to being evil, that doesn't necessarily mean that it would've been right to kill him. First, if he actually has amnesia, then one could fairly argue that "Mr. Tinker" is a different person than "Eggman" and doesn't deserve death for things he didn't and wouldn't do. Second, one could argue that it would be wrong to kill Eggman even if he was fully himself the whole time; Eggman is a bad guy, but we're not meant to take him as a mass-murdering terrorist or something. In the sort of unreal Saturday morning superhero show logic the series runs on, Eggman could still redeem himself, and even if we know the series would never go in that direction, that doesn't mean killing him would be the morally correct choice for the characters within the series.
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    Fletch reacted to Kuzu in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    Because the whole point of the issue is about Sonic & Shadow's clashing ideals, that's the story, with the fight serving as a backdrop to that. I literally explained that not too long ago. I don't want to get into another debate about this if we're not going to reach an actual conclusion, so I'll say this again; there is nothing wrong with how Shadow was portrayed in this issue, it is not a regression of the character but merely putting the character in a different scenario than the norm. 
    If you don't like that, then hey, that's on you. I personally liked it and think it was a great exploration of how morally questionable Shadow can be, because I feel like it's an aspect of him that gets more told than shown and how his personality actually does clash with the more morally upright main characters. And it never contradicts any prior characterization either like you claim it does. 
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    Fletch reacted to Dr. Mechano in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    And he's not just wrong, either.
    Shadow reevaluates his position. He's willing to question his judgments and change his mind. If anything, showing Shadow as flawed - but still capable of self-reflection and change - is a marked improvement. It makes him a more dynamic character with more range.
    Sonic, Shadow, and Eggman are on top of their game in this comic right now. And I'm really looking forward to what Ian does with them and the others next.
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    Fletch reacted to Kuzu in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    See in that instance, it's important to understand the context of the situations.
    In Shadow the Hedgehog, Shadow's just being a dick more or less. You're not really supposed to think "Yea, Eggman deserves to die" but see it as one of the many possibilities of the paths Shadow could take.
    Here, Shadow actually has justifiable reasons for wanting to take care of Eggman now. He even mentions how he's made other people suffer, including Sonic, whom he doesn't really particularly like and is the main one standing in his way right now. Unlike in his game, the comic acknowledges how despite how morally questionable Shadow's intent was, he's not completely wrong, something Sonic acknowledges.
    But to go back to the main point, yea. Personal biases do influence things like this. Its why you have Shadowlax being upset at how Shadow was portrayed in this issue because it's "wrong" while I think it's one of the best depictions of Shadow in a while. That's just how opinions work.
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    Fletch reacted to Kuzu in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    I feel a problem some of you are having is that you guys have a specific way you guys think the characters should act in your head, so when they act in contrary to that, you feel a sense of betrayal and disconnect "Sonic/Shadow/etc. would NEVER act this way" is a common sentiment in these threads I noticed. Thing is, there are have been so many people who have written for the series in it's 20+ year run, it's kind of unrealistic to expect everything in your head to line up with whoever is writing at the time.
    Not that you can't be upset when the writing fails to meet your expectations, by all means, everyone has different feelings. But I think it's important to be a bit more flexible and open-minded when it comes to characterization and writing in this series because, for better or worse, every writer that's worked on it has their own interpretation of the series and what it should be just like we do. It's a 20+ year series, there's no way every writer is going to be on the same page when it comes to the writing.
    The writers probably look at a basic character description of the cast, and just go from there. 
  8. Chuckle
    Fletch reacted to Big Panda in Flynn4Sonic is a hashtag on twitter. It may just work.   
    It was also a hashtag about 2 or 3 years ago...
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    Fletch got a reaction from Dee Dude in My Hero Academia   
    New visual for the upcoming Provisional License Exam arc and movie designs!

    I like how it's a nice homage to volume 12 and 13 covers. Anyways, anime is on break next week, and the Provisional License exam officially starts on July 14th! Young/Prime Might looks pretty cool, and of course Deku keeps wearing the red shoes no matter what. XD

    Hero Academia is also getting a special variant cover for volume 1. Only available exclusive at San Diego Comic-Con
  10. Nice Smile
    Fletch got a reaction from Adamabba in Jump Force (February 2019)| Goku in America   
    Courtesy of Yonkou
    "Ichigo will be in jump force, and a particular dude will appear when you play as him. Also Rukia and Aizen are confirmed to appear. A new stage --Hong Kong is avaible, and Ichigo will take his appearance from the "Thousand Year Blood war" arc."
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    Fletch reacted to Big Panda in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    More merch!
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    Fletch got a reaction from DiamondX in Jump Force (February 2019)| Goku in America   
    Courtesy of Yonkou
    "Ichigo will be in jump force, and a particular dude will appear when you play as him. Also Rukia and Aizen are confirmed to appear. A new stage --Hong Kong is avaible, and Ichigo will take his appearance from the "Thousand Year Blood war" arc."
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    Fletch got a reaction from Dee Dude in My Hero Academia: One's Justice (PS4, Switch)   

    Seriously shook by Muscular being in the game, but incredibly happy Gran Torino is here!!!!
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    Fletch reacted to Diogenes in sonic ova, sonic x or sonic mania adventures   
    Well, definitely not X, I can say that much.
    Between the OVA and SMA, though, that's a harder choice. I like both, but with SMA not yet being finished and the different formats and goals of the two it's hard to directly compare them. The OVA is probably better set up for telling larger stories, but its style feels a bit dated and its world is unlike anything else Sonic is doing. SMA probably beats it in charm and is more accurate to the games, but being a series of shorts and lacking any dialogue puts some limits on how it can tell stories. Honestly though I'd be pretty happy if either one got a continuation, so, whichever.
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    Fletch reacted to Kuzu in Team Sonic Racing - E3 Demo Footage/Impressions   
    We've gone so long without any kind of consistency, hard to tell what's OOC or in-character anymore.
    Really, I don't have a problem with Tails being a bit snarky, it feels like a natural conclusion of hanging out with guys like Sonic & Knuckles enough times, I just feel like it should be in smaller snippets. Like if he gets overly excited and it just happens to slip out, but he's still overall pretty nice.
    Honestly though, that's not the issue with the voiced lines. No, the issue is that they keep fucking repeating them. Its amazing, over 20 years and they still can't understand that characters do not need to be talking all of the time. Fucking Bravo Sonic Team.
  16. Way Past Cool
    Fletch reacted to Big Panda in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    Oh look there’s Cream.
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    Fletch reacted to Blue Blood in Team Sonic Racing - E3 Demo Footage/Impressions   
    Having just played some ASRT for the first time in, like forever, what made that game so brilliant has been refreshed in my mind. By standard, ASRT was faster and heavier than Mario Kart, with tracks wide enough that you never had to worry about collisions even at the start of the race and long twists to prioritise drifting as a main mechanic. The action didn't really slow down at all. Winning in this game really does rely on drift boosts, and the entire experience becomes quite tepid without them. There's also the tricking mechanic - whenever you're in the air, you can trick in any of the four cardinal directions. Chaining multiple tricks allows you to fine tune where you land and gain boosts, all with the risk of crash-landing if not timed correctly
    The weapons in that game only complimented the design. While it's a real shame that they were generic items like fireworks, snowballs and baseball gloves rather than being based on the multitude of SEGA IPs included in the game, they functioned very differently to Mario Kart. The snowball and rocket were blindingly fast, allowing you to hit targets that were way off in the distance even though they lacked homing capabilities. The fireworks would bounce like the green shells, while snowballs would break upon collision with an obstacle. What made the snowballs special though was that they could stack up to three times - each hit freezing the target more than the last. Triple items were particularly common in this game. There was also the drone; the technical red shell, but it was much slower and easily outrun with drifting or on-track boosters. 
    It wasn't perfect. But it set itself apart from Mario Kart with it's core gameplay style. Whether you were driving, boating or flying, it was very much a unique beast. I understand that the transforming aspect of the vehicles made the game significantly more difficult to pick up and play, with people also arguing that boating and flying weren't as refined as driving, but I personally adored it. It doesn't necessarily need to return for the sequel though, so I'm not disappointed by the choice to focus on different mechanics this time.
    Team Sonic Racing, considering that we've only seen one level so far and on an presumably low difficulty/speed setting, doesn't seem to be holding up. The Planet Wisp track is wide, but doesn't have nearly as many tricking capabilities. There's just one spot at the end of the track I think. The idea of the tracks being so wide also seems a bit strange here. While the gameplay is still about drifting, mechanics in this game also seem to focus on teammates being close to each other to slingshot and perform the drive-by boosts. Plus the track has no fewer than three branching paths... why? That goes completely against the team gameplay design.
    As noted in the interview video above, the Planet Wisp track also lacks any obstacles for the power characters to take care of. It's perfectly possible that these will be added in later, but even so it points to a glaring flaw in arbitrary design. Speed characters always have the ability to shunt players away with the radial burst whilst drifting, and technique characters can survive off-road without consequence for a brief amount of time. Power characters however have abilities that only work in specific areas. Their racing abilities are contextual, potentially even useless a lot of the time. 
    The Wisps are potentially a step-down from what I feel were brilliantly executed pickups in ASRT. We haven't seen clear footage of them all so far, so it's possibly a bit early to say. The Red Wisp grants you a boost that leaves a fiery trail in your wake. In theory, you can easily set this up to create an unavoidable trap for those trailing behind you. Maybe that's the intent, with it also being a double-edged sword that could hurt your teammates. The hotrod in ASRT was similar, and something I much preferred to this (all in theory right now, of course). The hotrod granted you constant, rapid acceleration. But if you held it for too long, you'd overheat and crash. The way around this was to timely detonate the hotrod, creating an explosion around you that would damage other racers near-by. It was a real risk and reward situation. We've also seen the Crimson Wisp act like red shells, the Orange act like the ASRT rocket, Blue Wisps act like banana peels and White Wisps functioning as simple boosts. Problem is, there are 14 different weapons this time around. Especially considering that you're encouraged to share them with teammates to improve their capabilities, the focus on weapons goes against the focus on drifting in ASRT. It's not a bad change necessarily, but it is one that will likely change the dynamics of the race a lot. 
    Team Sonic Racing looks like it's going to be solid. No doubts there. I just don't like the approach it's taking. It's dull, potentially unbalanced and designed with many arbitrary features that sound better on paper than they actually work in game.
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    Fletch reacted to Diogenes in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    Alright I have to give them some credit for this.
    Because, y'know
    He's speaking from experience.
  19. Way Past Cool
    Fletch reacted to StaticMania in Team Sonic Racing - E3 Demo Footage/Impressions   
    I love references, gotta find 'em all.
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    Fletch got a reaction from Dee Dude in My Hero Academia   
    Well, here's a new trailer for the Hero Academia movie!
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    Fletch got a reaction from RedFox99 in My Hero Academia   
    I always assumed so since the majority I believe are anime-only, and I'm not sure how it'll be like tagging manga spoilers here (without trying to slip up), or creating a different thread for manga-only people. 
    Anyways, that new episode was beautiful in every way possible... Was crying from the start to finish of episode.
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    Fletch reacted to SaturnWolf in Sonic Forces - Early 2016 Script Leaked   
    An early version of the script from Sonic Forces was recently released online, and it has a few interesting key differences:
    (You can find the script here, translated by @nothisiswindii on Twitter.)
    The standout difference to me is how Mephiles was mentioned and shows up as an illusion. Yes, you read that right and that's not a typo on my part: Mephiles shows up. It all makes me wonder what kind of game of telephone Forces went through to lead to what we see today. 

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    Fletch got a reaction from Sonictrainer in My Hero Academia   
    Well, here's a new trailer for the Hero Academia movie!
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    Fletch reacted to Sonictrainer in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - PLEASE SPOILER TAG LEAKS   
    Alright, time for a recap!
    First off, here are some official art!

    Returning Fighters
    For today's E3 presentation, they revealed that every fighter that has appeared in the last 4 games will be playable in Ultimate! They also numbered everyone by their SSB debut and gave all of the fighters new Artwork and their own reveal video.

    (Note: This image is missing a few fighters)
    Echo Fighters
    For certain characters, who are mirror versions or slight variations of other characters, they will be called Echo Fighters.

    Lucina (#21M) is an Echo Fighter for Marth (#21) and Dark Pit (#28M) is an Echo Fighter for are Pit (#28).
    New Fighters
    There are 3 New Fighters so far in SSBU:

    Daisy (#13M) joins the cast as a Echo Fighter for Peach (#13).

    As seen in the Teaser Trailer, Inklings from Splatoon joins SSBU as Fighter #64.
    Information about the Inklings and other Splatoon stuff in SSBU:
    Like Villager, there are 4 male and female versions. Male & Female Costume 1 are based on the Splatoon 1 Boxart/Amiibo Set, Female Costume 2 is based on the Single Player Mode, Male Costume #2 is a combo of the Power Jacket and other gear, another is the Amiibo exclusive Schoolgirl outfit, etc Inkling can ink other opponents, which makes them take more damage from attacks. However, if their Ink Meter goes empty, Inklings will have find an ink puddle to refill Inklings attacks are a Splattershot, Splat Roller, Slosher, Blaster, Ink Brush, and a Splat Bomb Their Final Smash is the Killer Wail Special from Splatoon The Squid Sisters are an Assist Trophy The Inkling Stage is a Smash Version of Moray Towers  

    Ridley finally joins Smash as Fighter #65!
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    Fletch reacted to Plasme in Team Sonic Racing - E3 Demo Footage/Impressions   
    I think a big problem with this is that the team mechanic doesn't make sense in a racer, at least how it's done here. In Overwatch and other such games, the complete goal isn't to get kills. It's to work together towards an objective. Some characters are healers and some are tanks, and the fact they can't kill people doesn't matter, because they assist their team-mates who are designed to be played aggressively. In this, however, the only goal is to come first. There are no other objectives to meet. It's more akin to team deathmatch in a FPS, and isn't something which an entire game should be based around. Imagine if in Battlefield, Overwatch or Halo the only form of play (or the play which received the most attention) was just a bog-standard team deathmatch. That's not something to get excited about or to build an entire game around.
    Not to mention the fact the character types are barely distinguishable. Power is slightly bigger and slower, so knocks enemies out the way. That's the most defined but it's hardly something new. I have no idea what the technique type is meant to be. Is it just Speed type but with less speed and more acceleration? Isn't that kind of minute detail what car modding is for?
    And these team dynamics kind of go against the whole principal of racing anyway, where the whole point is to come first and focus on your own victory. Races that do have team dynamics, such as relay sprinting, factor this in, because the racing of each team-mate is independent. The teamwork comes in other factors, such as passing the baton etc. It just makes little sense as it's done here. If, say, you are in first place and your partner is in 9th, there's very little you can do to directly help them. It's not like a team fps when you can go near them and give them support. You can't exactly give up your lead and go back and help them, especially if you are very far ahead of them.
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